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Episode 183 – Breast Cancer Awareness, Immigration Reform, Property Tax Reform, Eating Right and Save Your Commercial Credit Score

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· 5:02 Jim gives an update of the days business news and comments on the topics of the day. 

· 5:05 Antonia Canero – Ms. Canero is a nationally  recognized attorney/expert on immigration. She is regularly consulted by the President on immigration issues. We discuss the impact of immigration on the economy.

· 5:10 Todd Jones – of RealAdvice – a nationally renowned expert in real property taxation and valuation. With over 27 years of experience in the value consulting business, and with extensive experience in Talahassee, no on is better equipped to explain the pros and cons of Amendment 4 that will be on the November ballot. Amendment 4 looks to eliminate “recapture”, provide first time buyers an additional homestead exemption and cap the annual assessment increase that a property appraiser can impose on commercial property. Sounds like a great idea – right? Well, like most ideas that look good on the surface there are substantial issues with voting in favor of this Amendment that will impact every property owner and real estate professional in Florida, not just the owners of commercial property.

· 5:20 Rob Denton – President and founder of True North Financial – he is the guiding force behind the day to day operations of True North. He is an industry veteran with a diverse background and deep knowledge of credit and collection polices. Robert has over 25 years experience in lending, credit risk management and collections. His background also includes executive level positions at both public and private companies specializing in collections, accounts receivable financing, equipment leasing as well unsecured lending. We discuss saving your business from creditors.

· 5:30 Dr. Monica Yepes, Assistant Professor of Radiology at University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center will participate in this week’s show.  Dr. Yepes is a radiologist. We discuss early detection and quality screening for breast cancer.

· 5:40 Victor Franks, Ph.D. – has spent the last 13 years on Fisher Island as a wellness consultant for the captains of industry and finance.  Author of AquaBliss: the Zero-Gravity Solution, Dr. Francs is a knowledgeable and clear voice in the jungle of conflicting information regarding your personal health and well-being.  He is a Ph.D. in Naturopathic medicine. We discuss why it is important to eat free range chicken and grass fed beef..

· 5:52 Jim comments on topical issues – it’s editorial time – he will get you fired up! We announce this week’s Dolphin Ticket Contest winner and discuss the government impact on small business and why this election is so important.



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