What’s Up in the 954??

Episode 685  |  10.12.22 What’s up next week in Miami? It’s the 7th Annual IMN Real Estate Family Office and Private Wealth Management Forum (East) and Irvin Adu-Gyamfi from IMN is here to tell us what to expect at this great conference! – PLUS – WHAT’S UP IN THE 954??? Jaime Sturgis and Don Ginsburg […]

Hospitality Industry Investors and Entrepreneurs

Episode 684  |  10.5.22 Hotel Investment with Samir Yajnik What does the hospitality industry look like today? Where are the opportunities for investors and operators? PLUS Familia Kitchen Cookbook release with Kim Caviness FamiliaKitchen.com is the Latino leading recipes and food stories website featuring hundreds of original Latino family-famous recipes.   About Our Guests Kim […]

Miami Office Market Update

Episode 683  |  9.28.22 The Miami Office Market is Booming With numerous tech and financial giants moving to Miami in a big way – including Citadel and Microsoft – how will this change market dynamics? Is there still more to come? What is the impact on local tenants? With the urban core booking, what is […]

Want to Live in South Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know

Episode 681  |  9.14.22 Residential Lending: State of the Market South Florida draws a visitors and residents en masse because of our great cities, our beaches, and our people. *** As the real estate market shifts and lenders tighten their requirements, how does the process work for someone who happens to be a foreign national? […]

The Metaverse, Real Estate and You

Episode 680  |  9.7.22 Curious about the Metaverse? Olivia Ramos and I discussed #themetaverse recently and it was such a great conversation we are replaying it today! It’s a new world as we have another shift in our technology platforms. What will be the new focuses of the real estate business in the Metaverse? Where […]

Real Estate Trends: Looking Back and Facing Forward

Episode 678  |  8.24.22 It’s the end of a long hot summer. INFLATION RAGED INTEREST RATES ROSE AT A HISTORIC PACE REAL ESTATE DEALS CRASHED Life went on. *** What should we learn from this summer? How can that help us move forward in the fall? What about 2023? The heated summer has Jim in […]

Real Estate Activity Across Cycles

Episode 677  |  8.17.22 ACTIVITY ACROSS CYCLES: YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW How do the greats keep the deal pipeline going when markets change? James McCarthy of Jameson Capital and Jonathan Stein of Inland Real Estate Brokerage share their decades of expertise and knowledge of multiple product types and sectors.   About Our Guests James McCarthy […]

A New Era of Adaptive Reuse

Episode 676  |  8.10.22 A NEW ERA OF ADAPTIVE REUSE: EVOLUTION AT ITS FINEST What property types are impacted? What markets are impacted? How does an adaptive use project get financed? How does the adaptive reuse lens change how we look at properties? It’s not just about location or existing use or property condition. Jim explores […]

Art as an Asset; Residential Loan Structures

Episode 675  |  8.3.22 ART AS AN ASSET: STRATEGY, LIQUIDITY, TAXATION AND MONETIZATION with Jeffrey A. Glusman, Chief Investment Officer, Equity Partner, ESOTERIC LLC a Georgia Corporation PLUS RESIDENTIAL LOAN STRUCTURES:HELOCS AND MORE with Ed Cairo, President, American Home Finance Group   ABOUT OUR GUESTS Ed Cairo President American Home Finance Group, Inc.   Jeffrey A. Glusman Practice […]

OMG, NOW WHAT?! Real Estate Market Q&A with Jim

Episode 674  |  7.27.22 OMG, NOW WHAT? A MARKET IN TRANSITION The condos are falling! The condos are falling! Interest rates are up, up, up. Costs are up, up up. Deals are being re-traded left and right. Lenders are in, then quickly out of the market. What are values? Does anyone really know? Is it […]