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Family Office Investing Trends and Innovations, CCIM and the Challenge of Being a Woman in Commercial Real Estate

Episode 289: 11-06-14

Family Office Investing Trends and Innovations

Richard C. Wilson founded the Private Equity Investment Group and is CEO of Richard Wilson Capital Partners, LLC, where he works with alternative investment funds and institutional investors daily.

Wilson has worked with alternative investment firms, institutional investors and capital raising for over seven years and has provided consulting advice and services to over 1,600 firms during that time.

Wilson is a bestselling author of The Hedge Fund Book: A Training Manual for Professionals & Capital-Raising Executives and The Family Office Book: Investing Capital for the Ultra-Affluent (Wiley Finance Series).

CCIM and the Challenge of Being a Woman in Commercial Real Estate

Sandra Goldstein is president of Sandra Goldstein and Associates, Inc., a boutique real estate firm offering a wide range of brokerage services in tenant representation and commercial investment real estate specializing in office buildings, site selection and marketing of contaminated brownfield sites. Her diverse experience in commercial real estate spans over 40 years.

Goldstein earned the Certificate Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in 1984 and is one of only 5,000 of approximately 125,000 commercial real estate professionals in America who hold this prestigious designation that recognizes her achievement in the disciplines of commercial real estate brokerage, asset management evaluation and investment analysis.

The CCIM designation is backed by the industry’s most challenging curriculum and supported by an ever-expanding network of colleagues throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Goldstein was awarded the honor of being installed as the first woman president of the Commercial Realtors Association of Greater Miami. She has served as a former member of the Board of Directors of Bank United and Florida Savings Bank. She is a long time member of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) and a member of the Florida and local chapters of CCIM.

We discuss how a CCIM designation helps you meet the challenge of being a woman in commercial real estate.

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James Fried: All right. We are on the air. Wanda thanks for welcoming, we’ve got Wanda running the show now. She’s got us — help her find the button guys. All right, Wanda. Thank you she’s smiling that means she’s having fun. We got a great show today, we got Richard C. Wilson. He’s the man when it comes to Family Offices.

We’re going to talk about how a CCIM helps you to meet the challenge of being a woman in real estate with my good friend, Sandra Goldstein. We’re going to have Get Fit for the Holidays with Terek Maddox but we’re going to start off with my good friend Alan Furst. He’s running some really close stuff that’s coming up. Alan, I know where I need to be Tuesday night how about everybody else?

Alan Furst: Yeah. Nice to talk again, Jim.

James Fried: Hey. Hey.

Alan Furst: Yeah. Actually it’s the week from next Tuesday, November 18th, it’s a Night on the Runwade. We talked about it last Thursday presented by Carnival Foundation with the Fashion Show presented by Hublot and featuring looks from Neiman Marcus and picking-up a lot of momentum of and steam right now from Phil Glass — he’s great star. We have a number of players to confirm to be integrated into the show.

We have all some great sponsors and great restaurants. They’re going to be have been on the sight there featuring group and place like Prime 112, Blue Collar, Sara Mellows, MC Kitchen, Tongue In Cheek, Sushi Samba, Shake Shack, places like that so, we’ve got a lot of great entertainment and lot of players will be there and have a great chance to collection’s going to have a 3 or 4 of their top cars which is going to be on site so we’re going to have a great evening.

James Fried: And we’ll have Miami’s number 3 will be there too right?

Alan Furst: Number 3 and hopefully a supporting cast with the Heat.

James Fried: That sounds great. So people can come and they’ll get to meet Dwayne and some of the Heat players too and see the great fashions?

Alan Furst: You got it. You know he’s a trendsetter in this marketing and the NBA so we want to see what he’s got to — what he’s going to be showing at that night.

James Fried: Well hopefully he’ll have some cool socks on if nothing else.

Alan Furst: Yeah and all of that stuff but, you know you can check out for ticket information, information about the benefit. I set the Ice Palace Studios which is 59 Northwest 14th Street then start to 6:30 and they’re looking for like I said weeks 30 doing the event and the fun time, we’re raising money for a great cause which is the Wade’s World Foundation with support the Live to Dream Foundation Program and other local organizations so we hope you will come out and support him.

