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Market Your Brand with Constant Contact, How My Workouts Changed After Back Surgery, Straight Shot of Jim

Episode 269: 06-19-14

Market Your Brand with Constant Contact

Sandi Abbott is owner of Xpresso Content Café. Sandi helps small businesses and brands CAFFEINATE their sales! Xpresso Content Cafe is a digital marketing agency specializing in developing interactive online and onsite marketing campaigns for brands and small business clients.

She uses email marketing and social media to keep businesses connected with their greatest resource for growth – their network of clients, fans, followers, subscribers and prospects.

She likes to think of it as giving your marketing a double-shot espresso in the afternoon!

Sandi has helped me build my e-mail marketing program and now she will share her tips and discuss the future of e-mail marketing.

Sandi will be joined by Alex de Carvalho, Constant Contact’s educational marketing expert and Regional Development Director for South Florida.

Alex has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and business development, as a start-up entrepreneur, university professor, and author.

Over the past five years, he has educated more than 7,500 businesses nationally and internationally about social media and online marketing.

Topics will include:

  • Since so many people are using social media now, is e-mail still relevant?
  • Should you buy a list of e-mail addresses?
  • How do you grow a list?
  • How do I avoid having my e-mail land in the SPAM folder?
  • How often should I e-mail?
  • When should I e-mail?
  • How do I get folks to open on my e-mail and take action?

How My Workouts Changed After Back Surgery

Terek Maddox returns to the show. Terek helps train NFL players Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers and Lemar Miller of the Miami Dolphins. He keeps me fit and healthy too.

We discuss the changes to my workout routine since I am still coming back from back surgery.

A Straight Shot of Jim

Jim takes a segment to talk about his change in thinking on Beckham Stadium.

Episode 269: 06-19-14  (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)

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