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Fried on Tech with Andreas Senie and Clint Lovell

Episode 510: 03-21-19

Jim talks with Andreas and Clint to discuss evolving technology to help you not only identify new real estate deals using Site Rank but limit your exposure on development deals through Stop Loss. Read more here.

Andreas Senie

Andreas is the CEO & Founder of CRE Collaborative, a 2.0 Technology Market Network; Integrating Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Data, and Technology.

CRE Collaborative ( is a 2.0 Technology Market Network connecting real estate professionals commercial real estate data and technology in one simple to use platform. is the industry’s first platform & advisory service that aggregates and connects the disparate data and technology all in one place to help real estate professionals get back to closing real estate. Similar to what Kayak has done for travel, does for commercial real estate. Search one and done.

Clint Lovell

Clint is a commercial real estate, finance, operations, development and management consultant. He created the technology that drives INVIZEN IT, an Asset Care Protection Program designed to prevent loan loss severity risk from becoming a reality for the full term of the loan. The system is the world’s first real-time proactive system that re-underwrites the investment/loan each month of the holding period. It provides FINRA due diligence compliance for broker-dealers, Registered Investment Advisors and investment advisers. It is the end-to-end solution for obtaining capital financing or making decisions on how to deploy capital investment.

Episode 510: 03-21-19

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