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WikiRealty and your brand; Real Estate Capital Markets; A Straight Shot of Jim

Episode 471: 06-21-18

WikiRealty and your brand

Sanjay Kuttemperoor is Founder and CEO of WikiRealty®, Los Angeles, CA. Kuttemperoor is a second-generation builder and developer turned tech entrepreneur. WikiRealty® helps Realtors build their personal brand by adding local insight to readily available data. WikiRealty is emerging as the one-stop resource that connects the dots for consumers and professionals alike.

Jim and Sanjay discuss how WikiRealty is helping to build the brand for Realtors across the USA.

Real Estate Capital Markets

Jim talks real estate capital markets with Mike Cleaver, Managing Director at Emerald Creek Capital, which hosted an American Social happy hour in South Florida recently for real estate professionals on the capital side of the business.

A Straight Shot of Jim

Fried On Business host Jim Fried discusses Wynwood, Coral Gables and other South Florida real estate markets. He also takes a few minutes to explain how the Fried On Business radio show leads to new business opportunities.

Episode 471: 06-21-18

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