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EB-5 Financing; Module – A Solution For Affordable Housing; Podcasting, Daiquiris and More

Episode 475: 07-19-18

EB-5 Financing

Louis P. Archambault, Esq., is a Partner at Saul Euwing Arnstein Lehr in Miami, FL. Archambault is a member of the firm’s Real Estate and Business and Finance practices and serves as a Board Certified Real Estate Expert.

Archambault represents clients in a range of legal matters, including buyers, sellers and lenders in residential, commercial and industrial real estate transactions; real estate and condominium development, preparation and examination of title insurance; commercial leasing; land use and zoning issues; business consulting, corporate structuring, short sales and loan workouts. He has a specialization in EB-5 financing.

Louis and Jim discuss the evolution of EB-5 financing and how it is being used today.

Module – A Solution For Affordable Housing

Brian Gaudio is Co-founder and CEO of Module, based in Pittsburgh, PA. Module is a design and technology company focused on housing. Trained as an architect, Gaudio worked in Blue Sky at Walt Disney Imagineering developing new ride concepts for the Disney Parks.

At the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio, Gaudio worked on affordable housing and community planning in post-Katrina Biloxi, MS. Later, he served as a Fulbright Scholar in the Dominican Republic, where he conducted research on green infrastructure and disaster resiliency at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in Santiago.

In 2016, Gaudio co-directed “Within Formal Cities,” a feature length documentary about the global housing crisis, which has since screened in over 20 cities worldwide.

Jim and Brian discuss his creative solution to the affordable housing crisis.

A Straight Shot of Jim: Podcasting, Daiquiris and More

Jim and Wanda Myles talk more about their podcasting business, plus the history of daiquiris and more.

Episode 475: 07-19-18

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