Creative Residential Lending: State of the Market

Episode 703  |  02.15.23 Non-Warranted Condo Financing Help with HELOCs Helping Mom and Dad – The Truth About Reverse Mortgages *** Today we welcome Ed Cairo from American Home Finance Group to talk about the state of residential lending.   About Our Guest Ed Cairo President American Home Finance Group

Protecting Your Wealth in 2023 and History of Florida

Episode 689  |  11.09.22 FAMILY OFFICE UPDATE: How High Net-Worth Investors can Position Themselves for 2023 and Beyond with Tom Handler PLUS FRIED ON BUSINESS FEATURES MIAMI BOOK FAIR PREVIEWS! THE 39TH MIAMI BOOK FAIR WILL BE HELD NOVEMBER 13 – NOVEMBER 20, 2022 *** Author Jim Clark is here to discuss his book A History Love’s Guide to […]

Real Estate Activity Across Cycles

Episode 677  |  8.17.22 ACTIVITY ACROSS CYCLES: YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW How do the greats keep the deal pipeline going when markets change? James McCarthy of Jameson Capital and Jonathan Stein of Inland Real Estate Brokerage share their decades of expertise and knowledge of multiple product types and sectors.   About Our Guests James McCarthy […]

Art as an Asset; Residential Loan Structures

Episode 675  |  8.3.22 ART AS AN ASSET: STRATEGY, LIQUIDITY, TAXATION AND MONETIZATION with Jeffrey A. Glusman, Chief Investment Officer, Equity Partner, ESOTERIC LLC a Georgia Corporation PLUS RESIDENTIAL LOAN STRUCTURES:HELOCS AND MORE with Ed Cairo, President, American Home Finance Group   ABOUT OUR GUESTS Ed Cairo President American Home Finance Group, Inc.   Jeffrey A. Glusman Practice […]

OMG, NOW WHAT?! Real Estate Market Q&A with Jim

Episode 674  |  7.27.22 OMG, NOW WHAT? A MARKET IN TRANSITION The condos are falling! The condos are falling! Interest rates are up, up, up. Costs are up, up up. Deals are being re-traded left and right. Lenders are in, then quickly out of the market. What are values? Does anyone really know? Is it […]

Closing Deals in the Rising Rate Environment

Episode 673  |  7.20.22 CLOSING DEALS IN THE RISING RATE ENVIRONMENT COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE with Charles Foschini, Senior Managing Director,  Florida Co-Leader, Berkadia AND RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE with Ed Cairo, President, American Home Finance Group *** The debt markets are evolving rapidly with the increase in rates. Are deals getting re-traded? Yes Are deals still getting done? Yes Jim […]

Boots on the Ground in Miami; More Silver Knight Award Winners

Episode 670  |  6.29.22 BOOTS ON THE GROUND WITH JIM FRIED Commercial and residential market conditions are changing in Miami. Understand the market, understand the economics. What’s really going on in the country’s tightest housing market & what it means for commercial real estate investors! + Jim is joined by two more of the 2022 […]

The Next Generation of Leaders; New Preferred Equity Programs

Episode 668  |  6.15.22 Jim is joined by 2022 winners of the prestigious Miami Silver Knights Scholarship, Ivana Rebeca Stacey & Daniel Solomon, who join a long list of distinguished recipients that include: Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos Bill Conti, the Oscar-winning composer who wrote the music for “Rocky” and “Karate Kid” Frances Cook, a career […]

Real Estate Financing State of the Market

Episode 666  |  6.1.22 Jim welcomes James McCarthy of Jameson Capital to discuss the current state of real estate capital markets and how their clients are taking advantages of new ideas. How has the capital stack changed for new construction? How are the best in class developers raising equity? C- PACE financing is becoming more […]

Florida Housing Market- Today and Tomorrow

Episode 665  |  5.18.22 FLORIDA HOUSING MARKET: TODAY AND TOMORROW, featuring BRAD HUNTER of Hunter Housing Economics We’re asking all the big questions: How many homes for sale are really in the pipeline? Where is the supply concentrated? What is the real demand? Who are the buyers? What is the impact of rising interest rates […]