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Impact of Concussions, Avoid a Holiday DUI, Driving a Lamborghini

Episode 348: 12-24-15

On this week’s show, we sit with two Uhealth special guests and discuss the impact of concussions – A MUST LISTEN. Larry Zinn shares on luxury cars and what it’s like to drive a Lamborghini, plus Jonathan Blecher walks us through what to do if you get pulled over for a DUI.

Impact of Concussions

Gillian Hotz, Ph.D., is the director of the concussion program and Kids Neuroscience Center at UHealth – University of Miami Health System.

Michael Hoffer, M.D., is director of the UHealth Department of Otolaryngology’s Vestibular and Balance Program.

We discuss all aspects of this important issue, including a detailed discussion of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) – its causes, impacts and how to address concerns about it. This is a MUST LISTEN for all.

Driving a Lamborghini

Larry Zinn of Warren Henry Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar discusses the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and Infiniti Q50. We will also talk about his new Lamborghini store.

We discuss what it is like to drive a Lamborghini.

Avoid a Holiday DUI

Jonathan Blecher is a criminal defense and DUI attorney based in Miami. He has defended more than 3,000 DUI and suspended license cases since 1982, as well as thousands of criminal cases. He is recognized as one of the Top 100 criminal trial lawyers in Florida and is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. As we do each year at this time, we discuss DUI defense and what to do if you get pulled over.

Episode 348: 12-24-15   (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)



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