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KIND Snacks: Random Acts of Kindness Day, Eating to Beat Cancer, Marlins 2015 Winter Warm Up

Episode 303: 02-12-15

KIND Snacks: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Melissa Ader joined the Field Marketing Team for KIND Healthy Snacks last year. She is passionate about promoting the company’s social mission of spreading and inspiring acts of kindness, both large and small, throughout South and Central Florida.

While well-known for their delicious, healthy snacks, KIND is a mission-driven company that thrives on the opportunity to make the world a kinder place, one kind act and snack at a time.

We discuss KIND’s plans for Tuesday, February 17th. The KIND team will be spreading kindness across the city in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day. They will perform 24 acts of kindness, one to represent each hour of this day. The acts will range from hosting a complimentary yoga class to delivering sunscreen to beach-goers.

Eating to Beat Cancer

Our UHealth guest Lesley B. Klein, M.S., RD, CSO, LD/N holds a B.S. degree in Nutrition from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Dietetics from Florida International University. She has over 20 years of experience working in the field of oncology nutrition and is currently one of 22 registered dietitians in the state of Florida recognized as a Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition.

We discuss the power foods that help prevent cancer!

Marlins 2015 Winter Warm Up

Matt Britten is entering his 13th season with the Miami Marlins and sixth as Director of Marketing. Britten joined the organization in February of 2003 as Promotions Manager.

Britten oversees the day-to-day promotional and marketing initiatives for the organization, including programs for sponsorships and ticket sales, general market media partnerships, game day giveaways, ballpark entertainment and activities, and the Club’s promotional presence in the community.

Britten also oversaw the complete rebranding efforts for the Club as the Florida Marlins transitioned to the Miami Marlins prior to the opening of Marlins Park in 2012.

We discuss the upcoming Winter Warm Up event happening on February 21.

A Straight Shot of Jim

Jim has been going to lots of conferences – real estate, philanthropy, family office and more. He will go over some of the interesting concepts he is hearing.

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Jim Fried: Oh boy do we have a great show for you today. Make sure you stick with us. Sounds like it’s not really too fun on the highway so we’ll give you something fun to listen to. We’re going to talk to the UHealth folks today. We are going to talk about what you can eat to prevent cancer. We are going to talk to the Miami Marlins. That’s right it’s baseball time. We’re going to have Matt Britten, he’s going to be on talking about all the new stuff that’s going on, the B to B baseball, all kinds of different stuff and of course we’ll be talking to him about the winter warmup that’s coming up in just a couple weeks. We’re going to start the show with my good friend Melissa Ader. She’s going to be talking about the February 17th KIND Random Act of Kindness Day where they are going to represent 24 acts of kindness, one to represent every hour of the day. Lets see what else are we going to be talking about today? UHealth, the Marlins, Melissa and me all today. The market was up. We’ll be back after this with KIND Snacks. Get KIND, get nice, get ready. D it’s all yours.

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Jim Fried: Alright, we are back and we are back and talking about getting KIND here in Miami and if you’re on the highway make sure you hear this and get KIND to the person next to you. We’re bringing on Melissa Ader. Melissa represents KIND down here and she’s got a great event on February 17th. Melissa what’s going on?

Melissa Ader: Hi Jim, thanks so much for having me.

Jim Fried: Oh it’s my absolute pleasure. First of all, KIND… man, everytime I run into somebody and I tell them that KIND has joined our lineup of sponsors they say oh my gosh that’s so great I love KIND Snacks and what they do and what they represent. So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what KIND represents and what you’re doing on February 17th.

Melissa Ader: Sure. So KIND Snacks a lot of people are familiar with our healthy snacks that are all natural gluten-free made of ingredients you can see and pronounce, but another that is very important is the social mission that the company aligns with and that’s to do the KIND thing and make the world a little kinder one act at a time. So, we obviously believe it’s important to do the KIND for your body and your taste buds and also your world. That means not only enjoying healthy food and staying healthy but doing the right thing for other people and for your community. February 17th is actually a special day for us. It’s national Random Act of Kindness Day and as a market in Miami we will be spreading kindness across the city, and we encourage everyone to do the same not just on that specific day but everyday.

Jim Fried: You know that’s sounds great and I know you are going to the beach. I know you are doing some yoga stuff. Why don’t you tell a little bit of stuff what you’re doing and where you’re doing it and maybe we can add a little random collisions so people can see you and join in giving out these KIND Snacks.

