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Fried on Tech with Andreas Senie, Clint Lovell and David Perlmutter

Episode 512: 04-04-19

Clint and Andreas are back to talk Fried on Tech. This week, Jim, Clint, and Andreas are joined by David Perlmutter of QuantumListing. David shares his crowd-sourcing real estate listing app and how you can maximize exposure for every property you list. Don’t miss this great new segment!

Andreas Senie

CEO & Founder of CRE Collaborative (, a 2.0 Technology Market Network; Integrating Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Data, and Technology in one simple to use platform. is the industry’s first platform & advisory service that aggregates and connects the disparate data and technology all in one place to help real estate professionals get back to closing real estate. Similar to what Kayak has done for travel, does for commercial real estate. Search one and done.

Clint Lovell

Commercial real estate, finance, operations, development and management consultant; creator of INVIZEN IT, an Asset Care Protection Program.

David Perlmutter

Founder and CEO of Jeomark LLC, parent company of QuantumListing; president of Perlmutter Properties Inc.

Episode 512: 04-04-19

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