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Skin Care and Business, RE Console, Dolphins Cancer Challenge, Condo Market Thoughts

Episode 355: 02-11-16

On this week’s show Martin N. Zaiac., M.D., discusses skin care and business, Xavier Cossard of RE Console shares how online technology is helping people make decisions regarding real estate investments, Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., shares his involvement in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge 2016, and Jim gives his thoughts on where we are in the condo market cycle.

Skin Care and Business

Martin N. Zaiac., M.D., is a Board-certified dermatologist internationally recognized for providing his patients with high-end, effective, safe, and technologically-advanced solutions in dermatology.

Renowned for his mastery in skin rejuvenation, Botox and fillers, Dr. Zaiac is also an expert in skin cancer detection, Mohs surgery, hair, nails and diagnosing conditions of the skin.

A true pillar of our community recognized for his research and involvement at medical seminars and conferences throughout the world, Dr. Zaiac is committed to medically treating skin disorders but embraces cosmetic procedures.

We discuss skin care and business.

RE Console

Xavier Cossard is CEO & Co-Founder of RE Console, an online technology helping real estate professionals to streamline their information.

We discuss how this is helping people make good decisions on their real estate investments.

Dolphins Cancer Challenge 2016

Pascal J. Goldschmidt, M.D., an internationally renowned cardiologist and cardiovascular researcher, is dean of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine.

The Dean always rides in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, which helps raise funds for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. We discuss the Dolphins Cancer Challenge 2016.

Condo Market Thoughts

Jim will give his thoughts on where we are in the condo market cycle.

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Jim Fried: We are back and we have got a great show. It’s going to be the best show ever. Why? Because my brain is telling me to say that and that’s what it’s actually going to be. We’ve got Dr. Martin Zaiac, the king of the dermatologists on South Beach. Then we’ve got Xavier Cossard. We’re going to talk about real estate information processing. Then around the horn we’re going to have dean Pascal Goldschmidt, talking about why he rides in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, and then I’m going to bring up the fourth quarter and talk about the condo market here in South Florida. AC, take it away.

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Jim Fried: All right everybody. We are back and we have got my old friend and – I have to say my, do I have to do a HIPAA thing too because you’re my doctor too – Martin Zaiac. Martin Zaiac has been keeping our family looking good for years. He’s a Board-certified dermatologist, he’s internationally recognized for providing his patients with high-end, effective, safe, and technologically-advanced solutions in dermatology. There’s a great thing here, notorious for his mastery in skin rejuvenation, Botox and fillers. Dr. Zaiac is also an expert in skin cancer detection, Mohs surgery, hair, nails and diagnosing conditions of the skin and all kinds of other. He’s a true pillar of the community but then, I’ve got nothing left but I kept introducing him. Martin, welcome to the show. This is important to me. Everybody says you’ve got to look good in business. ”Jim, you dye your hair, you take HGH… ”. I go, ”No I don’t. This is just good genes”. But Marty, if somebody needs some help looking good, how do you help them?

Martin Zaiac: Definitely. Thank you very much and it’s great to be here, very energetic. I think that, like you said, genetics plays a big role but Malcolm once told me that if you look good, people respect you and they think that you know what you’re talking about. And I think in this business world definitely the demand for looking good is very important. And the nice thing is that we have so many of these non-invasive procedures that can be done that can enhance someone’s self-esteem which therefore turns around their personality be more positive and more effective in business.

Jim Fried: Business. Being effective in business is about confidence, knowing what you know and don’t know. That sometimes doesn’t matter if you deliver it confidently. Just look some of the guys that’ve gotten us all in trouble. But Marty, let’s talk a little bit about how this adds self-confidence, use stuff like fillers, these are words that most guys like me don’t even know what that means.

