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Changing Face of Miami, Miami’s Technology Ecosystem, Take Your Game to the Next Level

Episode 362: 03-31-16

On this week’s show, Mathy Garcia Chesnick of Related ISG discusses the emergence of the Edgewater submarket of Miami, Xavier Gonzalez shares how Miami is a tech and innovation hub, and Michael Cooper of Human Performance Mentors lets us know how we can take it to the next level.

Changing Face of Miami

Mathy Garcia Chesnick of Related ISG is Director of Sales for Related projects Paraiso Bay, One Paraiso, Paraiso Bayviews and Gran Paraiso – all located in the mega luxury community PARAISO, a private enclave in the East Edgewater area.

More than $1 billion in condominium units have closed, with sales that started at the end of 2012. Currently there are four high-rises: Paraiso Bay (sold out), One Paraiso (sold out), Paraiso Bayviews (85% sold out), and Gran Paraiso (75% sold out). Soon to be launched is Paraiso House.

We discuss the changing face of Miami, the emergence of the Edgewater sub-market in Miami and how Related ISG is changing the game with PARAISO.

Miami’s Technology Ecosystem

Xavier Gonzalez is Chief Executive Officer – eMerge Americas. He is helping lead the effort to establish Miami as the technology hub of the Americas. Gonzalez oversees the strategic direction for the organization and manages the team that produces eMerge Americas, a groundbreaking global innovation conference.

Under Gonzalez’s leadership, eMerge Americas has grown to attract more than 10,000 attendees from over 50 countries, more than 500 participating companies, 125 innovative startups, and 1 billion media impressions worldwide.

We discuss Miami’s emergence as a technology and innovation hub and Emerge 2016.

Take Your Game to the Next Level

Michael Cooper is founder of Human Performance Mentors and The Missing Playbook. His mental strength training strategies, methodologies and philosophies are drawn directly from his own life experiences. He has dedicated his life to training and preparing the world’s most elite athletes, top athletic organizations, leaders and influencers. His passion: Breeding champions. Through the Mind.

We discuss how you can take it to the next level – TODAY!

Episode 362: 03-31-16

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Jim Fried: All right, South Florida, we’ve got an excellent show full of great information that’s going to entertain you and give you stuff you can use today to make your life better. So let’s get rolling. We’re going to discuss the changing face of Miami. We’ve got Mathy Garcia on. She’s from Related Group. We’re going to talk about what’s going on at Paraiso Bayviews, One Paraiso, Gran Paraiso, Paraiso Bay. I think you get the picture. It’s going to be the Paraiso neighborhood. Then we’re going to go. We’re going to talk technology with Xavier Gonzalez. He’s the Chief Executive Officer at eMerge Americas. They bring all the technology folks to town. It’s going to be great. Then we’re going to finish up the day and you’re going to want to stick around for this. We’re going to have Michael Cooper. He is founder of Human Performance Mentors. He’s got mental strength, training strategies and methodologies. He’s the positive energy guru. He’s going to give you stuff you can do today to make you feel better now. Even though that guy just cut you off in the car and with that, stick with us. AC, it’s yours. Let’s get the place rocking.

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Jim Fried: We are back and we are back with our sponsors, the Related Group. We’ve got Mathy Garcia. She’s with Related ISG International Realty. She’s the Director of Sales for Related projects Paraiso Bay, One Paraiso, Paraiso Bayview Towers and Gran Paraiso. She’s top of the line. She’s selling these deals out. I don’t want to talk anymore. Mathy, welcome to the show.

Mathy Garcia: Thank you, Jim. I’m very happy to be here.

Jim Fried: She’s a radio newbie so we’re going to ask you to move a little closer. She’s almost chocked by the- There you go. AC knows how to do it. Now, tell us a little bit about what’s going on at Paraiso and what’s the Related Group got going on over there?

Mathy Garcia: We’re incredibly excited to be at Paraiso. We are calling it Paraiso District now with four towers well on a way. We have studied with George Perez’s vision of our first luxury tower in Edgewater which is in Paraiso Bay. Completely sold it out very successfully in less than four, five months. We continued with One Paraiso. Beautiful tower right on the water with only 217 units that sold out in less than 45 days. And now very well on the way, with Paraiso Bayview, 90% sold out already in six months.

Jim Fried: You, George and Carlos have the magic touch there. You’re building beautiful stuff there. It’s like real estate artwork.

Mathy Garcia: Actually, we’re very happy to be combining art, absolutely beautiful landscaping of our seven city blocks, three city blocks right on the bay with a 2-acre park completely unhurt of amenities in an area like Edgewater.

