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Fried on Business: Derek Thomas discusses Full Spectrum Hemp & Steve Tropea talks Property Taxes

Episode 533: 08-29-19

Full Spectrum Hemp from a Grower/Producer Perspective 

Saving money on Property Taxes 


Jim welcomes Derek ThomasVice President of Business Development at Veritas Farms. They’ll discuss full-spectrum hemp from a grower/producer perspective, CBD in the retailer space, sustainable farming practices, how consumers can tell they are getting quality products, projections for the hemp industry and much more.


In the next segment, Jim hears from Steve Tropea of Paradigm Tax Group discusses how to save money on property taxes for residential real estate.  He also discusses how real estate investors can benefit from having a single point of contact for their portfolios, and how this can actually help them save on their taxes and increase their profits.

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Episode 533: 08-29-19

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