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Mentorship, Marketing, Real Estate and More; Jim and Wanda Review the News

Episode 494: 11-29-18

Mentorship, Marketing, Real Estate and More

Jim discusses mentorship with Jonathan Stein from Inland Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois, a leading expert connector in the commercial real estate industry.

Jim and Bekah Carlson from Carlson Integrated in Chicago, Illinois, discuss the steps to build your content marketing platform and how they are finding more ways to work together.

Jim and real estate tech guru Andreas Senie from RealConnex in New York explore how tech investment and the proliferation of investment in the tech sector is changing real estate and what we can look forward to in the future.

A Straight Shot of Jim

Jim and co-host Wanda Myles take a hard look at the news of the day – and somehow find a bit of humor.

Episode 494: 11-29-18

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