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Fried on Business- Real Estate Trends & C-Pace Financing

Episode 565: 5-20-20

Real Estate Trends & C-Pace Financing

Jim Fried discusses what he sees in the residential mortgage and commercial mortgage industries – new trends and ideas are emerging.


Jim also talks with Adam Lipkin, the C-PACE GUY, share how to get high-leverage non-recourse construction financing using C-PACE during the pandemic. Adam Lipkin, is the Executive Director for Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate in Miami, FL, a Hannon Armstrong partner (NYSE: HASI).

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate is a direct capital provider of Commercial PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy). which is an innovative financing structure that allows commercial property owners to repay investments for building upgrades and new construction using a tax assessment. PACE can reduce and replace expensive mezzanine debt or equity with long-term non-recourse fixed rate financing as low as 6% with flexible prepay.

Are you still looking for construction financing? 

With many go to banks and lenders on the sidelines or not lending as they were pre-COVID, you need to find creative solutions to get financing.


Episode 565: 5-20-20

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