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Medicare Questions Answered with Matthew Gold


Episode 632  |  9.15.21

Healthcare and Insurance Trends and Medicare Supplement Policies with Matthew Gold

“When you are approaching your 65th birthday, one should begin the process of enrolling into Medicare. Many who start that process claim that it feels like learning a foreign language. Picking up the main topics and learning the vocabulary is a must to become fluent in Medicare. We make the educational process simple. First, we will explain to you the four basic parts of Medicare: Part A, also known as your hospitalization coverage; Part B, which is the Medical or Doctor coverage; Part C, better known as a Medicare Advantage plan and Part D, also known as your prescription drug plan. At we will then explain how to enroll into each part. As well as explain how each part helps pay for certain health care services and what costs that you may have to pay. Your Medicare costs will be dependent on what coverage you choose and on what health care services you use. This website was designed to help you in your understanding of this new way of covering your health care needs. Please reach out to me with any questions as I look forward to working with you.”

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