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Hot New Cars for 2016, Cyber Security Tips for Business

Episode 334: 09-17-15

On this week’s show we talk hot new cars for 2016 with Larry Zinn and cyber security tips for business with CEO of Aegis FS, Jim Angleton.

Hot New Cars for 2016

Larry Zinn, general manager of Warren Henry Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar, talks about the new Land Rover Discovery Sport and the new Infiniti Q50 and hot new cars for 2016.

Cyber Security Tips for Business

Jim Angleton, CEO of Aegis FS, discusses the future of the cashless society and the Bitcoin concept – with some cyber security tips tossed in for good measure.

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Jim Fried: We are back. We’ve got a great edition of Fried on Business. If you didn’t hear the fed delayed the increase in interest rates, they’re looking at the deteriorating global situation and the stock market went down a little. We’re going to talk with Larry Zinn today. We’re going to talk about hot cars, hot deals and a little bit the ways that Larry is going to help you make your life easier. Then we’re going to talk to Jim Angleton. Jim is the chairman of Aegis FS. What they do is prevent cyber intrusions into your banking and financial networks. We’ll talk to Jim about cyber security, Bitcoin, hacking, the dark web, all the really cool stuff. So stick with us, it’s going to be an awesome show, D’s last show. Make it good, D!

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Jim Fried: We are back. Everybody, stay in your lane. Do not hydroplane. Be safe out there in the rain. I hope you were taping that. My God, that was good. Alright, Larry? Larry Zinn, he’s the General Manager of Warren Henry Automotive Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar. You need a car? This guy has got it. In fact, I’ll rephrase it: He’s got your vehicle, he’s got your lifestyle. Larry, what’s happening?

Larry Zinn: Hey, Jim, how is it going?

Jim Fried: I’m a little bit fired up today, Larry. It’s D’s last day. Last week it was the 6th anniversary. We’re cooking like hot grease today. How about you?

Larry Zinn: Everything’s good. It’s exciting to be on the anniversary show. Thanks for the invite.

Jim Fried: Listen, it’s our absolute pleasure. We love you and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you and our friends at Warren Henry Automotive and the great cars you provide to my family and friends. D’s given me the high five back there for that actually.

Larry Zinn: High five to D.

Jim Fried: Alright. Now, Larry, I’ve been watching sports this weekend, what a surprise. And something caught my eye. There’s this Jaguar that’s doing the loops. How do I get one of those?

Larry Zinn: You can always come in and say it to me, that would be the easiest way.

Jim Fried: Soft pitch there, soft ball underhand there. But which one is that? And does it really do that?

Larry Zinn: You definitely could. That would be Jaguar XFR in that commercial but interestingly enough, we actually have a new version of that car coming out next month.

Jim Fried: Really?

Larry Zinn: It’s completely redesigned bottom-up.

Jim Fried: Is it something for a 54-year old real estate stud to drive?

Larry Zinn: I would think so.

Jim Fried: Well, I’ve got to come out and check that out. If I do – I’m not sure how much time I have left on my Infiniti, so I may just have to wait just a few more months until I get it – but it sounds to me like that’s the car I might want. Larry, you’ve got other stuff that’s coming out. We touted it. We talk about some of the new cars and some of the hot deals. So you’ve got the XF coming out within about a month. When is the XE expected?

Larry Zinn: The XE should be in around March and that’s going to be a really interesting car for us. That’s going to be Jaguar’s entry into the three series level of vehicles of $38,000 starting price on that car. I just got back actually from New Orleans driving a car around the race track. It is absolutely phenomenal, very luxurious and I think that’s really great step for the Jaguar brand in general.

Jim Fried: All I got to ask about that is how do I get your job to get to all these driving around things. I’ve got an XF and an XE. The XF is more the sporty big boy car and the XE is sort of the entry into the Jaguar because I always wanted to have a Jaguar but I just couldn’t reach to the 60. Now I got a 30?

Larry Zinn: Yeah. Basically, the XE is going to be our entry into the Jaguar brand, the XF is the next level up and then actually coming in the summer time we have Jaguar’s first SUV.

Jim Fried: Wait a minute. An SUV? Now I’ve seen other people trying to enter that market. Jaguar is entering it. Will this be a performance car?

Larry Zinn: It will be. The high performance SUV known as the F Pace actually is just released. The other day it is to be public. And it should have a starting price of around $43,000. Absolutely a beautiful car too. Actually, Vivian tagged me on Facebook and told me this will be her next car so watch out, Jim.