Melissa Ader: Sure. So on the 17th local team members are hitting the streets of Miami to surprise unsuspecting locals with kindness, all the way celebrating this national movement. And so what we are doing, we are committing to 24 acts of kindness, one to represent every hour of the day. So, throughout the day we’ll be committing acts that just range from anything small like paying it forward like buying commuters gas or trying to start a chain of KIND acts at a coffee shop, paying for one person’s coffee and hoping that chain continues. All the way to donating children’s books and toiletries for those in need. I’m going to an animal shelter and providing food for pets that need it. Literally from small to large we are trying to make an impact across this city. We’ll be doing things in Miami all the way to Wynwood, all the way to Miami Beach to the Aventura area. We’re really trying to canvas the South Florida community, even as small as really encouraging those to chalk on sideways or on the windshields of people’s cars, trying to brighten people’s days very simply. And to close out the day we are really excited for KIND Snacks to be joining forces with the Miami Dolphins and we’re working with linebacker, Koa Misi, who has a huge social mission as well to do the KIND thing and give back to the community. We are joining forces with him and the great folks at Hope Children’s Hospital to visit some of the kids who are there and try to brighten their day to bring them some smiles and some snacks and great energy. So, this is all going down on the 17th in Miami and we are actually proud that team members throughout the company, throughout KIND Snacks in markets all over the country are also going to be doing some KIND acts in their markets.

Jim Fried: Now how can somebody get involved with what you are doing? Can they participate and join your team and augment your team?

Melissa Ader: Sure. Really what we encourage people to do is KIND of take these examples and find ways to have examples in their lives. And, it’s really so simple to interject something, whether it’s opening a door for somebody, smiling at a stranger, giving someone flowers, a co-worker that doesn’t have a chance for a coffee break that today and bring them a snack to their desk. We really encourage people to be inspired by what we’re doing because as a company we are very inspired by others who are living their lives kindly and to KIND of share that as part of our movement on social media. Specifically, we’d love to see everybody doing something small and KIND for people in their lives that day and using the hash tag #kindawesome. It’s just the words KIND and awesome put together and that way we can always aggregate and see through social media what people are doing to give back and it gives everybody just wonderful ideas such as the small things they can do on a daily basis can make a difference.

Jim Fried: Now is there lets say on your Facebook page something where people can see the schedule of what you are going to be doing of is this really geared and designed to surprise people?

Melissa Ader: Exactly. Since it is Random Acts of Kindness Day, we want to make it purely that, very random. Of course, we have a plan of how we are going to attack these 24 acts but we want people to be surprised and have that KIND of be a huge bright point in their day. So, we do intend to be sharing our travels and our adventure on the 17th via social media and if you do follow the hash tag #kindawesome or #kindsnacks on Instagram. We’ll be sure to be posting photos and really giving people a boost on their wonderful day.

Jim Fried: Well I know our social media team will be following along and tweeting and re-tweeting, hash tagging and doing all that stuff because we believe in what you do. It’s something that really makes the world go round and round. And again, as folks are driving on the highway I’m hoping that they are listening to us. We’re bringing them a little smile, a little positive energy and reminding them that the person that cut them off, let them go. Give that as your act of kindness today. Melissa, what are some of the other things that KIND Snacks has done recently and bring our folks that listen up to date.

Melissa Ader: Sure. So in South Florida specifically we have a lot of projects going on on Random Act of Kindness Day, is the next big event on our calendar. But really what we are doing as a company is trying to not only bring healthy, delicious snacks to people’s hands but also KIND acts to the world and what we have is what refer to other KIND movement, which focuses on giving $10,000 grant every month to deserving individuals in need. They have a great idea of how they can make their community a kinder place. They are able to apply for that grant through a program called KIND Causes, and that’s something I know Jim that we’ve spoken with before and that you’ve been interested in and I love that this has become a platform for sharing that program. Because we really want to make sure that people can take advantage of it. So, every month like I said people can apply for this KIND Causes grant, $10,000 to make your KIND idea come to life. And, all that that requires is posting that up on our website and being able to have people go to the website and vote for your KIND act, so it’s voted on completely by the public. That way we really have an empowerment of our community choosing the person that gets that grant. It’s a really special program. It’s about a year old and it’s really exciting for us so we are happy to share it and have people participate.

Jim Fried: Sounds to me like we’ve got to have a new hash tag. Hash tag #proudsourcepositiveenergy.

Melissa Ader: Absolutely.

Jim Fried: That sounds to me what you guys are doing.

Melissa Ader: We really feel that the people thrive on the kindness of one small smile, someone opening a door for you, something small can go a long way. It’s really universal. No matter where you come from everyone can understand and appreciate a small gesture, and it really connects us as a community as people. So, the power of that goes beyond anything else today.