James Fried: Well Alan thanks for being a part of the show. Thanks for bringing this to everybody’s attention and we’re proud to work with you on this event. Your events coming up with Reid and Fiorentino and Lauren and also your event for Alonzo. We’re looking forward to all of that. We look forward to get you in the studio after this event to talk all about it. Thanks again so much Alan. Again what’s the website?

Alan Furst:

James Fried: All right. Thank you so much Alan. Looking forward to seeing you. Wanda.

Alan Furst: Great show.

James Fried: All right. Thanks so much. Thanks Alan. All right. Wanda, it’s all yours. Take it away.

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James Fried: All right. I want to make sure everybody goes and goes to that Dwayne Wade event. I’m going to be there. It’s going to be awesome. He is in shoes, he’s in fashion, he’s the man, he is hometown strong.

Okay. Our first segment is with Richard C. Wilson. He founded the private equity investments group and is CEO of Richard Wilson Capital Partners. He’s the man when it comes to Family Offices so let’s get on the phone right now with Richard Wilson. Richard, how are you doing?

Richard C. Wilson: Great. How are you Jim?

James Fried: I am doing fantastic. Now Richard, how long have you been working in the family office sector of the market?

Richard C. Wilson: It’s been a little over 10 years now.

James Fried: Wow. That’s terrific. So you’re one of the first movers in there right? You know I’ve been hearing it as an idea in currency only for the last 5 or 6 years, so you’re a first mover in that space then?

Richard C. Wilson: Yeah in 2007. When it first got started we really were the first thought leader to provide open public access information on the industry. So we are lucky but it was created out of frustration you know, it just mid — I was learning to know more about Family Offices so I was working with them a little bit and I couldn’t, nobody was providing the help so I just wrote up everything. I was learning as I met with him.

James Fried: Well I want to give a high five to Jessie Semich and also to Mike Sheer because those are the two guys at first made me aware of your organization and how you were really the go-to place for family office information. And I want to thank you guys for letting our firm be a part of your conference that’s coming up in Miami. Tell me a little bit about the conference and what prompted the type of information that you’re going to be giving out to be available at your conference because I don’t think it’s available at too many other places.

Richard C. Wilson: Right. Yeah I mean when we first started it was all directing that inefficiency. Even people working in finance don’t know what a family office is. In fact even a wealth manager that was on Brian Tracy’s TV Show with me, I had never heard of the word family office and he was from New Jersey.

So you can imagine how new the space is and how much education is needed so our conferences try to correct that by having, you know 58 speakers every three days all talking about family office investment portfolios, risk management, direct investment, co-investments, real-estate deal making, how they structured deals, evaluate them, conduct their due-diligence et cetera, et cetera.

And so it’s going to be exciting it’s called the Family Office Super Summit. It’s right at the JW Marriot there in Brickell and the big difference between us and most other events is just laser focus on Family Offices. And they’re just going to get more Family Offices on stage than at any other event in the globe for the year 2014, you’re going to get that next week you know right there in Miami.

James Fried: Richard, let’s take a step back. We’ve kind of laid out your bona fides on Family Offices but I think that there is a hole missing in this. We haven’t defined what a family office is or where I work which is what I consider to be an embedded family office. So maybe you can give us a little bit of a glossary on this business.

Richard C. Wilson: Sure. So family office is simply a holistic, full balance sheet wealth-management solution. Easier way to say it is think of the wealth-management firm that manages every financial aspect of your life from a 360 degree perspective. And there’s really only two types and luckily it’s really simple. There are single Family Offices for one family or one individual and then there are multi-Family Offices which are basically when four families, ten families or four hundred families are being served by one multi-family office.

James Fried: So it seem to me that this would be an increasing idea in currency because of the fact that as the baby boomers age, their kids are left with their portfolios and perhaps they have a different experience level or different focus of interest and I’ve got to believe that somebody needs to be around to help that portfolio grow and if you split it up amongst the kids perhaps or let me re-phrase it, amongst the stakeholders perhaps it’s not as efficient to run.

Richard C Wilson: For sure I our industry exist because if you are very wealthy, if you are running a $10M a year, $100M a year company or you are worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year, you are very busy, everybody is asking for your time. You generally have several operating entities and businesses you’re running and probably a large team.

So the last thing you want to be is the person responsible for connecting your CPA and remembering what your CPA said at the meeting and tell your trust in a state attorney and then 6 months later, remember to tell that to your insurance agent and remember all the wrinkles and intricacies of all the details that could affect your level of taxation where your hold assets, what jurisdiction, et cetera.