Martin Zaiac: I think you’re going to learn more about it because there’s a strong movement especially for men to try to get into this type of business. Women obviously have been looking good and tried to look good for a long time whether be their clothes but we’re definitely going to skin care and things that we can do to improve the quality of the way they look. And I always tell my clients ”Look in the mirror and what is it that you don’t like?”. And if they say ”I feel like I’m tired”, when you look tired, you come across as being tired or people that you’re working with will think that maybe you’re tired and not that effective in what you’re doing. So whatever we can do to boost that self-esteem, we’ll be very positive for that person in their life.

Jim Fried: I’ll give you a perfect example. I’m working with a client, the client goes to me ”We’d love to have you involved”, I go ”You want a 50-year old guy involved?”, they say ”If you’re 55 or at least look 55, maybe not, but Jim, you look 45 so who cares?”. So it happens even to me and I’m getting nervous. I understand why somebody needs this. You’re seeing more guys doing this, aren’t you?

Martin Zaiac: There’s definitely no question about it. We call it the Menaissance. More men are coming into trying to look good.

Jim Fried: How about ladies though? I know my wife goes to you, everybody knows that she’s having the procedures and everything. So she comes to you not only to look good but to feel good and you do some special things for her. I don’t want to go in again to what the HIPAA stuff is. So even if somebody is feeling ill, you can help them look better.

Martin Zaiac: There’s no question. There’s a lot of psychological studies that have been out there and published that show that if someone looks to themselves in the mirror and then feels like they’re looking good or feeling good, their personality they portray to other people is going to be much more positive but much more effective. So anything that we can do especially if it’s not painful or non-invasive meaning that they can come in quickly, get something done, do right back to work and give them a positive attitude is excellent.

Jim Fried: I grew up in South Florida, my dad used to like to go out in the sun, I go out in the sun, I use skin protection, the block and all the other stuff but I’m concerned that something may be going on here especially on my back some place I can’t really see. Can you help people that are concerned about exposure to the sun?

Martin Zaiac: We live in South Florida and it’d be foolish to think that we’re not going to go out in the sun. A lot of people have gotten much better and they’re wearing protection, either sunscreen or right clothing. But there’s no question that everyone should get a full body exam by a dermatologist at least once a year. By finding these things early, we can certainly treat them. And not only it’s skin cancer problems but also change it into skin that’ll take away from their natural beauty. So by starting regiments that improve the quality of the skin early, you’d get a much better result.

Jim Fried: My phone is exploding. People are texting me, they’re asking me questions. I’ve mentioned this thing Mohs, I don’t know how to say it. I wrote it down M-O-H-S when I went through all this stuff that you do. What the heck is that?

Martin Zaiac: Mohs surgery is named after Dr Mohs from Wisconsin and basically what he did was describe the way that we can look at cancer, cut it out, look it under the microscope while you’re in the office and then at that point go ahead and if it’s positive, take a little but more instead of taking a big cut, we’re minimizing and trying to keep as much normal skin as possible.

Jim Fried: Then that would make sense to me because I’ve seen friends that have had skin surgery for the skin cancer things and it all gets pinched up and you could see it. So there’s a methodology where it doesn’t get all pinched up?

Martin Zaiac: No. Obviously depending on the size of the lesion. But by doing it by this technique Mohs surgery we’re looking at it under the microscope so we’re minimizing the amount of tissue that is normal that is being taken away.

Jim Fried: Let me ask you this. I saw in TV on Channel 10 and it wasn’t the segment where you made my toe internationally famous. By the way, thank you for that. My toe feels a lot better, by the way. But what was it that you were doing? It looked like it was like a thing on a lady’s face where it was taken off, a layer of skin or something. What’s that all about?

Martin Zaiac: We’re talking about the new year making a new you which also builds up our self-esteem and looking better and feeling better whether it be for now the Oscars that are coming up or even just Valentine’s Day. And it’s just some simple procedures that you can come in, that we can do, it’s a combination of a hydro-facial which is a hydrating-type facial, it cleans the skin, but also pumps in anti-oxidants and stuff that stimulate the skin to grow, a little bit of a radio frequency treatment which tightens the skin and then a little bit of Botox or Neurotox to relax those muscles that give us that expression that makes it seem like we’re upset or tired.