Jim Fried: That’s okay. My pocketbook is fat this week so Vivian can have whatever she wants. She can have whatever she wants whenever she wants and she kind of knows that. That’s my soft spot there, that’s my lady. I love her very much. Now, Larry, we’ve got my wife in this new SUV from Jaguar, we’ve got me in the new fancy Jaguar XF. What else you got coming up from Jaguar or really some hot items coming from Infiniti?

Larry Zinn: We’ve got some new product coming with Infiniti as well. It should be in the January-March range. We still don’t have an official time frame yet. But we’re going to get the Infiniti Q30 and the QX30. That will actually be the entry into the Infiniti line-up. It’s a small sedan and a small SUV, I guess more of a crossover that an SUV. And it should hopefully start around the $30,000 range. Really nice-looking cars as well and should definitely bring a whole new customer to the Infiniti brand which are really exited about..

Jim Fried: Listen, I under the Infiniti brand in my early 30s I got a M30 convertible. Whenever we used to talk about this, we say ”This is the car God drives”. It was just amazing. I put a 120,000 miles, drove it until it puked. And then I’ve been in one of your products obviously ever since then too. I just love the Infinitis and the fact that they’re bringing out this $30,000 range model for entry level, people need to check this out because that’s going to be the best value on the road. That’s not just because I love it, it’s because I know it.

Larry Zinn: Absolutely. You can drive an Infiniti for a long time. You know what kind of value they provide.

Jim Fried: Now, there is a new thing that you guys started that I guess we’re going to start to have to add to our copy. We’re going to have to talk to the copywriters about this. But somebody delivered my car to me wearing a red cap the other day. What’s with that?

Larry Zinn: We are doing everything we can to be more convenient for our customers. And what takes more time out of your day than having to go to the dealership, drop off, talk? So what we’d like to do is we’ll pick up your car now and drop it off to you through a company called RedCap that we partnered up with. If you haven’t heard of RedCap, it’s an on-demand driver service. So at any given time basically, as soon as you’re ready to bring the vehicle in for your appointment, RedCap will come and pick it up from your home or office, whatever is the easiest, drop off a loaner car to you and then when your vehicle is finished in the shop, they’ll bring it right back to your home or office or wherever you’d like. On top of that, now we’re exploring a membership option as well for our customers to add that to the advantage. It’ll be another perk of buying from the Warren Henry Auto Group as that you will get a year of complementary membership for the RedCap service.

Jim Fried: I need my copy updated. We’ll talk about that later. But the point that I really want to make here is that I was talking to Vivian, my wife, just the other day and I’m going: ”Honey, at a certain point I’m going to have to give up driving at least once in a while like touring from the show or if I’m late for appointment or if traffic is really insane and I’m just getting what I call pre-traumatic stress syndrome by simply watching 995 out of my..”. It sounds like you’ve got a solution.

Larry Zinn: Let’s say you went out on the weekend, right? You went to a wedding. And you didn’t want to drive back from that wedding. But what’s less comfortable than going in a taxi or even Uber. I’ve had some pretty awful experiences. This gives you an opportunity to get back to your own vehicle and have somebody drive you home in your car. So when you get back in the morning you get nothing to worry about and you know you’re going to get there safe.

Jim Fried: This is my dream, Larry. How do people get more information about this offer. It’s on your website, I’ve got to assume there’s at least a link?

Larry Zinn: Yeah, actually, you can get information off of our website at You can look up RedCap as well but this is something that we’re just about to launch as far as the membership service. And we’ve been running this pick up and drop off service for a few months now at the Infiniti store and just started with our Land Rover locations. And it’s been pretty great so far. People really seem to like it. It makes everything much more convenient.

Jim Fried: Listen, convenience in customer service and being part of the Warren Henry family of dealerships and I know that the you at Warren really get solicited a lot about some of these add-ons and as the industry expands I got to believe your phone doesn’t stop ringing. But as a member of the family and the consumer of your services I just love these add-ons, I must tell you. It’s that the other day I kissed the curb and scraped wheel things, how do you call those things? Hubcaps.

Larry Zinn: You don’t have hubcaps on your car, come on.

Jim Fried: What do I have? What are those things called?

Larry Zinn: You’ve got wheels on your car. They are wheels.

Jim Fried: I scraped the wheel thing.