There’s no way you can keep it all straight much less be a, you know communicator’s on top of it also. Family Office coordinates the complex financial lives of the ultra-wealthy where one percent mistake in taxation could cost more than that adviser cost than who’s running the family office.

James Fried: You know I kind of envision it sort of it’s the bridge on the Starship Enterprise.

Richard C. Wilson: Right. Right. Yeah, basically playing quarterback is another way a lot of people explain how it is. Quarterback in the financial side for our family.

James Fried: Now it seems to me that with the expanding role of the Family Offices in managing wealth that the Family Offices must be seeking places to deploy that wealth. Stock market, S&P 500, well our specialty is direct investing in real estate, what do you seeing in the trends on the investment management side?

Richard C. Wilson: Just got back from Kuala Lumpur. I’ve gone to Family Office events in Moscow and Cayman Islands and London meeting with a few big families and I can tell you globally the number one trend is Family Offices, owning direct assets and direct operating businesses. So direct investing, co-investing, club deals, that’s what you hear more than anything else as the new trend where families are trying to allocate their capital.

Some challenges in doing so and that’s why the market needs, you know people in the middle kind of interpreting and curating opportunities for families. That’s the big opportunity. Every Family Office that I work with has over a billion dollars with 60 of those billionaire Family Office relationships, each one of them owns real-estate and owns operating businesses and each one of them as a general rule also invest in some private equity and hedge funds as well.

And so it’s important that people know when you talk about a Family Office that there are many different types, there’s over ten thousand globally and they invest in all types of things but the direct investing trend is very strong.

James Fried: Well listen Richard, Wanda’s giving me the signal of the shrinking finger which means we have less than a minute left. So Wanda roll the extra time into the next segment. Let’s go for a break here. Richard, can you stick with me for one more segment?

Richard C. Wilson: Sure.

James Fried: Thank you so much. We’ll be right back after this with Richard C. Wilson. He founded the Family Offices Group. He is the man when it comes to Family Office investing and advising. We’ll be back after this.

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James Fried: All right. We’re back. We’re back with Richard Wilson. Richard C. Wilson, founder of the Family Offices Group and CEO of Single Family Office advisers, Billionaire Family Office a whole bunch of different adviser groups. Well Richard thank you for coming back and doing another segment with us.

Richard C. Wilson: Sure. Thanks Jim.

James Fried: Now you’ve got your event coming up. There’s a whole bunch of different types of topics. Why don’t you just go through a couple of them and tell us why that appeals to Family Offices.

Richard C. Wilson: Sure. Well basically we structured it so we try to make it each day as unique and that each topic you won’t be able to find it any other conference this year. So on day one we only talk about direct and co-investments and I think we have 37 speakers and panelists just on day one. They will be able to hear from the stage, get advice from network with afterwards et cetera.

And we’ve got one panel that day on deal structuring and royalties and I think there’s a lot of families that have made a lot of money are trying to allocate direct investments but don’t know how to structure the deals or just don’t structure them in the most ideal fashion possible. So we’re going to hear from people who have structured hundreds of deals and get advice that could easily save families, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single deal.

Because remember if a deal goes badly and you don’t structure it right, it’s not four percent return instead of ten percent. It could be you lose all your money instead of half of it or you lose all your money instead of doubling your money. So it can be pretty extreme results with direct investing and that’s why you know, each of this 37 people here is going to be contributing to help families not lose as much money and share best practices so that’s pretty exciting.

Day two is focused only on single Family Offices so we’ll be hearing from a lot of SFOs which don’t have websites typically or very secretive or very private. Many people are speaking on this event on day two don’t speak at any other events but we work with them. We have them, some of them under contract to help them in their investments. And now on day three we have one billion dollar plus Family Offices speaking.

So they’ll be able to hear from some of the top 10 multi-Family Offices out of New York and from the United States. We also have a couple of European families. We also have few Family Offices speaking from very well-known Wall Street icons and families that have invented things like the Rug Doctor or the Crest Spinbrush, you know products that everybody uses in their home. You’ll be able to hear from the individuals who basically are the head investment bankers and managers of those billion dollar family’s portfolios.