Jim Fried: It’s Valentine’s Day coming up. Honey, turn off the radio for the next three minutes. What’s something that some guy could do like me for his beautiful self-vivacious wife like Vivian? What do you got that I could just, for a few hundred bucks? Can I send her to a day at your place or a few hours for her to get help? What can I do?

Martin Zaiac: Most people that are in love should love the person they’re with and it doesn’t really matter what they look like.

Jim Fried: Hold the fist bump.

Martin Zaiac: However, there are some little things that can certainly make someone feel good whether it be a man or woman. The hydro-facial is a procedure that’s anywhere from $150-$200 and it really makes you feel great. A little bit of extra plumping and a lift if that’s necessary is also something that can be done within five minutes and is not that costly. Those are definitely things to do, it’s just a matter of whether the person really needs it and what’s the time frame.

Jim Fried: I usually say how do people get in touch with you and I don’t know if that’s appropriate give that you’re a doctor and everything. But how do people get in touch with you? How do they find you on the internet? They google you? How do they get hold to Martin? They call you ”Marty, what’s up?”

Martin Zaiac: That’s a good question. Probably the best way to get hold of us is to call the office directly 305 532 4478.

Jim Fried: Hold it. You got to go slower because there’s Jets fans that listen to this show and they just have to have the number said slower. So again, if some guy or some lady wants go give a fabulous Valentines Day – honey, turn off the radio – how do they get hold of your office?

Martin Zaiac: 305 532 4478.

Jim Fried: That’s awesome. How much, AC? Another minute left. Marty, we’ve got the business part out of the way. What’s the one takeaway that somebody needs to get from our show today?

Martin Zaiac: There’s definitely lots of things out there to make you feel better. And when you feel better your self-esteem goes up and you’ll be more happy in life and probably more successful in business.

Jim Fried: Martin Zaiac who keeps me that in much more every single day. He has helped our life be better for variety of ways that I can’t talk about on the radio because I’d be violating HIPAA regulations. But Marty, thank you so much for coming on the show and teaching me the first tenant of dermatology that you should love the person for the way they are.

Martin Zaiac: Exactly. Thank you very much for having me. It’s a great pleasure.

Jim Fried: My pleasure too. We’re having Marty back. We’ll be back after this with Xavier Cossard. How I’m going to use real estate information to get at edge of the world. Back after this with RE Console. AC.

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Jim Fried: We’re on with my good friend Xavier Cossard. I’ve known him for a number of years. He used to be the right hand man to the big guy in town Mike Faye. He struck out on his own. He found out something that I knew long ago and that’s the key to real estate success is information arbitrage. X, how are you making information arbitrage more streamlined today with RE Console?

Xavier Cossard: Like you said, being successful in real estate is not only about having the information you need but it’s having access to those tools to actually be effective. And what we found was that there was all sorts of different sources of information that were all scattered and fragmented, we brought it all under one roof and then we actually built our workflow tools to help you move through the market quickly.

Jim Fried: Now, who are you, why did you build it? And before you answer, take a deep breath.

Xavier Cossard: We’re a team of former real estate professionals but we’ve also brought on technologists that specialize in big data and ultimately, there’s a lot of data out there for the market you have. It’s about being able to actually make sense of it.

Jim Fried: You take the big data, you put it all together, you make sense of it, but how does that differentiate you from every other data tool out there? I use them all.

Xavier Cossard: It’s not just about having data, right? It’s about actually getting to a place-

Jim Fried: What it is, Xavier, it’s just not about the data and it’s not about all the data sources. It’s about the streamline execution with those data sources.

Xavier Cossard: That’s it. That’s exactly it. And so we’re not just a research tool but a platform built around user workflows so you can execute due deals, not just find information.

Jim Fried: What’s going to be the thing that gets people anchored to this platform? What’s a thing that brings them there in the beginning? Why would they go there?