Larry Zinn: We haven’t had hubcaps since the ’70s.

Jim Fried: Okay, fine. D just can’t stop it. D, I’m a thousand years old.

Larry Zinn: So you scraped your wheel?

Jim Fried: I scraped my wheel and I got OPO and then I remembered that the F&I guy did something for me. He put me in the Repair your Wheels scrape thing that you guys have. I mean it’s just unbelievable. The stuff just doesn’t stop.

Larry Zinn: I’m glad that came in handy for you.

Jim Fried: I’m a perfectionist as my wife said.

Larry Zinn: That kind of thing goes with the value when you’re looking at it from above but everybody scratches their wheels, everybody gets dens in parking lots.

Jim Fried: They lose their keys. S**t happens. I love the fact that you’re thinking ahead on all this stuff. I’ve got to ask you, what did I want to ask you? I had something coming up. It’ll come back to me later. Let’s talk about something else for a second. You’re real close to what’s going to soon become the center of my universe again, Larry. We’re talking where do Dolphins play. Is that Sunlife Stadium still, D? That’s Sunlife, right? Larry, I’ve been to the stadium during their warm-up, during their third pre-season game. Were you there yet?

Larry Zinn: I have not been yet. I’m looking forward to next weekend.

Jim Fried: I’m all excited about all that. I’m doing a double header, I’m going to do the Gator game and I’m going to come back down because this is a 4 o’clock game. I’m going to go to this game, it’s going to be awesome. I’ll be at my friend’s suite so I’ll be waving at you. I’m on like 20 on the south side so I’ll be waving at you on the 50. You’re on the north side on the 50. You lucky dog, aren’t you?

Larry Zinn: We’re close to there but you got to come by and have a bear with me.

Jim Fried: Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss the opportunity, I’m going to bring some of my friends too because they’re going to need, you know it, new cars. And I’m going to make sure they get the Warren Henry Advantage too and D, it’s D’s last day today and I said: ”D, at least you got something out of this”. D, what did you get out of this?

D: I got an LR 4.

Jim Fried: What is that?

D: Land Rover.

Jim Fried: Warren Henry vehicle, huh?

D: Oh yeah.

Jim Fried: Oh yeah, you got D to talk on the show. That never happens. Now, Larry, I did remember what I wanted to talk about, then I forgot it again, but now I remember again. Then I forgot again. But what I really want to talk about is with these Jaguars coming in and with the Infinitis coming in, my real question is: Are these readily available? Because I know a young man, he bought one of your, I don’t know which one, the model of the Range Rover. I had to wait a month. Are these going to be readily available?

Larry Zinn: The Jaguar should be readily available. That’s what we’re hoping for. The same thing is with the Infinitis. As far as the production goes we expect it to be pretty strong and to come out with a bang.

Jim Fried: That’s awesome. Listen, D just gave me the finger but what that really means in radio is that I only have about a minute left. I’d love to keep kicking it around. Can you stick with me for another round?

Larry Zinn: Sure.

Jim Fried: Awesome! Okay, we’re going to be right back celebrating our 6th anniversary with Larry Zinn from Warren Henry, the main man, the guy that keeps the stuff going. Larry, we’ll be right back. We’re going to talk more hot cars, hot deals and cool stuff right after this with my friend and your friend Larry Zinn.

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Jim Fried: We are back and we are back with my favorite third-generation car dealer Larry Zinn, GM head guy at Warren Henry Automotive Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar. They’re exceptional cars, you know the commercial, I read it 26 times each show because I believe in these guys. Larry, welcome back.

Larry Zinn: Thank you for having me.

Jim Fried: It’s my absolute pleasure. Listen, we were talking about some of these hot new Jaguars that are coming out. Tell me a little bit more about the XF since that’s the car I’m getting next round unless of course Infiniti comes out with something that’s smoking or something else happens but this is the one my wife has me pencil-thin for. Tell me a little bit more about it.

Larry Zinn: The Jaguar XF has been around for a little while. So it’s been due for a fresh upgrade. This is a totally brand new aluminum architecture so the vehicle is lighter, it’s faster, it’s more fuel-efficient, and looks absolutely stunning. I’m excited for you to see it, Jim.

Jim Fried: Talk dirty to me, Larry, talk dirty to me. Talk about the engine for a minute, talk about the engine. Talk about the way my hair goes when I hit the accelerator.