Jim Fried: What are some of the creative KIND acts that you’ve done with your $10,000 grants?

Melissa Ader: Sure. With our $10,000 grants we’ve had the ability to really meet some amazing individuals and we are constantly surprised how people raise the bar with things so wonderful and wanting to give back to their community. We’ve worked from everyone from Lauren Book, who I know you’ve had a relationship with.

Jim Fried: That’s our girl. Go girl.

Melissa Ader: She is fantastic in fighting childhood sexual abuse. She’s used those funds to put on her annual walk, which we’ll actually be participating in Florida this year in April. We’ve also have had the opportunity to meet and work with wonderful individuals who bring sketch books to kids who would like to create art, you know to schools who don’t have those resources. Or, kids in the foster care who don’t quite have suitcases to be able to move their clothes from A to B and instead of being given a trash bag they are now being able to be given a suitcase and a pillow and the things that they deserve. Just wonderful creative ideas that go around the country and KIND of hit all the different parts of what we need as people. So, for KIND to be able to support with our resources is really special and it’s important to us.

Jim Fried: Melissa every time you come on the show you turn me into a total mush pot and I think that I’m not doing enough to help people that I don’t know. Because to me the highest level of act of kindness is doing something for somebody you don’t know, and I know, even like you said, just holds the door open and smiles, it blows my mind here in Miami. So Melissa, what’s your website? We are almost out of time. Tell people how to connect with you.

Melissa Ader: Absolutely. You can always check us out at and then specifically speaking about the KIND movement, you can get more information about that and our grant at And the most important thing, specifically on February 17, next Tuesday, for Random Acts of Kindness Day, you want to make sure to follow #kindawesome on social media. Check us out and see what we’re doing all day long.

Jim Fried: How about #totallykindawesome? You are the best Melissa. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for making us part of the KIND team. I really personally take it to heart that you’ve recognized Vivienne and myself and our team on Fried on Business as KIND people @friedonbusiness, @jimfried. We follow you and we are so glad to be part of the team.

Melissa Ader: Awesome! We can’t wait to see what everybody in Miami does on Random Act of Kindness Day on their own and continue to blow us away. Thank you so much for having us, we really appreciate it.

Jim Fried: It’s our pleasure. I’m already feeling good about next Tuesday. D take us away and when you bring us back I’m going to tell everybody where I’ve been for the last couple of weeks and what I’ve been doing. Back after this.

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Jim Fried: Alright, we’re back. We’re going to talk a little bit about what I’ve been doing the past few weeks and what I’ve seen around town and the lessons that I’ve learned. I’m going to start with a tour I took recently on the Miami River with the Urban Land Institute. We went up and down the river. It was last Thursday, it was freezing cold at least to an old man like me in Miami. It must have been at least 65 with rain. It was the worst. Oh my God it was freezing but I was glad I went on the trip because I saw a lot of really cool things. First of all, we saw that the Miami River is still a working place where people have businesses. We saw the guys moving the cranes on the boats and it was really really cool. But what I really realized was that I was right when this summer I talked about that Little Havana was going to be the next Brickell Avenue. At the end the punchline of the whole thing was that Brickell Avenue was going to be the next Brickell Avenue and it would continue to evolve and it would continue to grow, and in my personal opinion, continue to be one of the most amazing, thriving places on the planet. But, we got always here on Fried on Business show look at where things are going and I debated long and hard with a bunch of my friends in the industry, and I finally decided that it’s a great place to look was the Miami River and Little Havana and now proof be right.

You see everywhere where people are fighting and up zoning that they are trying to do in Little Havana to maintain the character of Little Havana. If you haven’t been there recently it’s just not a place where an habewlos isn’t habelows go anymore. It’s a place where young people go to hang out, smoke cigars, have drinks, dance, it’s just awesome! New buildings are going up. There’s a new focus of rehab. There’s a new cultural movement over there, it’s really been very cool to be a part of. That’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks. Another thing I learned in the past few weeks is that people are excited about the Florida Marlins. The day does not go by where somebody doesn’t come up to me and go hey Jim I haven’t been to Marlins park yet, can you help me? Can you get me in? Usually I offer to take them with me because I want to see their face light up when they go for the first time. The Marlins ballpark, man it’s just the most amazing building on the face of the earth and I’m going to tell you why and it’s no embellishment. The reason why, to me, it’s the greatest building on the face of the earth is because my wife will go there to watch sports. Now I got to tell you that is a miracle. Now she does go to the Miami Heat games with me but she doesn’t always stay past halftime unless of course somebody who left the team is back in town and we are beating his tushy like on Christmas. She stayed for that, but she loves going with me on a Saturday to Marlins ballpark and here’s what we do. We arrive on time. We sit in our seats and I will tell you this, they are great seats right behind home plate. I like to see balls and strikes because we can call balls and strikes in our seats and my wife sits down with me and we wait until Giancarlo Stanton goes up to hit his obligatory home run and then we go for a walk around the ballpark.