Xavier Cossard: Ultimately, our goal is to make it so that users, whether they have analysts and researchers on staff or not, can open up RE Console and in five minutes or less know what they need to know so they can do what they need to do.

Jim Fried: Now we’re rolling here. Then how are you making the lives of your users so much better? It seems to me like this is just fabulous.

Xavier Cossard: Business development today is very tedious and very frustrating as you well know. So we want to reduce the time it takes to do it and then we want to save your from bouncing from site to site and tool to tool to actually be effective.

Jim Fried: You guys launched earlier this year, it’s a couple of months ago basically. So what are you objectives over the next couple of months?

Xavier Cossard: Over the next couple of months is we want to finish really aligning the product with what our users tell us they want. And that means adding in new features, adding in new data sets and then ultimately adding in new markets.

Jim Fried: All this has been great. Let’s now start drilling down, okay? So you came to my office, you presented us with the product. What’s the first thing that you did? What you did was you asked us to find a piece of real estate that we were interested in.

Xavier Cossard: Right now the tool is built around a very simple workflow that brokers do all day long. Farming a market for new listings and buyers for those existing listings.

Jim Fried: Yes, but this does a lot more than that. Because I don’t really need you to go find something on the and to go to the tax records and to do all that. When I do that, that takes me ten minutes. So what if I used you and had it all in one place? Would you save me time? Is it all in one place?

Xavier Cossard: It’s all there. We dig below. The LLCC have the actual officers. We look across all of their entire portfolio so you actually know who you’re dealing with. We’ve just rolled in contact information so you have phone numbers and email addresses and then next week actually we’re introducing what we’re calling similar properties and comparable properties. If you look at the 100th Main Street, you’re going to see who owns it, who actually owns it, what else he owns, have his phone number and then you’re going to see what that property’s comps are right there with a click of a button.

Jim Fried: That’s really good. But how about when I want to just keep tabs on something?

Xavier Cossard: I’m glad you said that. One of our favorite features is the one we call the dashboard. Basically, you’re out there in the market, you’re collecting all this intelligence, you need a place to keep that information in the context of the public market. So all you have rather than writing it down on a piece of paper or using a spreadsheet to maintain all this information, you take your notes, you organize it into collections and you have the market organized how you actually want the market organized.

Jim Fried: What do people really use this for?

Xavier Cossard: That’s an easy answer. People use this to make more money faster.

Jim Fried: So what’s the feedback that you’ve been getting from the market place? Because you and your partner have both been – would you want to give them all a shout out here?

Xavier Cossard: My business partner is the infamous Alex Markey. He’s been underwriting and doing analyses of real estate. He is ultimately the brains that make this operation work. We are literally trying to code his brain. He has his way of looking at real estate to make it easy to understand exactly what’s going on. We have our developers converting that into actual code so that our users can see exactly what’s going on quickly.

Jim Fried: I’m glad you described him like that because he always looked like Avatar Beta to me.

Xavier Cossard: He is the man.

Jim Fried: He is the man. Now, let’s make something up. Let’s make believe that I’m a real estate professional that looks up real estate that I don’t have a lot of time, that there’s a couple of things that I want to keep track of and I’m interested in using your platform. How the heck do I get additional information? How do I even test drive it? Find it? Can I do that yet?

Xavier Cossard:

Jim Fried: So now I got to and I go to your webpage, it opens up, and what do I see?

Xavier Cossard: Right now we’re in a Beta so it’s actually free. You click-

Jim Fried: Alex is the first thing I see.
Xavier Cossard: You click ”Sign up” and off you go. You’re into the platform, you can search for information either at the individual parcel or owner level using filters or directly on a map and then you can manage all your content that you create in our dashboard. We also have an interesting feature where you can filter all news for all of South Florida real estate related information.

Jim Fried: Now it sounds to me like I’ve got a gathering place for everything I need to know about real estate. Who’s using this now? What does Mike think about this?