James Fried: Wow that’s really, really cool and I think that a lot of people don’t really understand what you’re talking about when you’re talking about Family Offices. And it was great that you gave the examples of some of the products that generated the wealth for some of these families and going way back to there’s all kinds of famous families that have founded our country. They need to help — you bring them together so that they can build on that.

Now Richard, what are some of the services that your firm provides these Family Offices that they fly you out to Kuala Lumpur to discuss?

Richard C. Wilson: Well our company is really a structured thought leader provide value first and that we have grown our network so broad, so you know we offer the Family Office Super Summit on

We also offer a contact details over a thousand families in Family Offices so for eight years now we’ve put out nine different versions of our Family Office database which is on But we really only do one thing for families and that is helping them with directly sourced on deal-flow and deal origination. So in short we focus on one billion dollar plus single Family Offices, we call them Billionaire Family Offices.

And that’s why our brand of Billionaire Family Office we have 60 of those relationships, we’ve got 6 contracts as of right now or basically paid under contract for finding great direct co-investment opportunities for these families based on mandate have given us and then, you know we get paid when we close on a deal that we brought them.

James Fried: You know it’s very interesting. It’s a fascinating sector of the market. Like I said we practice as a single real-estate Family Office. My job within that context is to go out and meet the operating partners that we’re going to co-invest with so it’s going to be really exciting for me to network with all of your contacts and with you especially because that sounds like something similar to what you do.

Richard C. Wilson: Yeah. I can’t wait to get to know you better at the event face to face and also you know hear from the speakers. Next year, we’re going to have an event just on Family Office real-estate investing. It’ll be excellent to have you there perhaps speaking at that event as well. So I think that this type of topic needs more efficiency, people need to be connected to each other.

And you know what, when you go to a generic conference like Wells Management Summit, everybody goes for different reasons. But when you go for something like a Family Office, direct and co-investment conference like we have day one next week, everybody’s there they get deals done. So it doesn’t matter if you’re sell side or buy side or private company owner or a big family.

Everyone’s there defined in structure and execute high quality deals so nobody there is seen as an annoying person who’s trying sell something or push something. These families want access to the deal flow or they wouldn’t be there at the conference, so I think that’s what most exciting about these types of events.

James Fried: Yeah. And the deals that we would talk about with them are typically going to be club deals. We usually structure our deals with only a couple of other families and my favorite line was when I was showing them a piece of property. They all came out in a minivan, it looked like one of those clown cars and they said, “How come you don’t have more investment shares for us? This is only so many people that you can invest in one of this deals guys. I’m sorry I’ll find you another.” And we’ve done — gone to do repeated deals with that family for Latin America. Hey, that’s a good question. Is being in Miami give access to a lot of Latin families or this like a centrally located global location?

Richard C. Wilson: Definitely it does. You know I’m a permanent resident of Brazil. I’ve always spent a month or two there out of a year but I have my permanent residency and I know that Brazil is one of the big wealth creations centers down there regardless of who they elect. They’re still growing their wealth consistently and over 700 thousand Brazilians are tourist in Miami alone each year. So the amount of Latin American high net worth is amazing. Last year one individual Miami sold $200 million super cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini et cetera and said that last five years he hasn’t sold a single car to somebody who speaks English as their first language.

So there are big pockets if you know Russians up at Aventura and Sunny Isles and there’s big pockets of Dominican Republicans and Mexicans and part of South Miami obviously but overall it’s a very global city and I think that infuses tons of wealth into the economy, it’s your cash real-estate purchases, buying up businesses, and then the whole sub-community that serves as high net worth kind of transient residents who are just there six months out of a year.

James Fried: I just got a text from Laura. Laura is asking could you please repeat the location and time of the event so you’re on, softball.

Richard C. Wilson: Sure. The event Tuesday, November 11th until Thursday, November 13th, so it’s a 3-day event. It’s at the JW Marriott in Brickell which is just Downtown Miami, it’s the business district of Downtown Miami obviously if you live there. And a great walking distance from all of the local businesses and one of the highest quality venues possible, there’s night cocktail hour at the end of the first day and you can register for one day, two days or attend all three by going to

James Fried: Now we talked a little bit and we only got a couple – Wanda how much? Two more minutes? Two more minutes okay so Richard we only have a couple of minutes left, what are your plans? We’ve already talked about the real-estate conference, what other innovations you’re bringing into the market next year?

Richard C. Wilson: Next year, we’re having a Single Family Office Summit. Those are the hardest to reach Family Offices so that’s going to be pretty exciting. That’s in February in New York

James Fried: Cool.

