Cutting Edge Real Estate Financing Solutions

Episode 658  |  3.30.22 CUTTING-EDGE REAL ESTATE FINANCING SOLUTIONS Equity and Control with Yan Khamish of CrowdStreet Fasten your seatbelts! This is going to be a fast-paced conversation on the new tools that take real estate investment to a whole new level. RAISING EQUITY: New Technology AND Ideas CASHING OUT: Liquidity and Retaining Control DEAL […]

Family Office, Mortgage Options, Investing in Blockchain

Episode 657  |  3.23.22 What is the real estate forecast as far as trends, rates and who can get a deal done for 2022? Join Ed Cairo & Anna Dinescu with Jim Fried on today’s show! Ed is back on the show to talk with Jim about new programs available for residential mortgages. Anna who […]

Real Estate Financing 3.0

Episode 656  |  3.16.22 Real Estate Financing 3.0 🚨 REAL ESTATE FINANCE HAS BEEN DISRUPTED 🚨 This week Jim is at the Inveniam Conference, and today’s show gives you a chance to get a front row view into the future of real estate deal structure and finance. Tokenization is, most succinctly, real estate syndication 3.0 […]

How to Make a Deal

Episode 654  |  3.2.22 How to Make a Deal Today’s show is a REAL ESTATE #HOWTO session on how Jim makes it happen! • Transactions he’s working on • How he finds opportunities • How he’s funding opportunities • What that means for his clients, his partners and himself   LEARN HOW THE MAGIC IS […]

Family Office Tax Strategies & Real Estate Financing

Episode 610 | 3.31.21 TAX POLICY AND INVESTMENT TRENDS IMPACTING THE FAMILY OFFICE MARKET High net worth investors are flush with cash and looking for real estate deals. What are their goals and objectives? PLUS WHAT IS THE MARKET FOR REAL ESTATE FINANCING? Jim shares what can – and cannot – get done today in […]

Residential Mortgage Insights with Ed Cairo

Episode 591: 11.18.20 The Residential Mortgage Market With all the attention dedicated to the residential real estate market, we all understand that no transaction can occur without financing. Ed Cairo helps people close easily and with great positive energy, and on this week’s episode, he gives an update on exactly what he’s seeing in the market and […]

Boca Raton Real Estate & Residential Mortgage Insights

Episode 591: 11.18.20 Real Estate Trends in Downtown Boca Raton Experienced developer Ignacio Diaz shares his experience, now on his second tower (in pre-construction phase) in Boca. Their transition to virtual sales and incorporation of social distancing amenities has been integral to their success… especially since so many buyers are from out of state. The Residential Mortgage […]