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Fried on Business – 08.29.19 – Property Taxes with Steve Tropea

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Episode 533: 08-29-19  Save money of Property Taxes   Steve Tropea of Paradigm Tax Group discusses how to save money on property taxes for residential real estate.  He also discusses how real estate investors can benefit from having a single point of contact for their portfolios, and how this can actually help them save on their taxes and increase …

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Fried on Business: Derek Thomas discusses Full Spectrum Hemp & Steve Tropea talks Property Taxes

CBD oil

Episode 533: 08-29-19  Full Spectrum Hemp from a Grower/Producer Perspective  Saving money on Property Taxes    Jim welcomes Derek Thomas, Vice President of Business Development at Veritas Farms. They’ll discuss full-spectrum hemp from a grower/producer perspective, CBD in the retailer space, sustainable farming practices, how consumers can tell they are getting quality products, projections for the hemp industry and much more.   In the next …

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Fried on Business – 08.22.19 – Wealth Management with Jeff Glusman

fried on business 08-22-19

Episode 532: 08-22-19  Trend Wealth Management within the Sports & Entertainment Industry   What does a day in the life of a sports & entertainment industry agent look like?  Jeff Glusman shares what it is like to manage $3 Million in assets.  Plus he discusses some of the trends he is seeing in wealth management. Jeff Glusman is the Former Senior Vice President …

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Fried on Business: Ross O’Brien talks Cannabis Economy and Jeff Glusman chats Wealth Management

Fried on Weed

Episode 532: 08-22-19  The Cannabis Economy & it’s impact across sectors and industries  Wealth Management in Sports & Entertainment   Jim talks with guest Ross O’Brien about the Cannabis Economy and the impact it is having here in the US and across the world. Ross and Jim discuss the various sectors and industries that Cannabis investment opportunities exist, and why the growth of …

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Fried on Business: Manny Johnson talks Cannabis and Linda Day Harrison chats CRE Tool theBrokerList

Episode 530: 08-08-19  Medical Cannabis & Industry Updates  CRE Community’s theBrokerList   Manny Johnson discusses Jim’s recent trip to Colorado, and many continues to share his wealth of knowledge on all things CBD & cannabis.  Then Linda Day Harrison joins Jim to chat about theBrokerList– The CRE Community’s First FREE Online Platform for Finding Brokers, Deals, Services and Vendors.   Manny …

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Fried on Tech: CRETech Evolution and AI

Episode 529: 08-01-19  Fried on Tech: CRETech Evolution & AI Jim Fried and Andreas Senie talk Fried on Tech.  Special guests CRETech movement leader Michael Beckerman discusses whats happened to the world of commercial real estate and where we are going. The Miami Associations 2017 Product of Year Award Recipient, Technology Support Veteran Patrick Wong talks first hand about real world experience during this evolution in commercial real estate. Then Olivia …

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Fried on Business: The booming business of CBD & Consumer safety with Manny Johnson

Episode 528: 07-25-19  The Business of CBD: Consumer Safety & Education   Manny Johnson is back in the studio to continue the conversation on the booming business of CBD and how important it is for consumers to make the most educated decisions about purchasing & using top quality product. If you haven’t heard from Manny yet, you are missing out! …

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Fried on Business: Cannabis Update and Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Episode 527: 07-18-19  ATYPICAL Commercial Real Estate Marketing Fried on Weed Jim and Wanda give an update on the Cannabis Community.   Jim’s guests scoff at status quo. Sarah Malcolm & Mark Kalkwarf join the show to share what it’s like being ATYPICAL in the commercial real estate marketing world. Sarah Malcolm Co-President and Chief Lego Builder. Sarah has been acknowledged …

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Fried on Business: Dr. Michael Broder’s Seven Steps to Your Best Life & Manny Johnson is back with the CBD Industry (Part 2)

Episode 526: 07-11-19    Failing At Life? New Study Says Don’t Overthink It – Start Doing This Instead Jim talks to Dr. Michael Broder who shares his fascinating research from his new book, Seven Steps to Your Best Life. Can a book really help people make dramatic changes in their lives? Listen and find out.    Michael S. Broder, Ph.D., is a psychologist, …

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Fried on Tech: Blockchain & Commercial Real Estate + Leveraging Tech & Data to Maximize Profits

Episode 525: 07-04-19  Andreas Senie is back to co-host our monthly segment, Fried on Tech. This week he invites Matthew Smith as his guest co-host to chat with Duke Long & Roman Petra all about commercial real estate, blockchain, data, and practical applications to benefit your business. Andreas has over 10 years experience in all aspects of the professional real estate industry. Andreas has served in leading roles in CRE tech …

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