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New Infiniti Q70, Interviewing Jim, Vivian Fried Kidney Transplant Update

Episode 370: 05-26-16

On this week’s show, Jim Fried catches up with Larry Zinn. Jim will be interviewed by Wanda Miles and will discuss the real estate market, his career transition and more. This show will be special – it will be chock-full of information. We will also get an update on Vivian Fried’s kidney transplant.

The New Infiniti Q70

Larry Zinn is General Manager of Warren Henry Automotive Group. Jim and Larry discuss topics including the Marlins, Dolphins, Heat and cars – the new Infiniti Q70. They also talk about Larry’s new Lamborghini store and the monthly supercar events Larry has there that Jim loves to attend.

Interviewing Jim

Jim Fried has been on the radio for 7 years and 370 shows. This one will be special. Wanda Myles will interview Jim for the majority of the show. They will discuss the real estate market, Jim’s career transition, what Jim sees as the future of real estate, and what Jim does every day to be successful.

Wanda will also ask Jim about his wife, Vivian, why he mentors young people, and much more.

This will be special. A lot of it will be information you can use right now to improve your personal business plan TODAY!

Vivian Fried Kidney Transplant Update

Jim gives an update on Vivian Fried. You can donate to her kidney transplant fund by clicking here:

To become a member of the Vivian Fried Fundraising Team, click here:


Episode 370: 05-26-16

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