Xavier Cossard: Mike loves it. Mike is actually an investor of ours and Mike has his brokers using it to work through the market quickly and to manage their own information. But the current users are brokers. We are very much focused on the brokerage community and ultimately we want to build out some of the other intelligence so that the owners and investors themselves can start using as well.

Jim Fried: So then eventually, this is going to be a place where you’re going to have a community?

Xavier Cossard: That’s it.

Jim Fried: Oh my gosh.

Xavier Cossard: You’ve seen the business plan.

Jim Fried: I have not seen the business plan but I am a logical thinker. It really seems to me that this is something that everybody needs and is struggling because what’s going on in my opinion right now is that there’s all kinds of real estate platforms and technologies that are out there and they’re searching for a home, perhaps they’re searching for collision where they combine and get even better, I don’t know. And this is a great platform. It’s been rolled out only now in Miami Dade so far?

Xavier Cossard: Miami Dade, Broward is coming out the next couple of months.

Jim Fried: And people go.. I remember when something called ”IMap” came out and all they did was Pinellas County. Today that technology is used all over certainly Florida because I see what the property appraisers use. So this is cutting-edge stuff. This is a vision, a view of the future where things are going to come together almost, this is happening all across the technology platform.

Xavier Cossard: To make it easy, we see all these awesome technologies being deployed in other industries and we just said ”Why can’t we have those for real estate?”. Real estate is still extraordinarily archaic the way it’s done and the tools that are out there and we wanted to bring some of the cutting-edge technology that’s out there for literally everything else other than real estate.

Jim Fried: Real estate is archaic, real estate is tough to get an information share. Maybe an appraiser gets a straight answer every fourth phone call. I still got to put up with the appraisal and evaluation. I love those. The appraisals come out, they always say ”It’s worth this much” and the guy goes ”Look, this is my appraised value” and I go ”We found a buyer, it’s the appraiser”. My favorite line in real estate of all time, really is. We only got a couple of minutes left, X. Let’s go back to the beginning because somebody may have tuned in late. Tell me the basics about RE Console and how people can find you and don’t give me RE Console, give me a phone number too or something.

Xavier Cossard: We’re a platform where professionals access the information and the workflow tools they need to move quickly through the market. You can sign up at and you can reach us at 305 807 8033.

Jim Fried: But this is a place where people get good information, they can make solid business decisions on, it’s got a life, it’s like a tracking pole for real estate (I learned that term last night, I didn’t know what it was)

Xavier Cossard: I like that.

Jim Fried: Apparently, it’s when they interview somebody and then keep interviewing the same person through the process so you get the same opinion mix, I don’t know. But that’s sort of what this is. So, Xavier, I want to give you and Alex a very big high five. You noticed a problem in the real estate market, you went in there and you went to disrupt it. Again, your website is-

Xavier Cossard:

Jim Fried: That’s him, that’s my good friend, Xavier Cossard. You’re going to be at E-Merge?

Xavier Cossard: I’ll be at E-Merge.

Jim Fried: All right. That’s a pitch on E-Merge from a younger Xavier that I know. We’ll be back after this. We’ve got dean Goldschmidt talking to us about why he rides in the Dolphins Cancer Challenge. We’ll be back after this. AC, it’s yours.

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Jim Fried: We are back. Whenever we go through the ”I feel good” I come back with what makes us feel good are folks at UHealth and today we have dean Pascal Goldschmidt, our patron over at UHealth. Dean, welcome back to the show.

Pascal Goldschmidt: Jim, how are you?

Jim Fried: I am doing great. I’m sitting, cycling through all of the DCC6 heavy hitters, I got all kinds of friends there, Jimmy Tate, Eric Fetter, my doctor Dr Patton, Marty Baptist, it goes on and on, Bobby Merlin, Bruce Gross is a heavy hitter. So congratulations on the sixth year of the Dolphins Cancer Challenge. Tell me a little bit more about your role, dean.