We see all the vendors, we see all the people. We go past the UHealth Physical Therapy thing, really cool machines in there and then we go around where they have all the stuff that’s gluten free and all that and then we come to the Taste of Miami and we don’t move for a half hour or 45 minutes. I get [uncertain] and a beer, she gets whatever she wants because she’s a lady and that’s what ladies do at the ball game, they get what they want. Then we go and we stand over here by standing room only, over by the left field foul pole, if we are lucky we’ll get a couple seats down there and we have a great time. I head back to the chairs and that’s right, I’ll say it this way I love you honey for doing this. She goes and stands in line and gets me a pizza and she meets me back at the seats, it’s about the sixth inning by now, we stay for just a little while longer, and we have just an absolutely great Saturday night. That’s my favorite Saturday night to spend with my wife other than of course going to Joe’s and not waiting in line, you can’t beat that.

Now lets see one of the other things I found out. I found out after this last segment it’s obvious, it’s important to be nice. You know we had Ivan Misner on. He’s the head of BNI. He’s the king of networking. CNN, NBC, everybody says he’s the king of networking because he’s got the $6,000 networking groups across the globe and he has taught them what to do. And, he is actually in my opinion the KIND of networking. And, we talked about this and we talked about bringing positive energy to the table, looking people in the eye and making sure they felt your energy because everybody wants to be part of the party, part of the good energy. A lot of times, they are going to feed off you to go do something positive, which I guess Melissa and her team at KIND Foods, do they know they put out kindness into the world that the world is going to be a better place and even if one more act of kindness gets down heck that changes someone’s life. So, it’s important to stay positive. Hey D can you tell I’m positive? I think he can. He’s positive. He’s smiling. He’s giving me the finger, that fingers thumb’s up. Oh yeah, thank you.

Now lets see what else I learned. Well I also learned that transportation isn’t going to be getting any better any time soon. So, I have decided I’m going to change and what I do now, and Melissa you’ll be really proud of me, I just let it go, at least as much as I can. Everybody who knows me I can’t let it go totally because I’m crazy but I do try to let it go as much as possible. I try to let the people in front of me…I try to not going crazy and cut people off. I do try to realize there’s a lot of tourists here, sometimes they do need to cross six lanes of traffic just like that guy did in front of you that’s listening to me on the radio on I-95. Try to be kind. Try to let it go, realize that they’re lost. How do I do it? Well I imagine for instance it’s my mom, my 76 year old loving mom, maybe it’s her in front of me, somebody’s [unsure] in front of them, you know and I just got to let them go because they are lost. That doesn’t mean that I’m not frustrated but it means I just let it go. You got to let it go. We are going to talk to the UHealth people later in the show. We are going to talk about what foods can prevent cancer. I guarantee you do not get nuts in traffic. We’ll help you fight cancer. So, I want to live long and I’m not going to get nuts in traffic, and if you are getting nuts in traffic calm down and relax. Let the person go and realize they are the one with the problem not you.

Now I will say this and you can go back to the tapes and you can check this out and that’s last summer when David Beckham came to town he wanted to steal our waterfront. I said no don’t let it happen and then people said well where’s he going to go? The city has a place over by Miami stadium and it’s all ready to go. I said no you will see where the soccer stadium goes and it will go next to Intermodal Center over by Miami International Airport. Now for the uninitiated what is that? That’s where all the rental car places are. All that land is going to get bought up and they are going to put, in my opinion, that’s where the soccer stadium is going to go and should go. They go Why? I go why are you kidding? People can fly in from out of town, fly out. They can come from anywhere in the tri-county area on mass transit. Did I actually say that? It’s true and if you’ve got to go the old fashioned way shoot every car can get there on a highway from anywhere in the region. To me, it’s a no brainer and believe it or not it’s on the water. That’s right the Miami River has a little part of a finger of the Miami River that reaches all the way up there. So, you can even, I can’t believe I’m about to say this, drive your boat up there. So, this to me sounds like the solution. Yeah I know the city wants to take advantage of the site plan that they had next to the Miami Marlins ballpark. Yes, the Miami Marlins ballpark is essentially located and, I’m going to say it now, easily accessible location. By the way, by the site I have close to there. I have a great site listed for apartments listed by the ballpark. Love that also.