Larry Zinn: Right now there’s going to be two different variants of V6 available and four cylinder as well.

Jim Fried: We’ll talk about the V6 because we’re all into spending gas on this show.

Larry Zinn: Yeah, why not? Actually, a really interesting quick change of topic. We just started getting our first diesel Range Rover.

Jim Fried: Let’s talk about that for a minute. What’s up with that?

Larry Zinn: That’s pretty cool. You can get 28 miles per gallon now on a full size Range Rover. Pretty close to 30 on a sport now with a diesel. I drove the car the other day. It’s not like the diesels I used to drive where they smell really bad and they make a lot of noise. It’s quiet, you’ll never tell a difference and a ton of torque.

Jim Fried: So what you’re telling me is that these diesel Range Rovers are great for – I got to just say it – pulling something.

Larry Zinn: Absolutely.

Jim Fried: That’s great.

Larry Zinn: Pulling something, doing off-road, you name it.

Jim Fried: Listen, when do we have a next Range Rover off-road event? I know they’re building on a deal that I sold Gables up in Aventura. You’re planning another one of these off-road things? I still, by the way, have my shirt. I love that shirt, Larry.

Larry Zinn: We’d love to have one sometime soon but as of right now there’s nothing on the book.

Jim Fried: Alright. Well, maybe at the end of the Dolphins Superbowl season they’ll let you go on the parking lot and put a couple of little things in there and go up and down over there.

Larry Zinn: That’s not a bad idea. It’s something we can always look into.

Jim Fried: It’s something we can always dream about but I’m telling you, the same to you it’s coming, I’m feeling it. The XE is coming in March. That’s the crossover or that’s the entry level one? Which one is that?

Larry Zinn: The XE is going to be the entry into the Jaguar brand.

Jim Fried: So what makes that special compared to the entry level in something else except that it’s a Jaguar?

Larry Zinn: First off, the value that the car is going to come with, the equipment that is coming with standards as compared to the competitors. It’s going to far exceed it. On top of that, Jaguar has just announced that that car is going to come with complementary scheduled maintenance as well. And that’s a really big deal.

Jim Fried: Sounds like I got a new car on my horizon for my mom there. That sounds like perfect thing for my mom, little old lady who likes to drive back and forth to the store not too fast. But fast enough. So that’s the F Pace, that’s what you’re calling it?

Larry Zinn: The F Pace is going to be the SUV, yes.

Jim Fried: Okay, so that’s the one that my wife has her eye on. My little wife. You’re getting her off the Range Rover and getting her over here to Jaguar now?

Larry Zinn: Absolutely.

Jim Fried: What’s the difference here? What’s the big thing here on the Jaguar SUV? Tell me a little bit about what’s going to really set that one apart.

Larry Zinn: Well, it’s something brand new that we’ve never had anything like this with Jaguar. The car is going to be performance-oriented and I’ve had the opportunity fortunately to see the car in person. And it is gorgeous. It’s an absolutely stunning SUV. I don’t know if you’re googleing it right now or what you’re doing over there but if you’re not looking at it, you should be.

Jim Fried: It is, it’s automotive porn. But I don’t want you to tell people what I look at here for pornography. I got real estate porn, I got automotive porn but that’s about it. I don’t really go of the top other than that. I got a beautiful wife and I love her very much. The Infiniti now Q30, QX30, what’s with the X? What does that mean?

Larry Zinn: The X is on the SUV. Whenever we have an X in the name, that means an SUV.

Jim Fried: Okay. And again, so the one that went through the loop that I’ve seen on a football game? That’s the XF, right?

Larry Zinn: That’s correct.

Jim Fried: Does that come at the convertible?

Larry Zinn: That does not come at the convertible right now. The only convertible we have available is the Jaguar F-Type.

Jim Fried: That’s smokes too, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it just rock it?

Larry Zinn: Oh yeah, the thing is a rocket, Jim. Remember, you actually drove one of those.

Jim Fried: Yes, I know, but I didn’t have enough time driving it because Peter grabbed the keys. He always does that to me. He always shorts me on my test drive. He grabs the keys, he goes: ”Jim, you know what the car is like, let me drive it back”. And I go: ”Peter, dude, you drive a loaner and all by the way, not that well”.
Larry Zinn: That’s for sure.

Jim Fried: So, what’s he denting up these days?

Larry Zinn: Right now, I think a rental car.

