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Ron Bergeron Sr. – Local Boy Makes Good; Nikki Fried – Enhancing Wellness in Florida; Roy Abrams and RealConnex

Episode 468: 05-31-18

Ron Bergeron Sr. – Local Boy Makes Good

Ron M. Bergeron Sr. is Founder & CEO of Bergeron Land Development, Inc., the Bergeron Family of Companies, and Bergeron Properties & Investment Corp. He is also a 2018 Horatio Alger Award Recipient.

Ron Bergeron was raised in Davie, Florida, a small town with a population of about 500. His mother and father owned a small grocery store. In 1962, Bergeron graduated from Stranahan High School and left home with a few hundred dollars in his pocket. Bergeron mowed pastures, baled hay, and harvested fruit. He never turned down a job and worked many 18-hour days. He sometimes slept under his tractor.

At the age of 21, Bergeron noticed that the most successful people he knew were landowners, so he began buying real estate. In 1965, he incorporated Bergeron Land Development and began building driveways. He also began buying tracts of land that were in the path of development. His company would eventually build entire cities and major road systems and state highway interchanges.

Bergeron Land Development grew to be one of the most highly respected and largest site-development and roadway construction companies in Florida. Appointed by the Governor, Bergeron serves as a Florida Fish and Wildlife Commissioner. He has been a tireless champion for the restoration and protection of the Everglades, one of the natural wonders of the world.

Jim and Ron talk about what they both love – Florida and the great outdoors – as well as a little bit about how Ron overcame such great odds to be one of Florida’s great citizens/leaders.

Nikki Fried – Enhancing Wellness in Florida

Nikki Fried has kept the Florida political class guessing for months about a possible statewide run for office. Florida Politics reports that sources close to Fried have confirmed that the Broward County-based political committee, Florida Consumers First, could likely be the first step toward a bid for Agriculture Commissioner. Fried has already said that, “Florida Democrats are tired of losing and are looking for a new voice: Someone different, someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth and is willing to turn the political status quo on its head.”

Fried’s experience working with the medicinal cannabis industry could be the ticket to garnering support from millennials, agriculture interests and other sectors in her deep-blue South Florida home base.

Jim and Nikki discuss her record, the issues and why she may run.

Roy Abrams and RealConnex

Roy Abrams, CEO and Founder of RealConnex, stops by to chat with Jim about the website as a tool for real estate professionals.

Episode 468: 05-31-18

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