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Episode 681  |  9.14.22

Residential Lending: State of the Market

South Florida draws a visitors and residents en masse because of our great cities, our beaches, and our people.


As the real estate market shifts and lenders tighten their requirements, how does the process work for someone who happens to be a foreign national? Are they still able to purchase a first or second home in South Florida?


Today we welcome Ed Cairo from American Home Finance Group to talk about the state of lending and programs that can help ANYONE – 2022 graduates and professionals with college debt, first time home buyers, second home buyers, veterans, investors AND foreign nationals!


About Our Guest

Ed Cairo
American Home Finance Group, Inc.


With all the attention dedicated to the residential real estate market, we all understand that no transaction can occur without financing. Ed helps people close easily and with great positive energy.
Realtor License since 1983.
Mortgage Boker/Owner since 2000.
“We have a fully automated mortgage brokerage company that will get your deals closed on time. We are always available. With my 20 years lending experience, I work with my clients to structure a loan that makes sense for them.”

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