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Help During Coronavirus With Manny Johnson

Episode 572: 7.8.20

Manny Johnson is back to further educate us on PPE regulations, which kinds of PPE are actually effective (and which are not), and how to obtain PPE through Viz Wellness Supply to continue protecting yourself and others. He discusses one of the key elements that sets Viz Wellness apart from their competitors and how to help reduce the odds of catching the virus, including important information about the use of cloth masks.

Manny Johnson

VP Sales & Marketing
Manny Johnson is a third-generation farmer, Professional Florida Nurseryman for 30 years and Co-Founder of one of the largest specialties, floral nurseries in the U.S. with facilities in Florida, Germany and China. When medical cannabis became legal, his extensive plant cultivation experience coupled with his educational background in Biochemistry, Medical Microbiology made Mr. Johnson a Subject Matter Expert for medical cannabis in the U.S., Europe and South America. Now, Manny serves as VP of Sales and Marketing for QIZ Wellness Supply, Inc. – providing solutions that help you get back to what you do best.


Episode 572: 7.8.20

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