Jim Fried: Good for you. Finally, you got him off of the corporate thing there. I guess your insurance must have been going crazy. We’ve talked about Infiniti, we’ve talked about Jaguar, we’ve talked about the Range Rover diesel line coming in but I really do want to talk about the new, smaller SUV that the young guy in my office got. It’s absolutely beautiful and I know that he’s very conservative from a financial standpoint and I was amazed that he went for a Range Rover which to me means that’s a value car.

Larry Zinn: The Discovery Sport is a very different car than we’ve ever had before. It starts about $38,000. It actually seats seven people.

Jim Fried: Seven people get in there?

Larry Zinn: Absolutely. There’s the third row available on that car. It’s the only car in that segment that has the third row available. The packaging on that car is really nice. As far as the setup goes, the overall utility of the car I guess is different than anything that we have and really comes up to be at great value.

Jim Fried: There you go. I was going to end it up there because I know that the guy is all about value. I know that that’s the focus of everything he does, he always wants to come and brag: ”Look what I got, look at the price I’ve got”. And when he said he got that, I knew I was going to have to talk to you about how that was as far as being a value play for him. And I just want to go back for just a second. Let’s say I bought a new car, it was on order from Land Rover, Range Rover, it came in, I’m working hard, I’m down in Coconut Grove. Can RedCap deliver my new car to me?

Larry Zinn: Actually, I prefer that your salesperson delivered your new car to you. But once he’s finished doing that, any of your other needs can be handled by RedCap.

Jim Fried: Okay, and I got to give you a high five because that’s exactly what happened on my car and I forgot about that is that the young man that sold me the car, I forget his name, it wasn’t Frank this time.

Larry Zinn: Did you work with Leo?

Jim Fried: I’m not sure, I don’t know. But whoever was was top of the line and everybody was on top of your board that month. He was terrific. And of course I work with Ismet who made sure that whatever smoking mirrors he represented actually really did occur. And your F&I guys are terrific. I think I actually read an article or saw a video or some kind of thing about the new F&I guy at Land Rover and Range Rover and he talked about a career path. Let’s talk about that for a minute. Because somebody can come to work out of high school or out of junior college or dropped out a four-year college; they can go to work for you and they can make six figures and they can drive a nice car and they can have insurance and beyond that, they can have a future. Is that right?

Larry Zinn: Absolutely. We actually look for people to come and who have no experience in the industry. That’s the way that we prefer it. And fortunately, we’ve had a lot of success with that. Something that now has become really the rule for us instead of the exception so when we’re looking for new people to bring in, for most positions we’re looking for people who’ve never done it before.

Jim Fried: That absolutely sounds like a great place to start your career. Larry, if somebody is looking to start a career, how do they find you guys? If somebody is looking to buy or lease a car, how do they find you guys?
Larry Zinn: They can reach us at, find us on any of the social medias at @warrenhenryauto or reach us at 305-690-6006.

Jim Fried: Larry, it’s our 6th anniversary week. I wanted to thank you personally so much for supporting the show, for allowing us to get our good, positive energy business stuff out there and for giving you a platform to reach out to the community and express your personality that same way you do in Larry’s Rides. I love those videos, man.

Larry Zinn: Jim, I appreciate the opportunity to be on the show tonight. Congratulations on your sixth year and looking forward to many more shows.

Jim Fried: I can’t wait to share a bear at the Sunlife Stadium as the Dolphins kick booty in a couple of weeks. Larry Zinn, GM manager, king bottle washer, the man at Warren Henry Automotive. Thanks as always, Larry, for being on the show.

Larry Zinn: Alright, Jim, have a great night.

Jim Fried: You’re the best. We’ll be right back after this with Jim Angleton. Jim promises to be one of our most interesting guests that we’ve had. They’re all interesting but he’s a little different. We’re going to talk about Bitcoin, cyber security, the dark web and all the evil stuff that you don’t see going on behind your monitor on your computer. Back after this!

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Jim Fried: When he says ”I feel nice like sugar and spice we come back and we come back today with my good friend Jim Angleton. Jim, quiet that evil beast down for just a minute! Hey, Jim is calling in from his home. I guess that gave it away. But Jim is the Grand Poobah of Aegis FS. He is an expert in financial services and protection of your data. Jim, welcome to the show.

Jim Angleton: Hey, Jim, how are you doing today? And your 12 million listeners and UHealth I agree, what a great organization. It is great to be part of your radio show today.