Richard C. Wilson: We’re also having a direct and co-investment conference in Chicago. There’s a lot of investment banking done and large multi-billion dollar corporations leading a lot of M&A activity in Chicago so they fund as well. We’re having an Investor Relations Summit so I think there’s a real gap between those that only manage $10, $100, $200 million in assets as a fund manager. You can’t really get help raising capital so they’re going to have about 15-20 speakers on stage talking only about capital raising whether you’re a real-estate fund manager, direct investment you know iBanker, et cetera.

We’re going to help talk about investor relations all day there. And later on the year in Q4 we’re actually going to have our Super Summit next year in New York and we should have up around a thousand professionals attending that event. Next week, we have 300 but I think in New York next year we’re aiming for a thousand so it should be pretty exciting year of niche events and definitely check out our calendar at wilsonconferences as we get those laid out here in the next couple of weeks. So we’ve got a VIP pass you can come to all of them for one low price so you don’t have to pay for each event separately.

James Fried: Well Richard thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for letting us join your team. We’re looking forward to meeting you with the event. Your team has been amazing in getting access to you and getting you on the program. So I got to believe it’s the same as if I’m trying to work with you as a Family Office, we’ll talk about that too. Richard C. Wilson, founded the Family Offices Group. He’s the man, when you want to know about Family Offices, this is who they call so maybe you should too. Richard thanks for being on the show. Look forward to seeing you next week on the events.

Richard C. Wilson: Great. Thank you, Jim. I’ll see you there.

James Fried: Okay. Wanda it’s all yours. We’ll be back after this.

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James Fried: All right. James Brown’s got us around in the hour and we’re into the second half hour and this is the time we’re going to talk CCIM. We’ve got my good friend Sandra Goldstein. She’s the President of the Sandra Goldstein and Associates. She’s a CCIM herself only 1 of 5,000 in the country out of 125,000 commercial real-estate professionals. And I hear crackling on the line which means we have a special guest to say something to you Sandra.

Frank Rodriguez: Very, very welcome Sandra to the show the Biz. You’re there with Mr. Fried which is taking it away and Fried I must say the family office that you just had was absolutely wonderful.

James Fried: Thank you. This is by the way, this is Frank Rodriguez. He’s the President of the Miami CCIM. So you’re on the radio Frank, people don’t know who you are until you announce yourself.

Frank Rodriguez: That’s correct and I’m so sorry. It’s the idea of being newbie. We’re very glad today to have the voice, the voice of CCIM. Sandra Goldstein joining you live and…

James Fried: The heart and soul of CCIM you got here.

Frank Rodriguez: That’s right. We have one of the very best and Jim, take it away with her and hope it’s all the best today.

James Fried: Thank you Frank we appreciate you and the CCIM’s bringing people like Sandra to our show and helping them and inform our audience and Sandra let’s talk for a second because basically you’re thing here is how CCIM helps a person meet the challenge of being a woman in commercial real estate. So set me up and knock me down. How does CCIM help you on a day to day basis in commercial real-estate?

Sandra Goldstein: Well let me give a little background first and thank you very much Jim for having us on the program and being such a wonderful platform for CCIMs not just in Miami but really all over the country.

James Fried: You make me blush Sandra.

Sandra Goldstein: I’ve been a CCIM for 30 years but that’s not how I started out. I worked in a real-estate field for a very large developer Bernie Janis you may have heard of him?

James Fried: Oh sure.

Sandra Goldstein: For 15 years I started out as a secretary and I wound up …

James Fried: His personal assistant.

Sandra Goldstein: His personal assistant at the time but the word at that time was secretary. I ended up closing VA and FHA loans for the thousands of home that built in Florida. And I climbed the ladder and eventually became Vice President of his highly successful building and land development real-estate firm specializing in commercial real-estate property. That firm gave me lots of opportunity to learn aspects of the business but because I was a woman and I was married and it was the 70s, I could not receive as much money as a fellow man doing the same work. Because of the fact that I was married and I was not the head of my family. We didn’t know to call it a glass ceiling but women kept bumping up against that. I had the title on the door and the bigelow on the floor but I didn’t have the money commensurate with the kind of work that I was doing.

James Fried: Gloria Steinham needs a phone call at this point.