Now what else did I learn? There’s not a lot of real estate that’s owned by the banks today and that’s not going to change I don’t think at least for a little while. But there is something I can guarantee and that is that there is a very short memory in financial service industry and eventually there will be bad loans made on real estate and those loans will have to be taken back and eventually the banks will own some real estate. I learned what sectors of real estate are hot here in South Florida and I’ll be brief. All of them. All of the sectors are hot. Apartments, we had the guys on apartments last week. They can’t find enough good locations. That makes sense. Rents are rising. Occupancy is staying steady. It’s great. Office buildings, a good friend of mine says you better get your office building lease locked in now because in about a year you won’t be able to find anywhere to get a good office lease. So, Lesley is on the line? Alright Lesley what’s happening?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Not a whole lot. I’m just waiting on you. (laughing)

Jim Fried: Oh Lesley is the doctor. Oh doc your going to have to give me a little bit more time to rant unless you want to tell everybody how important it is to eat right to fight cancer?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Well absolutely. Take all the time you want.

Jim Fried: Oh you’re terrific. What I just said it’s also probably a good idea to not be stressed on the road, that will help you live longer too, what do you think about that?

Dr. Lesley Klein: That’s true. Stress is definitely not a good thing.

Jim Fried: Oh I love this lady. Well you stay there. Don’t stress we’ll be right back with you in a couple of minutes. D you’ve got to do your due diligence on who is calling and when. Thanks doc. I really appreciate the good humor. We’ll be right back at one in a minute. I got a little bit more ranting and raving I feel like doing. D how much time can I rant and rave for? Huh? Oh far out, I’m going to rant and rave for another couple of minutes. We talked about Beckham. We talked about the river. We talked about people being excited about the Marlins. We talked about transportation and being all clogged, like bad people’s arteries, it’s not going to get better anytime soon. We talked about positive energy.

Let’s see, oh this is a good one. People ask me what inning are we in in the recovery and with the Marlins coming on the show, inning is a great example, I think about the sixth or seventh inning. We can now see that there’s been a good recovery. You know I think today the job recovery and even the income is starting to go up. Thank God! So, now people are able to get jobs and their even able to make a living. Who knows soon, oh I don’t want to talk politics, so lets just say that people are earning a good living God willing and hopefully and if they are not, they market continues to get better and the dollar strengthening, gas has hit the bottom I think and we’ll start drifting up because lets face it the gas thing is only a politically engineered thing. It goes down real slow, it comes up real fast so look out for whiplash. Now, I’m going to wrap it up right here. D’s been giving me the finger which means I only have one more minute left and we’re going to come right back. We’re going to talk about what you should eat to help prevent cancer. Now that you know, being uptight on the highway isn’t good for you either. We are going to have our friends from the Sylvester Cancer Care Institute, and oh by the way I hope you donated to the ride DCC last week, I know I did many many times because I have a lot of friends over there. But, you can still probably go to their website and donate. Do it today. Help us fight cancer. D is ready, I’m ready, the doctor’s ready and you’re ready, so we’ll be back after this short break and a little bit of traffic here on Fried on Business.

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Jim Fried: Alright we are back. We got a little start earlier today so you already know we are going to talk about cancer and what you can eat to prevent cancer. Right now we’ve got our guest, our doctor from UHealth on. Welcome to the show doctor.

Dr. Lesley Klein: Thank you for having me Jim. I appreciate it.

Jim Fried: Well it’s my absolute pleasure. I’m doing the best I can here. It’s been KIND of wild today. So, you already heard that we’re having a little bit of day where we are going to talk about cancer and we’re going to talk about what’s good to eat, why don’t you help me out here?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Well I would love to and I’m going to start with a story, okay?

Jim Fried: Sounds great!

Dr. Lesley Klein: Alright so the American Cancer Society and the American Institute for Cancer Research got together and came up with guidelines for cancer prevention. And, they included the ideal body weight and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and don’t drink and don’t smoke and exercise and all kinds of things. Then the American Institute for Cancer Research decided what do we do with the people who have already been diagnosed with cancer. So they looked at those guidelines for prevention and they said well those guidelines are actually really good for living beyond cancer, to help reduce your risk of it not recurring once you’ve been treated. And so then they looked at the American diet and they said oh boy, number one killer in the United States is heart disease, number two is cancer and they are both linked with the diet. So we really need to revamp what the American plate should look like, and so the new American plate two-thirds plant based and one-third animal. The reason is because we know that inflammation is an intricate component to lots of chronic conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer. And what causes inflammation, primarily sugary foods and animal proteins, so I am not telling anybody to become a vegetarian because I don’t want to become a vegetarian but I do lean more towards a plant based diet. So, when you look at your plate two-thirds of it should be covered in plants and one-third animal.

