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Fried on Business 11.06.19 – Election Results, Stories, & Learnings

Episode 540: 11-06-19

Election Results, Stories, & Learnings 


Jim Fried discusses the results of the Miami City Commissioner’s Election.  He shares stories from the campaign trail and the learnings he acquired along the journey.  He talks about his desire to see change take place and his commitment to continue to fight for the people of Miami, for the neighborhoods and their needs, and for the projects and ideas that will make Miami better.


What is next for Jim?

Jim is going to continue sharing his expertise and passion via the Fried on Business podcast.  In addition, he is committed to taking all the learnings from the campaign trail and actively helping to share ideas, create solutions that work, holding those in office accountable to their promises, and supporting the neighborhoods and, more importantly, the people that he encountered along the way.


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Episode 540: 11-06-19

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