Sandra Goldstein: Well I didn’t need Gloria at the time although she was working on my behalf at that time and of course those same things are happening now with women not getting the same amount of money. But what I realized and I eventually saw firsthand was that real estate brokerage provided me an entrée into entrepreneurship that few other fields at that time could and it allowed me to make money commensurate with the effort that I put forth. Together with my skill and my abilities and it meshed with attributes that are unique to women’s DNA and are highly effective in commercial real estate. At that time commercial real estate was mostly the domain of men and women were relocated to residential sales but I was attracted to the fast paced, decision making base on bottom line analysis. And I knew that the days of penciling out a deal on a back of a napkin which was I had learned to do, to secure lots of money and financing or to close deals, those days were over. And I needed something more strategic, skill-base with which to come into the real estate field.

James Fried: So what did you do?

Sandra Goldstein: Well what I found out about from a colleague of mine is that I needed to get a CCIM designation. I said what is CCIM?

James Fried: What does it stand for?

Sandra Goldstein: It stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member.

James Fried: Okay.

Sandra Goldstein: It is a highly specialized training curriculum that helped me get a designation but I work with brokers in the field who are teachers and it incorporates the latest in-depth training and instruction in financial market-user and investment analysis.

James Fried: Well who is one of your mentors during that period Sandra?

Sandra Goldstein: One of my mentors at that time is Ken Rosen.

James Fried: Ken Rosen?

Sandra Goldstein: Ken Rosen is the guy I tried to sell him an apartment building and he listened to my spiel and at the end of it he said, “What’s your training Sandy?” And I told him, he said, “It’s not enough you need to become a CCIM.”

James Fried: I love Ken. I love him. Continue though, you got your CCIM — so you went for your CCIM…

Sandra Goldstein: I did the fastest track possible. Thank God I have a husband at home who take care of the kids

James Fried: And a wonderful kid named Michael.

Sandra Goldstein: And a wonderful kid named Michael.

James Fried: Thank you.

Sandra Goldstein: I traveled all over the country to attain my designation and record time. I’m number 25, 26 and at that time when I received my designation I knew I had attained the analytical skills that I needed to operate on a level plain field with professionals in the field. What I realized was though I needed a larger platform and so I knock on the door of Codina-Bush Realty real estate.

James Fried: Hank Klein.

Sandra Goldstein: Hank Klein.

James Fried: High five to Hank.

Sandra Goldstein: Hank said to me, “What we need is a CCIM here.” He got me an interview with Jeb Bush and Armando Codina and the rest is history. I disclaimed with Jeb, I said “I’m a Democrat” He said, “It doesn’t matter, you’re a CCIM” So for the next five years I had opportunity to do deals and do work next to wonderful professionals.

James Fried: And Hank Klein.

Sandra Goldstein: And Hank Klein. Later my work in transacting commercial real estate proved for our bank president prove me worthy of a transaction so creative and so satisfactory that he ask me to be on the board. That was Bank United with Fred Camner. I sold a deal that he had in his family portfolio that was long, you know a detriment in the portfolio but I found a way through my CCIM training to market it and to sell it. And he put me on the board and that was a tremendous experience as well. So all in all, I’d have to say that CCIM the pin that I wear, the red and gold pin that I have are among many pins that I have in my jewelry box but this is the one that’s most valuable to me.

James Fried: Wow, Sandra. I don’t know if I can get a better testimony. The look on her face, I’m trying to take the — there it is. Give me the smile — oh God, that’s a — when you look up she could have put that on Facebook, I’m going to tweet that. Frank, thank you so much from being in Sandra today.

Frank Rodriguez: Absolutely.

James Fried: Sandra, you just knocked it out of the park there.

Frank Rodriguez: Absolutely. I’ve learned a lot, you know within…

Sandra: Thank you, thank you. I can’t speak highly enough about CCIM and what it has given me and the abilities and network and train with professionals like Frank and the other members of the CCIM chapter and anywhere in the world that you carry that pin. Your doors are immediately open to you and you can relate to them on any kind of business.

James Fried: Well, Frank again I want to thank you. Sandra we’re – Frank are you there?

Frank Rodriguez: I’m here.

James Fried: Frank, Frank you brought us in. Take us out, we’ve got about a minute left. Sandra’s not the exception, Sandra’s the standard granted but there’s a whole bunch of folks like Sandra that are making careers because of their CCIMs.

