Maximize Your Investment: Cannabis Licensing in Florida

Episode 635  |  10.6.21 Fried on Business: Fried on Weed Florida Cannabis Update CANABIS IN FLORIDA: The Process for Granting Licenses Application Opportunities for the Public How Top National Brands are Making Their Way into Florida With Manny Johnson Co-founder, CEO & President OrganiCann Group, Inc.

Show Me the Money! The Economics of Medical Marijuana in Florida

Episode 630  |  8.25.21 Show Me the Money! The Economics Of Medical Marijuana: Forming And Building A Business In Florida with Manny Johnson Florida is about to award a number of new medical marijuana licenses. -What are the ins and outs of applying for a license? -What are the economics behind it? -Why is Florida […]

Miami’s Bright Future: Silver Knight Winners & Hemp Safety

Episode 618 | 6.2.21 After his mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Juan Tejera of Jesuit Preparatory School used social media to promote the story of his mom and organized a bone marrow registration drive at his school’s annual spring carnival. Vocational Technical Silver Knight winner Leandra Hall of Mast Academy partnered with CodeFeverMiami and […]

Fried on Weed: All Things Hemp

Episode 613 | 4.21.21 VERTICAL INTEGRATION of CROPS + PRODUCTS, all with the mindset of SUSTAINABILITY with Manny Johnson Hemp Farm Update Florida THC caps Other cannabis concepts The future of the hemp industry in Florida Jim and Manny will discuss the current status of the hemp industry in Florida and some of their ideas […]

Mortgages, Healthcare and Poetry

Episode 608 | 3.17.21 Mortgages, Healthcare and Poetry MORTGAGES WITH JIM FRIED AND ED CAIRO Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve been helping people get conforming and jumbo loans – and historically low rates are still available! PLUS… FLORIDA HEALTHCARE and the O, MIAMI POETRY FESTIVAL -Residential mortgages with Ed Cairo, President of American Home Finance […]

Fried on Weed: It’s Not Just a Hemp Farm

Episode 607 | 3.10.21 IT’S NOT JUST A HEMP FARM: Vertical integration of crops and products, all with the mindset of SUSTAINABILITY Jim and  Manny Johnson discuss: Florida’s new hemp laws The impact on Florida’s farmers How Manny and Jim plan on building a hemp farm and extraction plant How Manny and Jim plan to distribute their products The […]

The Hemp Farm: We’ve Only Just Begun

Episode 605 | 2.24.21 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, IT IS LEGAL TO GROW HEMP IN FLORIDA WHAT IT TAKES FOR FLORIDA TO LEAD THE WAY First grows planted and harvested legally by license-holders The Farm and nutraceuticals Putting together hemp-related businesses The future of the hemp industry Jim invites Manny Johnson and Dr. David Blyweiss to give exciting […]

Hemp Heals the World

Episode 603 | 2.10.21 Hemp Heals the World – Florida’s newest jobs machine Manny Johnson, David Blyweiss, MD & Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA are on the show this week to talk all about the Florida hemp industry, including the evolution of Florida’s hemp laws, growing & sustainability, job opportunities and nutraceuticals. PLUS Jim’s big news on setting the gold […]

The Business of Cannabis: Sustainability & Bioeconomics

Episode 599  |  1.13.21 BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE WORLD: BUSINESS WITH AN IMPACT Sean O’Hanlon has been called ‘Bioneer’ and described as “One of the most influential voices in BioEconomy”. He first became interested in agricultural, environmental, health, economic, food, water, and energy security issues after surviving Hurricane Mitch in 1998. He has been operating at the […]

Cannabis From Every Angle

Episode 594  |  12.9.20 If you’re curious about the implications of hemp coming to Florida, don’t miss this episode! Jim Fried invites three hemp & cannabis experts to discuss, the health and wellness benefits of the increased availability of cannabis, research and development & new innovations in cannabis, the social and political impact of the growing industry, […]