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Reverse the Effects of Gravity and How to Build Your Facebook Page

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Business Talk – Our Listeners Are Heard,
Reverse the Effects of Gravity on your Body and
Social Media and Your Business
Episode 126

• 5:02 Listener E mails and Business Talk – Jim lets it rip as he riffs on listener comments on real estate, general business topics and the economy.

• 5:20 Executive Health and Wellness
o Lolly Green MSW is a Social Worker that specializes in elder care. She will share a thought of the week with our community. This week as always, we discuss her take on positive energy!
o Victor Franks, Ph.D. – has spent the last 13 years on Fisher Island as a massage therapist, trainer and wellness consultant for the captains of industry and finance. Author of AquaBliss: the Zero-Gravity Solution, Dr. Francs is a knowledgeable and clear voice in the jungle of conflicting information regarding your personal health and well-being. He is a Ph.D. in Naturopathic medicine. We discuss: How to reverse the effects of gravity.
o Matt Gold – Professional Chef for the executive on the go. This week Matt tells us how to prepare a restaurant quality steak – at home.

• 5:40 Social Media and Your Business
o Javier Morales – President and CEO and Alex Thomas Vice President of Associates In Business, Inc. Javier and Alex have over 20 years of marketing experience for clients such as Travelscream in the Caribbean, Air Jamaica, The Florida Marlins and others. We discuss the show’s new web page, how it was constructed, what we are going to do to market it and much more about the progress of the social media makeover they are creating for Fried on Business.
o Adam Taub – President and CEO of Estrela Marketing Solutions. Estrela Marketing is a leading full-service online marketing agency specializing in Opt in Email, Online Ad Buying, and Database Management. His clients include: TiVo, Kraft, Dish Network, Motorola, Wachovia and many more national and international companies. We discuss how social media how is helping Fried on Business grow.

• 5:55 Jim reads more listener e mails and rants about issues that get under his skin.



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