Frank Rodriguez: That is correct and we were just – yesterday at the Real Share Industrial and there were about seven red lapels, CCIMs that enjoyed the industrial real share. Taking advantage and making connections and meeting Family Office, investors and all the like that are in our market.

James Fried: Well Frank , how do people get more information about the CCIM here in Miami, what are your — you know, your handles all that good stuff?

Frank Rodriguez: Sure. Absolutely, so you can find us at Wonderful website and you can look up a CCIM and see everyone that’s designated and also look about the curriculum and how to become designated, It’s full of different tools and resources and we also are meeting next week. We will have a very special guest from Ackerman Center Fit joining us, talking about issues on commissions and agents and how to protect those. And that is at our monthly meeting at Ana Capri that is held and it’s Friday the 14th at noon.

James Fried: Well Frank, thank you so much. We appreciate all the great stuff that you and the CCIM bring to our community and to the radio show. I’ll look forward to seeing you real soon and we’re working on some really cool stuff. We’ll be back after this. It’s all yours.

James Fried: All right. There were Vogue in there just for Sandy Goldstein and you know it’s good business to give your customers what they want. The Warren Henry family of auto dealerships you know Land Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar they know this and this that’s why they always give their customers more. When I leased my Infiniti’s from them, I knew I was getting the best price because they guarantee that that’s right, not one, not two, a bunch of Infiniti’s and their best price guarantee is part of the package of benefits called the Warren Henry Advantage. You get complimentary dent repair, key replacement, and for service and a personal assistant that you can call for anything anytime for a whole year. So if you buy or lease a new Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti or Jaguar from Warren Henry, or even if you buy one of their pre-owned cars, you’ll get the Warren Henry advantage too. And in the exceptional service they deliver and you’ll see why they’re in business for over 35 years. Always the best price, always the best service, always Warren Henry.

James Fried: Last time I tried to read this ad. I got way too excited so let me take a deep breath. All right everybody join me a week from tonight as the Dolphins take on the Buffalo Bills at Sun Life Stadium. Make sure you catch every play live because we are stronger together Dolphins. There’s a limited number of tickets for that game so get your tickets today at It’s where the Dolphin goes for the best price. Join me next Thursday as we take on divisional rival the Buffalo Bills. Oh yeah go to remember we’re all stronger together dolphins. Let’s be the home field advantage.

James Fried: All right, Wanda. Thank you for bringing me back. I want to thank Wanda. Wanda’s new to the show. She’s running the show back there Wanda, high five to you lady for getting it done. Oh yeah. I want to thank my guest. I want to thank in studio Sandra Goldstein the dean of the CCIMs. She should be on the face. They should make you the face of CCIM when they open the book right there with Frank. Frank is also the good face by the way for CCIM.

I want to thank of course Richard C. Wilson for coming on the show and of course Terek Maddox even though we couldn’t hear him today because his cellphone was messing up. I’ll make sure Terek gets a new cellphone for next time he comes on but the main thing that Terek said was eat right, stay fit, don’t go out of your rhythm and just remember it’s okay to skip a work occasionally.

Thank you to our sponsors. CCIM of Miami, South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine, Terek Maddox, UHealth, big sponsor UHealth, Warren Henry Auto, the NFL Alumni Association, The Miami Marlins, The Miami Dolphins, Social Media 305, Lauren’s Kids, Bruce Turkel, The Aztec Group, Burgs and Center for Real Estates Studies, UHealth. I want to thank of course our listeners because without you what kind of show would I have, I have no show. So please go to our Facebook page and like our show and tell your friends. Join our community, give us feedback and comments.

Tell us who you want to hear from. You can tweet me @JimFried at Fried on Business, you can Facebook me, LinkedIn, Youtube, our website. The hits are going up, the hits keep coming from Jim Fried. If you missed today’s show, Wanda’s going to be shipping it over to me and I’m going to put it up on the internet probably by Saturday morning. So this is Jim Fried for Fried on Business, look for us next week on 880AM on Thursday. I will have attended at that point Richard Wilson’s conference and probably talk a little bit about that.

I’m also going to have some great guest. We’re going to have our UHealth guest. We’re going to have Gil Dezer. We’ll be back and we’ll have some more really cool stuff for you as well. So remember this is not a rehearsal, this is your life. The person wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now go out there and make it happen.



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