Pascal Goldschmidt: It’s a very exciting event, the Dolphin Cancer Challenge is an extraordinary event that includes people riding bicycles, running and sometimes cycling on their computer but also walking and doing all kinds of healthy things. And that is entirely to make sure that we raise money to perform research to decrease the number and impact of cancer on our fellow humans. It is absolutely critical. We’ve made extraordinary progress in cancer but we need to make a lot of progress in a lot of cancer fields.

Jim Fried: I know that when we first started working with you on the show we were just starting to talk about silver bullets and custom cancer treatments and now it seems like you’ve taken the next step over there at UHealth.

Pascal Goldschmidt: Yes, the precision medicine is a way to figure out what in the cancer is the Achilles heel. The little molecular specific feature that we can attach and as Achilles heel destroy the cancer without hurting the patient. So these are wonderful new developments in the field of cancer and of course as you can imagine, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center is champion director, my friend Stephen Nimer and his entire team are focused with UHealth on doing just that.

Jim Fried: When we talk about the Dolphins Cancer Challenge, I know a lot of charities raise a lot of money but a lot of it goes to overhead. What goes on here at the Dolphins Cancer Challenge? How much money comes to UHealth and Sylvester from this?

Pascal Goldschmidt: 100% of the money goes to research at Sylvester.

Jim Fried: High five to you and the Dolphins for that. That means that the Dolphins are making a big donation just with all the overhead that there is absorbing.

Pascal Goldschmidt: That is correct. The Dolphins take care of the entire cost of putting the event together. I think we have already 2500 people who are participating so you can imagine this is a big show. But the Dolphins is a wonderful organization, the CEO, everybody doing a fabulous job and are taking care of the entire cost. So to all the players, to all of the administrators and leaders of the Dolphins I really salute you for the work that you do because it is making a huge difference in cancer. You know that since we started the event five years ago, we have raised the excess of $11 million with this event.

Jim Fried: Yes, $11, 550, 000 because I’m looking at the website right now and it’s fabulous. With all that money, there’s George Pincus. High five to George Pincus. I’m watching the names go by. Eric Fetter. All the guys I know. This is amazing. Now, Dr Goldschmidt, it seems like it’s a great way to create community and also to encourage healthy living. I know there’s all kinds of different rides and runs, what’s your particular event that you focus on?

Pascal Goldschmidt: I like the 100 Mile.

Jim Fried: After you messed up your foot you’re going to ride a 100 miles?

Pascal Goldschmidt: Yes, thanks to UHealth my foot is back on track and there’s nothing like 100 miles against the wind in the mid of South Florida. You can’t beat that. So I don’t want to let down my friends who are doing this and I’ll be there.

Jim Fried: That sounds great. You know you mentioned a little bit about how UHealth impacted your personal health. I want to change the game on you a little bit here and I want to thank you and I want to thank Carlos Migoya for working together to help my wife Vivian through her end-stage renal disease and I’m not sure if you know but we found a donor. The donor is a match and now the donor has been greenlighted so now it’s all a matter of getting the coordination with all the people on the team together and, God willing, Vivian is going to get a new kidney and can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you and Carlos Migoya are doing for our community on this and so many things that people never even get to hear about.

Pascal Goldschmidt: We are so pleased to be able to help Vivian with our wonderful team doing the transplant and the doctors, the nurses, the staff, it’s wonderful. Carlos is not only a friend, he’s also a mentor when it comes to riding a bicycle. Actually, I’m going to be behind him doing the 100 miles, trying to be about half a foot to three or four feet away from him maximum and he’s one of the fastest riders I’ve been riding with and he’s a very careful guy and I love Carlos and we’ll have a great time together.

Jim Fried: So you guys go out and do training rides to get your mileage up? Is that what you do to prep for this stuff?

Pascal Goldschmidt: We do all kinds of crazy stuff. I can’t tell you how much exercise we have to do to prepare for this. But it’s all good. Stuart Miller, Carlos and the entire gang. We’re getting ready for this and we’re going to do the 100 miles as if it was a piece of cake.

