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The Internet Of Things: Building The Future

Episode 628  |  8.11.21

The Internet of Things: Olivia Ramos and Jim Fried Look Into Building the Future
Artificial Intelligence expert Olivia Ramos talks about how the internet of things – #iot – will impact the future of real estate investment. How will using tokens and blockchain change the industry?

About Our Guest

Olivia Ramos is the founder and CEO of Deepblocks, artificial intelligence software, unlocking the development potential of any property. Singularity University graduate, a participant in the DARPA Innovation House, holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University and a second master’s degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Miami.

About Deepblocks:
De-Risking Real Estate Development: Deepblocks integrates data layers with querying functionalities, automated 3D modeling, and financial projections – reducing investment risk, manpower, and time to market, boosting overall portfolio NOI.



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