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New Trends in Commercial Real Estate Finance; “Special Assets” Update

Episode 456: 03-08-18

New Trends in Commercial Real Estate Finance

Adam Lipkin is Executive Director for Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate in Miami, FL, a Hannon Armstrong partner (NYSE: HASI).

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate is a direct capital provider of Commercial PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy). PACE is a new and innovative financing structure that allows commercial property owners to repay investments for building upgrades and new construction using a tax assessment. PACE can reduce and replace expensive mezzanine debt or equity with long-term non-recourse fixed rate financing as low as 6% with flexible prepay.

Jim and Adam will discuss new trends in real estate financing using a PACE-based structure.

“Special Assets” Update

Jim spent the last two days at the IMN Bank and Special Assets & Credit Officer’s Forum (EAST). Hear what he found out about banks and the loans that they are selling.

Update on Vivian

Jim’s wife, Vivian Fried, had her kidney transplant one month ago. Jim will give us all an update. Spoiler alert!!! SHE IS DOING GREAT!

Episode 456: 03-08-18

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