Jim Fried: What about red meat, chicken, fish because I know that my body doesn’t really like red meat anymore.

Dr. Lesley Klein: Well and that’s probably a good thing because we really don’t recommend red meat more than twice a month. It’s pretty hard to digest and it’s pretty inflammatory and red meat includes not only red meat but it also includes pork, veal and lamb. As far as some of the other animal proteins out of all of them, the best anti-inflammatory would be the cold water fish like salmon, tuna, cod, mackerel, herring, sardines but any fish is still going to be better than red meat. It’s recommended if you are going to do eggs it’s probably better to do Omega 3 enriched eggs, for example Egg Lands Best. What they do is they feed the chickens flax seed and now the chicken produces an egg that’s got more of a heart healthy fat and less cholesterol. Chicken without the skin is fine. And like I said, red meat we really don’t recommend more than twice a month, but all of those animal proteins real should only be about a four ounce portion on your plate. That’s about the size of a deck of cards.

Jim Fried: Oh wow!

Dr. Lesley Klein: Fill the rest of the plate with your whole grains and your fruits and your vegetables.

Jim Fried: Well I know my wife is listening to this. I know that she buys, you know, all that really nice fish and she serves me just about the way you’re talking. But, what about people who can’t afford the KIND of diet that you’re talking about because we got to face it the fish you mention, that stuff is not cheap.

Dr. Lesley Klein: And you are correct and so like I said it’s not just the fish but the eggs are still a good source of protein, chicken is still fine, and then you have to look at other protein sources so for instance the plant proteins. If you eat legumes, which are your beans, your lentils, you know you could eat beans and I would call it brown rice because that’s going to be a better choice than white rice, but that’s a really hearty side dish that’s going to keep you full and give you a plant protein. Or maybe you’ve eaten lunch, that’s a noon and dinner is not until 7:00 and you’re thinking oh my God I’m so hungry it’s 3:30 I need a snack. What about some hummus because the hummus is the garbanzo beans, so now you take that hummus and there is some more plant protein but instead of using pita chips, which is just a whole bunch of carbs, why not take some baby carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers and use those as the dipper where you are winding up getting more of your vegetables that are going to be lower in calorie to help bring you back to a more ideal body weight.

Jim Fried: You know it sounds great and talking about ideal body weight I’m coming off of an injury so I know I need to get back to my ideal body weight. When people ask me when am I going to lose weight? I point to my mouth and go I’m going to shut this. Now it sounds to me like It seems like that isn’t necessarily the best way to go is it?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Well you don’t want to skip meals. Part of the problem is that we have this all or nothing KIND of thinking. We are either on a diet or off a diet. We exercise seven days a week and then the first day we miss it we don’t go back to it for another three months. So, what you have to do is tell yourself you’re never going to be perfect and don’t expect yourself to be perfect but you want to make better choices more often. For instance, if you are trying to eat better and lets say you are really somebody who is into the red meat and you say I eat red meat five days a week. Well my suggestion is well how about start working at getting it down to twice a week and that’s three times better than what you were doing before and that’s going to make a difference overall, and then eventually you get down to once a week and then after a while you really don’t miss it that much because you’ve made some other substitutions in place of those meals and you’re down to the recommendations of twice a month.

Jim Fried: Now we talked about what to eat, how about drinking? What about drinking, it seems like you’re going to tell me no soft drinks obviously, no real big sugar beverages, what should people focus on?

Dr. Lesley Klein: When it comes to drinking yeah the majority would be great if it was water because you want to stay hydrated and actually 50% of the time we mistake thirst for hunger. So, if you are trying to get down to that ideal body weight and you’ve already eaten a meal and now you’re thinking about well what should I eat, it’s very possible that you’re really thirsty and you’re not recognizing it. So, I always suggest drink a glass of water first, if that doesn’t satisfy you then go ahead and find a nice healthy snack that you can eat.

Jim Fried: Now isn’t when somebody is tired, isn’t that also because they may be dehydrated?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Sure, and you know people say I don’t like the taste of water. You can buy, it’s an infuser. It’s a bottle that has like a cylinder in the middle and you can take some fresh fruit. So, we are not asking for you to sit there and drink fruit juice but if you put the fruit in the cylinder then some of the juices from that fruit will infuse into the water, just enough to give it a flavor so that it may be a little bit more palatable than drinking just plain old water.

Jim Fried: Those are some good ideas. Where do people go to find good ideas like this? Is there like a place that they can do, some books you recommend, websites, stuff like that?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Well American Dietetic Association and of course they changed the name but I’m too old to remember what it is, it’s been the American Dietetic Association forever but it’s the American Academy of I don’t know.