Jim Fried: Really it sounds great and I think that what we’re hearing in your voice is one of the things it isn’t really, advertises one of the benefits but what it really is is the that the great sense of community that you create with this event, the way that you help people, you create awareness but most importantly, you’re bonding around healthy activities. I guess that ties in with what the Dolphins and the NFL try to do with their Play 60 team. So well done. You’re helping our community be healthy.

Pascal Goldschmidt: Yes. Fighting cancer is huge. Bringing a great opportunity to fight cancer in this region is absolute authority and we’re delighted that we can make a difference. And this event is about camaraderie, it’s about serving our community and making sure that we get all together to be tough races for the treatment of cancer in South Florida. By the way, I don’t know if you know, but Sylvester is one of three centers of excellence for cancer in Florida as defined by the state of Florida and of course, more importantly, its governor. And also the surgeon general who have selected the three top cancer centers for Florida. And of course, Sylvester is the only such top cancer center in South Florida according to the officials.

Jim Fried: One of the things I want to do is after the event I’d like to get you and perhaps Dr. Nimer, and maybe Mike Mandich or somebody on to talk about how successful the event was but again, thank you so much for joining us today. Dr. Pascal Goldschmidt, dean Goldschmidt of UHealth, the number one guy in town for keeping our community healthy. We can’t thank you enough for helping us by being the sponsor on the show, helping you get the word out, Dr Goldschmidt.

Pascal Goldschmidt: Great to talk to you again as always.

Jim Fried: All right. We’ll be back after this short break with more Fried on Business and just wait a couple of weeks, when we’ll have deal Goldschmidt back on the show talking about the Dolphins Cancer Challenge. Back after this.

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Jim Fried: Let’s talk about some of the community events. In the couple of weeks you can hear me moderate the key capital markets event at the Bergstorm Center for Real Estate Studies Annual Trends and Strategies Conference. It’s going to be Thursday, February 25th and Friday, February 26th. I’ll be talking on the 25th. Then we’ll be doing a live remote from the Hyatt regency in Orlando where the event is going to be held. For more information, call Nikki Wagner at – I’m doing this for the Jets fans – 352 273 0312 or email her, It’s going to be a great event. I go every year, make lots of good contacts, make lots of money and another event that you’re going to want to go. You know we talked about the condo market earlier. If you want to find out what’s going on in Downtown West Palm Beach, join me at the Urban Land Institute Program, Thursday March 31st from 8 AM to 11:30 AM. We’re going to meet at the Hilton West Palm. It has got a who’s-who. You want to do business in West Palm? You go to this event. Carol Coletta from the Knight Foundation, Peter Cummings from RAM. You’ll never meet that guy. Jeff Green, the investor, the guy owns half of West Palm. They’re also going to have Rob Singer, the director of development for time equities and a whole bunch of other people, real good people. You got to go. You’re going to hear the Downtown development authority. You can go to register online to or email or call her at 954 763 9504. I love the ULI events.

Did the whole show? Oh my God, how come they didn’t let me know? All right. I got to go to thank you’s. I want to thank the Related Group, Spectrum Mortgage, UHealth, Warren Henry, Magnum Energy Solutions, Engineered Tax Services, EarlyShares, KIND Snacks, NFL Alumni, Bergstorm Center for Real Estate Studies, the Miami Marlins, the CCIMs, South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine, Xpresso Marketing, Social Media 305 and Lauren’s Kids. If you missed today’s show, it’s going to up on our website real soon. Go to our community, Facebook, LinkedIn, all that good stuff. This is Jim Fried for Fried on Business, I’ll be on next week at 6:00 on 880 AM. Why? Because I just love it. We’re going to have Bruce Turkel and Alex Cordia talking oil and gas and branding. This is Jim Fried. Remember, this is not a rehearsal, this is your life. The person that wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now go out there and make it happen. Thank you everybody, thank you so much. I know I muted the applause today, but maybe next time I’ll do better. Thanks AC.



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