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Fried On Business Celebrates 250th Episode

Episode 250: 02-06-14

This week, Jim Fried marks 250 episodes of the Fried On Business radio program. Some friends stopping by to help him celebrate include:

Larry Zinn on 2014 auto trends

Larry Zinn, general manager of Warren Henry Infiniti, Jaguar, Volvo, and Fisker, will discuss 2014 auto trends.

Bruce Turkel on consistency in branding

Bruce Turkel – CEO/EDC – Turkel Brands. Bruce is one of the leading experts on branding in the USA. We discuss how to build your brand. We talk about things our listeners can do immediately to improve their businesses, including the use of social media, how to direct customers to your business, how to set your firm apart and what ideas work and do not work. It will be irreverent and full of useful content.

This week we discuss the importance of consistency in your message – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Don Weidenfeld on saving energy

Don Weidenfeld, managing member and owner at Magnum Energy Solutions, discusses their unique technology and how it helps office building owners save on their energy costs by cutting unneeded usage.

Mauricio Cohen on cardiac care

Our special UHealth guest this week is Dr. Mauricio Cohen, an interventional cardiologist. We will discuss breakthroughs in cardiac care.

Terek Maddox on workout injuries

Terek Maddox, B.S., exercise physiology, is an exercise science/strength and conditioning coach for his firm ESPA Training, Inc., in South Florida. After a stint with the New York Jets‘ strength and conditioning department, Terek returned to Miami to head his own sports-training company for professional athletes in the South Florida area.

He currently works with athletes in the NBA and NFL, in addition to high school and collegiate-level athletes training to get to the next level of their specific sport. Terek is a member of The National Athletic Training Association Board of Certification.

This week we discuss what your trainer can do to help you if you have been injured while working out.

Episode 250: 02-06-14  (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)

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