Jim Fried: Oh that sounds really important, the American Academy of I don’t know. I’m going there right now to find out everything.

Dr. Lesley Klein: Exactly and I’m sure any other registered dietitian is probably cringing if they are listening to this right now.

Jim Fried: Well lets make it easier then. Is there an email where someone can connect with you on email or maybe call you guys up at the hospital? How do they get a hold of you?

Dr. Lesley Klein: Absolutely. Oh you can get a hold of me here, my email address is

Jim Fried: Well Dr. Lesley Klein I want to thank you. I can only say that putting up with Ashwin Mehta, Dr. Patton and the rest of my friends over at the Sylvester Cancer Care Center. God Bless you!

Dr. Lesley Klein: Well I love both of those, the two that I love the most.

Jim Fried: Well that’s…You better.

Dr. Lesley Klein: I rode with both of them in the DCC this week.

Jim Fried: That’s what I was going to ask. I got one more minute left so tell me a little bit about DCC ride. Remember we only got a few seconds left. GO!

Dr. Lesley Klein: I rode both days. I rode the 104 on Saturday and I didn’t quite get the 70 on Sunday but did 60 instead but it was amazing. All of the money, 100% of it, goes to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center for research. We need to find a cure for this horrible thing that we are calling cancer. I’ve lost too many people to it. I’ve been doing oncology nutrition for over 24 years and I am passionate about that.

Jim Fried: Well gosh doctor God bless you. God Bless all the riders and I want to say just one thing, is that they can still donate at, so get off your tush, get on the computer, get your credit card out and give something, give a donation to fight cancer at I want to thank everybody at UHealth for being on the show. Doctor, thanks for joining us today.

Dr. Lesley Klein: Thanks for having me today.

Jim Fried: Oh my pleasure. Boy, I love her. We are going to have her back. D take it away. Take it back and man we’ve got my favorite segment coming up. We’ve got the start of Marlin season right around the corner. We’re going to dive right in with Matt Britten right after this.

[Commercial break]

Jim Fried: Alright we’re back. I’m going to dive right in. I want to thank Boris [47: 05 unsure of spelling] for setting all this up and sending me the Miami Marlins theme music so I can personally play this stuff in my car and get cranked up. We’ve got Matt Britten. Matt’s entering his 13th season with the Marlins, his sixth as the Director of Marketing. Oh my God Matt I can’t even talk I’m so excited. Bring him on lets go D. Bring it on Matt what’s happening?

Matt Britten: Yeah you’re officially ready aren’t you?

Jim Fried: Oh man I was born ready man, I was born ready. Usually back in the day I’d sit in the front row ready to ask my questions, I must say I was the first person to ask a question at the Fan Fest when they opened the ballpark.

Matt Britten: I remember. I’ve been there for quite a few of those and I can remember you were always at the front of the line.

Jim Fried: Thank you so much Matt and thank you for letting me be there too. I want to thank again Boris for putting all this together. You know Matt people are coming up to me and they are going, can they go to a Marlins game with me? A lot of them haven’t been there, what have they been missing?

Matt Britten: They have been missing a lot. The core of this team has been coming together for quite a few years and it’s been really exciting to see. You know this past off season here we made some other moves, you know, some a little more flashy and you know got a little more attention nationally like with the signing of Ichiro for instance. There’s guys like Aaron Crow even in free agency and Michael Morris and Mat Latos, I mean guys that, you know, were significant upgrades in positions where maybe we were lacking a little bit. I mean I honestly have to tell you, I mean this is my 13th season now and I don’t know if I’ve seen this complete of a team in my time here. It’s a long way to go. You’ve got to play 162 games, you need guys to stay healthy. You need guys to perform. We could use Jose Fernandez coming back around the All Star break hopefully. So, it’s a long way to go but I mean going into spring training I feel really good about this group of guys and so far they’ve been a lot of fun to work with.

Jim Fried: Now I want to talk for a minute about the warmup that’s coming up this week but I want to make sure we leave enough time because something hit my mailbox today Baseball to Business. I got to talk about that because this was designed for me. Talk to me about what’s going on a week from Saturday.

