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Fried on Tech: CRETech Evolution and AI

Episode 529: 08-01-19

Fried on Tech: CRETech Evolution & AI

Jim Fried and Andreas Senie talk Fried on Tech.  Special guests CRETech movement leader Michael Beckerman discusses whats happened to the world of commercial real estate and where we are going. The Miami Associations 2017 Product of Year Award Recipient, Technology Support Veteran Patrick Wong talks first hand about real world experience during this evolution in commercial real estate. Then Olivia Ramos our newest addition to the Fried on Tech Segment discusses the role AI plays in CRE Tech. 


Andreas has over 10 years experience in all aspects of the professional real estate industry. Andreas has served in leading roles in CRE tech solutions, including, MLS marketing platform, Agile CRM, Tenant Rep, and listing service, TenSource, Capital raising platform, RealConnex, and comprehensive integrated SaaS platform, 500apps. Mr. Senie also has over a decade of experience in brick & mortar real estate development and brokerage, most notably the Senie’s are completing a $70 Million dollar mixed use project in Berlin, Massachusetts. Andreas also founded the first hybrid commercial real estate brokerage firm working within residential brokerage; EAC Properties at The Higgins Group; servicing the tristate with over 400 agents, 15 offices combined, providing landlord representation, tenant representation, and buyer representation.

Andreas holds a Masters Certification in Real Estate Development from Cornell University, studied Business Management at Fairfield University, & Property Management at Drexel University. He continues studies in real estate technology and practices.


Olivia Ramos is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Deepblocks, an artificial intelligence platform consolidating all the tools and processes needed to analyze any real estate project. She is a graduate of all three Singularity University startup programs, GSP, Incubator, and Accelerator, and was the only woman participant in the DARPA Innovation House program. Olivia holds a Master’s of Architecture from Columbia University, a Master’s of Real Estate Development from the University of Miami, a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Florida, and a degree from Design and Architecture Senior High.


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Episode 529: 08-01-19

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