Jim Fried: Thank you so much, Jim. Let’s start with a really easy question. You sit on the board of a BB…

Jim Angleton: BBVA Compass Bank.

Jim Fried: Thank you, I can never get the initials right. I think that I got dyslexia. But you sit on the bank, you get the inner workings of what goes on. The fed held the line on rates today. What’s the inside scoop?

Jim Angleton: The real crux is Janet Yellen really can’t do very much. Wall Street put a gun to our head today and basically said: ”We are looking for QE, little more of quantitative easing and she’s thinking she can get a quarter to maybe a half of a basis point rate increase and they basically found a little common ground today, Jim. Your listeners need to know that today was actually a little bit good and little bit bad. Little bit good is that the interest rates are going to stay a little low; the little bit bad – they’re not going to get too much on a CD or money market account. But really and truly, Janet Yellen and the FOMC board, they blinked. That’s all there is to it. And they just don’t have it, the currency’s market is real tight and really and truly, the president just can’t get the speed up so what he’s doing is he’s letting her and the FOMC board hang it out. And today they hung it out. They’re going to set out to the sideline, they’re not going to increase it but we think at the next FOMC board meeting they may just do a little 25 basis point increase. And right that’s probably what the safe bad is.

Jim Fried: Okay. Look, I think that they need some wiggle room. They’re going to need to address the next downturn when it comes and they’re going to have to have their full arsenal and right now their arsenal ain’t too full. Now let’s talk a little bit about the stuff that scares people every single day: that somebody across the world are getting their personal financial information. What can somebody do besides have a fancy password that they’ll never remember so they got to cut and paste it to protect themselves to be cyber secure?

Jim Angleton: That’s a great question, Jim. There’s 12 million listeners of yours.

Jim Fried: 12 million and 1.

Jim Angleton: Sorry, I made a mistake. The bottom line is you’re not safe. And that’s the really bad news. Windows 10 just came out and they have a real-world bus system. Last night Apple introduced the IOS 9. That’s pretty good news but the other side of the equation is: yes, there’s somebody over in China, there’s somebody in Syria, there’s somebody in North Korea or Russia and they’re aiming for you. And what they basically have done is used back doors and those back doors basically means that they’ve gone right into these server systems and they’ve hacked and glommed your information. You had a big insurance company here not too long ago that got hacked. Then you had the OPM where even the government’s employees have been hacked. Their information is all being sold right now this minute on the dark web. And inside that dark web you can buy 1,000, 2,000 complete pieces of information on people and be able to start hacking them, get into their credit cards, get into their bank accounts and what we suggest is that you keep your malware up do date. We suggest that you have at least a 16-digit characterized PIN. We also suggest that you watch your systems, watch your bank accounts every single day. Yes, it’s a pain but at the end of the hour you’ll be a lot safer and you’ll thank brother Fried and his 12 million and 1 listeners can be assured that if you watch your back, constantly make sure that your bank account is not being hit, that your credit is not being obtained. You can walk in today with enough information, walk into Bloomingdale’s, walk into any retailer and then ask to open up an account right then in there and on the spot they’ll give you an account. The good news is, you can dispute it and not be charged for. But the bad news is, you’re going to be out there for a long time with your sell security number, with your date of birth, your personal information being contrasted into new account, old account and you’re compromised all the way around. So what we suggest is be vigilant, be safe and watch your back.

Jim Fried: In talking being vigilant and being safe and watch your back that’s great advice for the average person but a company has to do so much more, don’t they?

Jim Angleton: That’s a great question. At Aegis we have a cyber social media reconnaissance department and many companies like law firms, banks, accounting firms, small businesses, medium-size businesses, they want to know what’s out there. We see them coming. Even disinformation campaign. Jim, do you know that there’s competitors that are out there slandering you using somebody else’s moniker on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube? They’re just coming after you. They’re using disinformation against your company or what they’re doing is they’re coming after you and they’re telling their friends: ”This is the company to hack next”. And at Aegis we see that coming. We warn you, we come in, we help watch your back as they say. The compliance department comes in and make sure that your servers are tight, make sure that your malware is up to date. And so to that point you have to be vigilant. And what what you say, watch what you post and be careful on social media for today.

Jim Fried: Wow! I didn’t even think about the fact that people are going out there and I guess that they’re misrepresenting what’s going on on Twitter and stuff like that. We’ve only got a couple of minutes in this segment. Can you stay and do another segment, Jim, because there’s all kinds of great stuff to talk about?