Matt Britten: Yeah, our annual Marlins week kicks off this weekend with Coconut Arts Festival. We’re going to have some players out there and some kids participating in an art contest. That will be on Sunday afternoon. Then we go to the Florida Panthers game that night with some of our guys who are big hockey fans, so they’ll be running around the BBT Center and then that KIND of kick starts our whole week. I think we have like 38 events over seven days where the entire 40 man roster is going to be in town at various points. We’ve got our annual Jack McKeon Golf Classic and that’s going to be at Crandon Park on Wednesday. Our first ever Taste of Miami event, which is going to be KIND of cool, players and fans competing with, you know, celebrity chefs and cooking up all kinds of culinary favorites and stuff, so that’s going to be on Friday night, a week from now the 20th. The 21st is the big event, that’s KIND of what it all culminates into and that’s our annual Winter Warmup here at the Marlins park. It’s from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It’s free so bring the family, bring friends, bring colleagues. I mean you’re going to want to come out and check it out. It’s just a full day of fun. You can select your seats for the season. You can pick out seats for full season plans, half season plans, 20 game plans, single game tickets go on sale at 10:00 a.m. The schedule looks great this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re playing the Yankees, we’re playing the Red Sox this year. Opening day is on April 6th against the Braves. Baltimore Orioles, division champs, come in. The schedule sets up really nice this year so even if you’re looking to get in on a few games or a mini plan this is going to be the event you’re going to want to come out and check out. All the players are going to be here signing autographs, selfie stations. Kids can run the bases during the day, take photos in the dugouts. It’s just a full day of fun and the best part it’s all free.

Jim Fried: Oh man I’m cutting class to go there. I work every Saturday and I’m not going, I’m going there. Don’t tell the boss.

Matt Britten: Well get you a doctor’s note so you can sneak out there Jim.

Jim Fried: Thank you. Yeah I’ll go to the UHealth facility up in the corner and we’ll have Dr. Kaplan will be in there giving me doctor’s notes to go back to class. Tell about this Baseball to Business because I just printed it out and I was reading it before you came in. This sounds like a great idea.

Matt Britten: Yeah well a good buddy of mine, Tommy Knapp, you know, has been around South Florida and sports marketing industry for quite a few years and we were really pleased…I was personally pleased to have Tommy come on board with our Sales and Service Department this year. Tommy’s really sole job is, I mean he’s got a long really cool title but he’s KIND of a dot connector so to speak, so Tommy is running our Baseball to Business Program. The whole idea was to take something that we’re already doing I mean, you know, a lot of season ticket holders either purchase season tickets for their business and for client hospitality or they are small business owners or mid size business owners themselves and they are using the tickets for themselves. So, the thought was lets really dive deep into this and find out which season ticket holders, you know current and new, would be interested in KIND of getting together and meeting other season ticket holders and maybe see how their businesses can KIND of work off of each other. It is something that he had success with in the past as a business model and other clubs are certainly doing it, so we just wanted to get on board with that and make sure that our folks are KIND of getting to know each other. If the Marlins can KIND of help a couple businesses get together and help each other out we want to make sure we’re doing that.

Jim Fried: Listen, I think it’s a great idea and here’s a shameless plug. We’ve only got about a minute left. The shameless plug is I love when I got to my suit nights. I have suite nights four, five, six times a year and I bring different Infinity groups. One night it’s all people I know and one night it’s all families. It’s just amazing. People don’t know how fabulous it is when you get those big suites and I got to tell you usually we get a baseball that comes up there. It’s always when everybody has left except for the young kids. So, how do people get involved with that too?

Matt Britten: Oh absolutely. The whole landscape has changed now with how you can get into suites now. Even if you’re a couple and you want to buy a couple suite tickets for your family or for your business, I mean you don’t have the burden anymore of buying a suite for 81 games if you don’t need it. I mean now you can buy a couple season tickets into one of our championship or party suites. You get all the amenities, you know, everything is catered and you get to meet some people that are just fans of the Marlins. It’s really a cool way…There’s several ways that you can get involved and go through KIND of suite hospitality side of the business. So absolutely, give us a call at 1-877-MARLINS is the easiest way to get in or go to If you go 2015 tickets that’s going to have all your information, pricing, seating categories, everything that you need to know for 2015.

Jim Fried: Matt you’ve got to come back because you don’t talk fast enough. We got to get you here and go back and forth on baseball. I want to thank Matt Britten for coming down and talking Marlins baseball and getting me all fired up. Thank you Matt.

Matt Britten: Alright thanks Jim, thanks for having me.

Jim Fried: My pleasure. You know we had a great sponsor KIND joined us. We talked with them today. South Florida Business and Wealth, the CCIMs, UHealth, the NFL alumni, the Dolphins. You heard the Miami Marlins are back. Aztec Group, Bergstrom Center, Lauren’s Kids. Hey follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Remember this is not a rehearsal. This is your life. The person who wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now go out there and make it happen. I’m out of here.



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