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Google thinks highly of Fried On Business

So my webmaster, Robert Pitts, emails me the other day. The subject line: “Dude, you are getting ranked!”

What? Me? Ranked? I’m not sure I like that.

Then he says, “I decided to do some random checks on the SEO of the website. You will not believe what I found. Copied below are the search terms I used in Google, followed by the page ranking of your related content.”

Then I write back and say, “English, please.”

And he says, “Oh, sorry. Well, when people search for names like Don Weidenfeld, Jim Angleton, Bruce Turkel or Khalilah Camacho Ali, your website is coming up anywhere from pages 1 to 4 on Google. Thought you’d like to know!”

Oh, I like that. So that’s what it means to be ranked.

Turns out the Fried On Business website is becoming a valuable resource, evidenced by the higher rankings in Google.

It’s due, in part, to Robert’s excellent work with the content. But it’s also due to you, our listeners. If you weren’t visiting the site, Google would never know that it’s worth moving higher in the search results.

So thank you, listeners, for your faithful support. And thank you, Robert Pitts, for helping to make Fried On Business a mainstay in the South Florida business community.



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