Jim Angleton: Sure I can. Just let me leave your listeners with one thing though, Jim. You know when you take that great little selfie shot and you put it out there, do you know that somebody is really going to use your picture and create a false ID based on you, walk into store and half the time they don’t even check your report if your face matches what’s on that piece of plastic, they’ll give you instant credit right there on the spot. So be careful folks, be careful with what you put out there.

Jim Fried: What a great message! Up until now I only thought about the way that it can be used with the Lauren’s Kids and the sexual abuse thing. This is abusing a grown-up too, this is amazing! Stick with us. We’re going to have more insights and ideas from Jim Angleton. I’m going to ask him about – and this will give you a chance to think – how do I get on to the dark web and see that little underside of the universe. So stick with us. We’re going to talk about all the things you want to know about the underbelly of the internet right after this. So, D, take it away.

[commercial break]

Jim Fried: We are having a great time. We’re celebrating the 6th year anniversary of the show, D’s last show. We’re going to miss him. But the best part is my guest Jim Angleton. He is the man who knows what’s going on on the other side of your computer. So Jim, tell me, is there really somebody sitting in Chechnya in their underwear trying to figure out what I look like?

Jim Angleton: Maybe not even in their underwear, Jim. And by the way, congratulations! Six years of fabulous talk show, 880, you rock!

Jim Fried: We love you, Jimmy. We’ll get you in here someday. But you probably have to be invisible.

Jim Angleton: Well, the other side of it is that there’s two different kinds of webs that not too many people know about. One is called the ”Dark Web”, the other one is called the ”Deep Web”. And the dark web is where the nefarious is, the guy that’s wearing the trenchcoat, the top hat, the sunglasses and he’s sitting there and he’s glomming your information. He’ll go to a group like Tor where you’re a stealth. You don’t even see them coming after you. Or they’ll go to a little website called Paste Bill and they’ll put their information out there. They’ll go and they’ll buy stolen data that they’ve hacked and glommed from other people. Then what they do is they’ll sit back and they’ll look at you from afar. You don’t even know that this guy that’s sitting in this trenchcoat and using his fedora cap and hat on with his sunglasses is dialing you up and when you get that telephone call, Jim, and you don’t recognize that telephone number, don’t answer the phone. They’re checking you out. They’re seeing if it’s a live real number. They want to know, Jim, if there’s somebody else on the other end of that line and if so they just got your phone number.

Jim Fried: I get those phone calls all the time! The phone rings, it says ”unavailable” or bla bla bla. Thank God I don’t answer that stuff.

Jim Angleton: Don’t ever answer those phones and tell your kids not to answer them either. Even if it says ”unknown caller”, ”no caller ID” or if it’s somebody’s number that’s from 602, from Palmdale. It’s a voice internet call. What they’re doing is from their computer they’re dialing your up. They let it ring five, six times. Then what they do is they’ll hand up the phone if you don’t answer. Then they’ll autodial you back 15, 20 minutes later, 30 minutes later. And if you answer the phone, then they just listen for a moment. Sometimes they even take your voice and they use that voice internet protocol to scam you. What you need to do is tell those 12 million one or two of your listeners: Don’t answer the phone. And when you get that phone call on your cell phone, if you have an iPhone or Android, quickly take that number, block it and then never even worry about it again. The other side of midnight you’re getting a call or you’re getting a crazy-looking email and it says it’s from somebody that you know. Don’t open the attachment because it’ll be a virus. Then what they do is they’ll hack you, they’ll change your login number. They’ll change your password, Jim. And then they’re going to say: ”Send me 500 bitcoins” which is about $10,000 ”..and I’ll release the information for you”. That’s called ”ransomware”. And everybody needs to know, be vigilant, watch what you’re doing. When you look at that website, don’t put your name and your address and all your information. Put your first initial, your last initial. They don’t need to really know. Don’t put your cell phone number down. Change your passwords every month. But at that time when your phone rings at 6:00 in the morning or 7:30 at night and you don’t know who it is, don’t pick up the phone. 99% percent of the time it’s a call test. And then they’re sitting, they’re watching your from Syria, North Korea, China, and they just want to know if you’re real and if that you’re able to pick up that phone, they’re going to hack you.

