Jim Fried has been a real estate business person since 1980 and has had his own show since 2009.

Mr. Fried specializes in capitalizing commercial real estate transactions, unearthing urban land opportunities and is also a private lender.

He has been active in the real estate industry for many years as a financial intermediary, broker and investor. He has experience with many property types including, but not limited to: apartments, condominiums, retail centers, office buildings, industrial parks and health care – with a special focus on memory care.

Jim has closed over $3BB in real estate transactions during his career in markets across the eastern US.

Jim uses his communication skills to inform and entertain on his weekly show – Fried on Business – streamed each week on social media, YouTube and podcast platforms. Of course, the show discusses real estate, but he also tackles issues such as branding, sports business, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, public private partnerships as well as health and wellness.

He is also a mentor to many up and coming people in the real estate industry through his membership on the Board of The University of Florida’s Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies.

Mr. Fried is a winner of the Miami-Dade Public School Alumni Achievement Award.