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A Distillery With a Mission in Miami


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Episode 646  |  12.29.21

A distillery with a mission in Miami 🥃

About Our Guest

Matt Malone
The Miami Distilling Company

It was during a visit to Mayagüez, Puerto Rico ten years ago that Matt Malone found out his family had been in the distilling business for five generations dating back to 1911 — more than 100 years ago. His inspiration for Miami Club Rum was instant: “I had got to keep this going for my children!” Malone said. Soon after his return, he left his successful life as a salesman and set the wheels in motion to begin a new venture. Five years later, he found a home for Destilería Canéca, LLC, the first Miami-based distillery with operations in Wynwood. 

Miami Club Rum launched on February 2012, as the city’s first premium rum. Because of the extraordinary efforts Malone made to keep it a local affair, using South Florida sugarcane and other local ingredients, the production was recognized by Mayor Tomas Regalado.

Malone was set not only in making a quality product, but to involve the community in the process as well. Naturally, the local business was bound to provide jobs and opportunities in the city, but he pushed it a step further by teaming up with prominent businessman and recognized philanthropist Michael W. Kesti, who spearheaded a non-profit organization that aided families in the city’s developing neighborhoods.

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