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Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee – Public Private Partnership Sun Life Stadium

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Episode 203

 Mike Dee – Chief Executive Officer of the Miami Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium since 2009. Mike came to South Florida and the NFL after a distinguished 15-year career in Major League Baseball, where he played a lead role in the resurgence of two franchises and was a member of two World Series Championship teams with the Red Sox. We discuss the Dolphins current efforts to create a Public Private Partnership to renovate Sun Life Stadium. The stadium redevelopment plan has gotten support in many circles in Miami. Mike reviews what he is hoping to achieve why his supporters favor the project and why the Miami Dolphins proposal is different than others proffered by sports teams across Florida. 

Dr. Mauricio Cohen, Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at University of Miami Hospital. Dr. Cohen will discuss the latest surgical treatments for patients with heart disease. This discussion focuses on new minimally invasive treatments for heart disease. We talk about what to expect if you have to have your arteries cleared, etc.

Victor Franks, Ph.D. – has spent the last 13 years on Fisher Island as a wellness consultant for the captains of industry and finance.  Author of AquaBliss: the Zero-Gravity Solution, Dr. Francs is a knowledgeable and clear voice in the jungle of conflicting information regarding your personal health and well-being.  He is a Ph.D. in Naturopathic medicine.  This week we discuss diagnostic face reading – I had no idea what this means but we find out in this segment.  Dr. Francs tells us that many maladies make themselves evident on your face. He can simply look at you and tell you have liver or kidney issues – UNREAL!

Jim also gives his thoughts on sequestration – The government is suppose to keep us safe. Instead they create this artificial  crisis that erodes our public safety. They should all be fired for not doing their jobs!




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