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Changing Market Dynamics & Family Office Trends

Episode 513: 04-11-19

Changing Market Dynamics and Family Office Trends

Joseph Iacono and Kim Diamond of Crescit Capital Strategies join the show this week.  They discuss changing market dynamics, and what that means for family office investors.

Joseph Iacono is Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at Crescit Capital Strategies.  The firm is a premier, full-service asset management firm that specializes in commercial real estate debt origination and investment.  Mr. Iacono also serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer.

Kim Diamond serves as Crescit Capital Strategies’ Head of Structuring & Credit.  Her experience spans nearly nearly thirty years in the commercial real estate and structured finance industries.

This fascinating segment is sponsored by DJ Van Keuren and The Family Office Real Estate Magazine


Episode 513: 04-11-19

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