Jim Fried: So, wow, Jim, it sounds to me like unless I’m living in 1984, I really am vulnerable at all times in all places.

Jim Angleton: Everywhere. Even your car, Jim. You have to be careful with what you’re downloading. Your Sirius account, every month, go in there and change your password. Watch what you put inside when you attach your iPhone or your Android to your car. It’s getting all your contact information.

Jim Fried: Yes, it is.

Jim Angleton: It’s getting all of your data.

Jim Fried: Oh my God! I never really thought of that.

Jim Angleton: And then, they’re taking that wonderful lead through Sirius or through any of these other connections, even thought the dealers themselves like Mercedes Benz or BMW or Chevrolet. The bottom line is they’re getting your information. Then what they do is they go right into your cell phone, they got your password, your passcode, and the worst thing that anybody can do is put in their contact information, their bank account number, their password number, thinking that that’s safe. Don’t do that, folks. Get a free app. Go get one of those really nice slick apps that is a vault. That you have to have a 16-, maybe a 20-digit password that safeguards what you have as your vital information. Don’t put your health information in there. Don’t put data that they come after you and use it at the very end. So be careful, folks. They’re after you.

Jim Fried: I’m just typing that I got to call you next week to find out how to get the right app for a vault. You scared the living you know what out of me. I’m sorry, but the thought of all this is just freaking me out. I mean, it’s too much to handle.

Jim Angleton: So like I said before in the last comment, even your selfie picture. They’re going to use that, they’re going to crop it because there’s all kinds of photoshopping tools that are out there and they’re going to get just your face, they’re going to make a really nice-looking ID. And then they’re going to go into Target, they’re going to go into Best Buy, they’re going to go into public for shoppings of pleasure. And they’re going to sit back and they’re going to use that information against you.

Jim Fried: Jim, I got an app on my phone, a gift that just lets me put my face virtually anywhere. I can do that Charles Barkley thing in the diapers, I can put my face on that too. D wants that too. Listen, we’ve only got a couple of minutes left. I’ve got a minute with you. Tell people how to find you or how to protect themselves. Is there a place they can look to get tips like this?

Jim Angleton: Basically, if you go to LinkedIn and just put in Aegis FS, A-E-G-I-S capital F, capital S, you can check us out on LinkedIn. We’re on the internet. Basically, We’re out there for the big guy, the little guy, we just don’t want you get hurt. And the South Floridians, you’re susceptible to getting hurt. We want to make sure you don’t. So, thank you Jim for having us on here today and congratulations again for six years. You’re the best, we love you, UHealth and at Warren Henry. They know who to advertise with and that is with Jim Fried.

Jim Fried: Listen Jim, your $5 is in the mail. I really appreciate it but I really do need to get together with you. I want you to help me become secured and I want you to come on the show and we’re going to document everything we did. You’re the man, Jim. Thank you so much for being part of the team.

Jim Angleton: Thank you, Jim.

Jim Fired: Alright. Hey, listen, I want to thank our guest today, Jim Angleton from Aegis FS. You heard him talking about protecting yourself and before that we had Larry Zinn talking about hot car and the new models and sports and God, that kid is just a ball of energy. I love him. I want to thank our sponsors: KIND Snacks, South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine, the CCIMs, Terek Maddox, you heard Jim mention UHealth and Warren Henry Automotive, two rocks for our show, the NFL Alumni, Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins, Social Media 305, The Aztec Group, Lauren’s Kids, Publix has been on; of course our newest sponsors Magnum Energy Solutions and Engineered Tax Services, the Bergstorm Center for Real Estate Studies.

But of course, it’s our 6th year for only one reason: that’s because of you, our listeners. So go to our Facebook page, like our show, tell your friends, join our communities, Facebook, LinkedIn, @JimFried @FriedOnBusiness, I’m on Facebook, I’ve got LinkedIn, Youtube. He’s giving me the finger which means I only have a minute left. Hit our website if you missed any of the info. Jim Angleton will be up in a few minutes. if you missed today’s show, it’ll be on our website So you can hear all of Jim’s tips on how to protect yourself. This is Jim Fried for Fried on Business. Look for us next week on 880 AM at 6:00. Why? Because I just love doing this. Remember, this is not a rehearsal, this is your life. The person who wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now go out there and make it happen. And I want to say a special thank you to Darren. I’m going to miss you bro.

Darren: Thank you, sir.

Jim Fried: God bless!

Darren: Thank you.



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