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Innovations in the Business of Baseball, Walking for Wellness, Some of Jim’s Favorite Terms

Episode 270: 06-26-14

Innovations in the Business of Baseball

Alex Buznego is Director of Business and Digital Innovation for the Miami Marlins.

Buznego begins his third season with the Marlins. He joined the organization in January of 2012 as Manager of Digital and Social Media, the first corporate hire in the realm of digital marketing. Buznego oversees the Marlins digital marketing strategy, where he explores how to use evolving technologies to deepen connections with fans. Further, in his role, Alex serves to identify ways to innovate business strategy.

He received his bachelor’s in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and his master’s in Business Administration from the University of Miami.

Born and raised in Miami, Buznego serves at a board level with Roots of Hope and Switchboard of Miami and was a member of Class VII of The Miami Foundation’s Miami Fellows program.

We discuss innovations in the business of baseball.


Walking for Wellness

Our special UHealth guest is Dr. Scott Brown. Ph.D, a researcher from UM’s Department of Health Sciences, who will be discussing a just-released study on walking.

Dr. Brown’s research examines the role of neighborhood conditions – including the built (physical) environment and social environment – in residents’ behaviors and health. For the past seven years, he has been the Project Director of a study funded by the National Institute on Aging, which examines the relationship of the built environment to Hispanic elders’ social behaviors and their cognitive, affective, and physical functioning.

Dr. Brown has a general interest in the impacts of neighborhood physical and social environments on residents’ health and well-being across the lifespan.

We discuss walking for wellness.

A Straight Shot of Jim

Jim takes a segment to talk about phrases he loves, including:

  • Take Away Close
  • Investor Boxes
  • Cash-flowing Land Bank
  • Make a Business Decision
  • Infotainment
  • Transactional Energy
  • Business Amnesia

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