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Residential Mortgage Market, Commercial Real Estate Market, Social Media Marketing

Episode 379: 07-28-16

On this week’s show, Jim shares his thoughts on the residential mortgage market, commercial real estate market and how he uses social media and more! Plus, Jim gives us an update on his wife, Vivian Fried.

Residential Mortgage Market, Commercial Real Estate Market

Jim gives his thoughts on the residential mortgage market and the commercial real estate market, including retail, office, apartment, condo, industrial, land and more.

Social Media Marketing

Jim discusses social media marketing and the social media processes that he has used to build his network of connections numbering over 7,000 on LinkedIn, over 5,000 on Twitter and over 1,000 on Facebook.

Vivian Fried Kidney Transplant Update

An update on Vivian Fried. Forecast for continuing strength on her part as she fights end-stage renal disease. She needs a qualified donor. Hear what that means and why she needs a kidney transplant. Jim and Vivian recently became involved with Renewal, an organization that helps kidney donors walk through the complicated process of organ donation.

Watch Vivian tell her story of love hope and courage:


Episode 379: 07-28-16

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