How to Approach a Dramatically Changing Real Estate Marketplace

Episode 707 |  03.15.23 How to Approach a Dramatically Changing Real Estate Marketplace *** Banks are failing. Fund advisors and lenders are sending out letters saying they are solvent and have “no exposure”. Real estate service providers are laying off people and so are developers. The Market is Turning! Jim Has Seen This Many Times! Go […]

Creating and Maintaining Good Real Estate Data Helps You Build Value

Episode 706  |  03.08.23 Inveniam Helps to Build Better Property Data That Helps you Make Better Decisions And Increase Property Values *** Today we welcome Sam Grossman and Marson Cunha of Inveniam   About Our Guests Marson Cunha Inveniam Managing Director   Samuel Grossman Managing Director, Real Estate Services Inveniam

Web 3 and Block Chain Technology

Episode 705  |  03.01.23 Jim is joined by New York real estate partner, James McCarthy of Jameson Capital, to discuss the application of Web 3 and Block Chain Technology to old-style real estate syndication.   About Our Guest James McCarthy Principal Jameson Capital

Using AI for Real Estate and Building Your Brand

Episode 704  |  02.22.23 How will artificial intelligence shape the future of real estate? Also, how can you build your personal brand? *** We welcome Olivia Ramos CEO of Deep Blocks and Bruce Turkel founder of Turkel Brands   About Our Guests Olivia Ramos CEO Deepblocks   BRUCE TURKEL Creative Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author on […]

Creative Residential Lending: State of the Market

Episode 703  |  02.15.23 Non-Warranted Condo Financing Help with HELOCs Helping Mom and Dad – The Truth About Reverse Mortgages *** Today we welcome Ed Cairo from American Home Finance Group to talk about the state of residential lending.   About Our Guest Ed Cairo President American Home Finance Group

Adapting to Challenges in the Current Real Estate Environment

Episode 701  |  02.01.23 It’s not easy to start a new firm, find good deals, and get them capitalized today. Scott Sherman, Founder and Principal of Torose Equities, and Jim discuss Scott’s strategic approach to building his business in today’s challenging real estate environment.   About Our Guest Scott Sherman Founder and Principal of Torose Equities

Putting the Client First and The Future of Real Estate

Episode 699  |  01.18.23 PUTTING THE CLIENT FIRST Jim is joined by Robert Zarco, an award-winning franchise attorney and commercial litigator, to discuss how his firm provides clients with peace of mind. *** Let’s raise the woof for Justice! Meet the new, special mascot of Zarco Einhorn Salkowski, P.A. PLUS THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE Samuel F. […]

Fried on Business: Kobi Karp and Jim Gives his Year-End Thanks

Episode 696  |  12.28.22 HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM FRIED ON BUSINESS! Join us for the replay of Kobi Karp and his perspective on real estate PLUS Jim gives his year-end thanks!   About Our Guest KOBI KARP Founder/Owner of Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design

Industrial Real Estate Development and The Future of Real Estate

Episode 694  |  12.14.22 BREAKING DOWN INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Mark G. Levy is here to talk about the launch of BBX Capital Real Estate’s Industrial Development Division PLUS THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE Samuel F. Grossman is back to discuss the future of private market data management   About Our Guests MARK G. LEVY President at BBX […]