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CyberSecurity War Stories – Is Your Cell Phone Protected?

Episode 606 | 3.2.21

Fried on Tech: Cyber Security War Stories & Best Practices For Mobile Devices

Host Jim Fried & monthly co-hosts Andreas Senie and AI Expert Olivia Ramos welcome Dr. Darren Hayes, who will discuss the latest in cyber security. Topics include dangers in your day to day applications and how cell phones are evolving security risks.

About Our Guests:

Darren Hayes is a leading expert in the field of digital forensics and cyber security. He is the Director of Digital Forensics and an Associate Professor at Pace University, New York. He is listed as one of the Top 10 Computer Forensics Professors, by Forensics Colleges.

Olivia Ramos is the founder and CEO of Deepblocks, a new technology using artificial intelligence to unlock the development potential of any property.

Andreas Senie (Founder & CEO of CRE Collaborative) has over 15 years experience in all aspects of the professional real estate industry.



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