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Fried on Business- COVID-19’s Economic Implications; Conquering Virtual Communication

Episode 556: 03-18-20

With life changing faster than we can keep up with and now living in unprecedented new realities, we have to ask ourselves: What will be the lessons learned from the 2020 Coronavirus crisis?

Just like the S&L crisis brought us the Interest Reserve feature in a construction loan, and 9/11 resulted in taking off shoes at airports, will COVID-19 mean no more door handles for viruses to be transmitted? These are the “Look Up and Forward” questions the Red-Shoe Economist wants you to to be thinking about instead of the decline in your 401(k) statement after Q1. KC Conway shares his expertise on what can be learned in times of global crisis.

With more than 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, KC Conway is a nationally recognized expert and speaker on a wide range of topics ranging from appraisal and bank regulation to ports and securitization. His areas of specialty include housing, industrial, litigation support, industrial and office real estate, North American ports, and land development.

Conway is a frequent speaker for the Federal Reserve, FDIC, FHLB, state bank commissioners, academic groups, professional organizations, and industry associations. He previously served as chief economist for Colliers International – US. 

Bekah Carlson is back to share some outstanding statistics about the show’s growth and how using old data may be detrimental to understanding your true impact on social media platforms. With the trends and algorithms ever-changing, she shares how you can stay on top of them and leverage each platform effectively.

Bekah spent over a dozen years doing corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm.  Then she worked on projects outside of that realm, from gaming to men’s underwear development to restaurant concept work, and realized not only did her skills translate but her passion did too. That’s when she founded Carlson Integrated, LLC.

CI is a full-service marketing company, providing everything from social media and email creation to design and logo creation to writing and messaging to capital raising strategy and materials. With collaborative partners they also offer website development, public relations, custom corporate giveaways, property photography and videography, and SEO.

Bekah is also an Illinois licensed real estate managing broker with a commercial brokerage practice, working with owners in northern Illinois to sell and lease their properties. The Chicago-area commercial real estate industry is her personal passion, full of her favorite people on the planet, and she has been in the industry for nearly 2 decades. 

Episode 556: 03-18-20

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