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Fried on Business: Maximize Your Real Estate Listing Exposure and Smokeable Cannabis

Episode 512: 04-04-19

  • Fried on Tech:  Maximize Your Listing Exposure with Andreas Senie, Clint Lovell, and David Perlmutter

  • CRE Tech with Clint Lovell & Andreas Senie

  • Smokeable Cannabis: Should You Get a Prescription?

Clint and Andreas are back to talk Fried on Tech. This week, Jim, Clint, and Andreas are joined by David Perlmutter of QuantumListing. David shares his crowd-sourcing real estate listing app and how you can maximize exposure for every property you list. Don’t miss this great new segment!

Jim welcomes back Dr. Michelle Weiner, an advocate for and a leader in the Florida medicinal cannabis industry. They discuss new developments in smokeable cannabis in Florida and whether or not getting a prescription is right for you.

Episode 512: 04-04-19

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