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Fried on Business Episode 25

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First Segment about 5:03 to 5:10
Jim Fried, MBA– President of Sandstone Realty Advisors discusses the receivership process in today’s market.

Second Segment about 5:12 to 5:22
Gregg Wallick – President, CEO and Founder of Best Roofing. Gregg is considered one of the foremost Forensic Roof Specialists in the country. Gregg understands the complex high velocity building code requirements and can design a roof system to achieve your desired results. He has owned and operated roofing companies for over 33 years. Gregg is considered the foremost authority and is the “Go to Guy” for roofing solutions. Gregg is: Former Director of NRCA (National Roofing Association); A member of the Board of Governors of Alliance for Progress; Chairman of the Board of Everglades University; is a teacher & facilitator for the Community Association Management Course – Roofing 101. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration and his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Miami and is a former Captain of the University of Miami Hurricane Football Team. Gregg shares with us what a Forensic Roofing issue is?

Third Segment about 5:25 to 5:30
Dr. Victor Francs, PH. D. –Before moving to Miami 15 years ago, Dr. Victor Francs was the massage therapist and private chef for Jerry Kohlberg of KKR. The last 13 years have been spent on Fisher Island as a massage therapist, trainer and wellness consultant for the captains of industry and finance. Author of AquaBliss: the Zero-Gravity Solution, Dr. Francs is a knowledgeable and clear voice in the jungle of conflicting information regarding your personal health and well-being. He is a Ph.D. in Naturopathic medicine.

Third Segment about 5:30 to 5:40
Rachel Sapoznik –Founder, President and CEO of Sapoznik Insurance in Miami. Sapoznik Insurance is a leading full-service employee benefits insurance agency specializing in the development of cost driven, value added, service oriented solutions for a diverse client base. Rachel discusses the dirty little secrets about health care reform.

Fourth Segment from about 5:42 to 5:52
Jim Fried Licnesed Florida Real estate Broker, Realtor and Mortgage Broker discuss: Some of the success stories he has seen generated by Michael H. Merino , P.A. He alsodiscusses what to do if you think you may have trouble paying your mortgage, what you need to do if you have been served with foreclosure papers.

Editorial: Jim will discuss his thoughts on what the next big issue facing America’s taxpayers – Municipal Pension Funding.



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