Jim Fried: You’ve got beautiful trees on that. You’re keeping the trees, it’s going to be a park back there?

Mathy Garcia: We’re going to have a 2-acre park that Mister Perez is donating to the city of Edgewater. He is very vested in beautifying the city and right in front of the city as you very well know we also will have a marina. We’re going to have a board walk and the park we’re going to have some incredibly beautiful landscaping architecture.

Jim Fried: It sounds really exciting. I’m glad I live in the neighborhood. It sounds like I got to get a condo. Carlos is raising the price on me as we’re talking.

Mathy Garcia: I think that you should buy it very quickly before we are sold out.

Jim Fried: I want the penthouse on the north-east corner over the top. Actually I want to be on the 26th to the 26th floor in that building that’s right up on the bay and then you can tell me which view I should have, either the north corner or the south corner. But I’m telling you, that’s just amazing stuff you’re building there.

Mathy Garcia: I think we can have something for you.

Jim Fried: I got to come over there. I better go fast though. I get a text from my wife. She says 29th floor to 35th floor is okay too. All right, honey, no problem. Now, let’s talk a little bit because things are evolving, you’re got the district, you’ve got the neighborhood, you’ve got a lot of buyers that came from overseas. Let’s talk about what you’re seeing now in some of the newer buildings, some of the newer sales. Are some locals coming? What’s going on?

Mathy Garcia: I was actually having the conversation with George Perez yesterday. We are seeing a lot of American buyers now, people from New York, from Chicago, from all over the Mid-West. But our international clientele is also very strong with clients from over 49 different countries at Paraiso. We actually launched Gran Paraiso only two-three months ago and I’m happy to announce that we’re about 75% sold out with contracts.

Jim Fried: All I do is see concrete trucks coming up there all the time. The police got blocked off the streets so they can pour the concrete. You keep expanding your area more and more and I was wondering what.. I guess I really have to come over there and see this whole thing.

Mathy Garcia: You really have to. Amazing sales gallery. We have so many different celebrities that have called Paraiso their home already and it’s just going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Jim Fried: I heard that there’s this big radio personality guy that’s coming over there to look for a unit. What do you know about that because I hear he likes to keep a low profile, right AC?

Mathy Garcia: There you go. We have something for everybody.

Jim Fried: I’m very excited. Between what you got going on there we had David on with John Paul the other day Auberge, the art place, I call it the organic building because it’s everything with organic. Yours is where arts is, it’s a big neighborhood, it’s on the water, it’s got good access, it’s real close to I-95.

Mathy Garcia: What we have in Paraiso is something you really cannot find anywhere from South Beach to we call it the triangle really, Between South Beach, Brickell, Downtown, there’s nothing like Paraiso. We are offering a private district, a completely private enclave. You have seven city blocks. We’re going to be gated. And with only four high rises. When you think about it, we have four high rises in seven city blocks. Again, just think about it.

Jim Fried: I’ll think about New York. How many high rises do you have on a city block in New York?

Mathy Garcia: Think about Brickell. You get four high rises in one block. So you have the best combination of urban living in a private enclave. I don’t think that we’ll be duplicated.

Jim Fried: I don’t see how anybody can duplicate it in South Florida.

Mathy Garcia: There’s no more land.

Jim Fried: Let’s talk a little bit about some of the amenities that you’re going to have there. You talked about you’re going to have the urban bay walk, you’re going to have some boat slips.

Mathy Garcia: We’re creating a marina but it’s all about the lifestyle. Our clients are going to have fishing club for children, we’re going to have canoes, puddle boards, we’re talking about having a taxi that will take you to the little island right in the middle of the bay, maybe take you to the PAMM Museum and back to Paraiso all day long.

Jim Fried: What a beautiful lifestyle.
Mathy Garcia: Absolutely. Plus, of course I’m sure that you know but we’re going to have an amazing restaurant by Michael Schwartz. The Signature Restaurant. It’s going to be gorgeous and it’s something that Miami really needs. When you have people from, just visitors, you want to go and have dinner, enjoy one of the most beautiful bays in the world, then your choices are quite limited.

Jim Fried: Let me tell you something that I don’t know that you haven’t mentioned but that little area right there is shallow when it’s warm so I see a lot of amenities and purposes, I’ve seen stingrays there. It’s so beautiful, it’s so nice, I really am looking forward to you guys activating that area and making it really good. Now, we’ve only got a couple of minutes left in this segment. Will you stay and do another segment with me?

Mathy Garcia: Gladly.

Jim Fried: All right. Now, tell people where they can go to get some information about the projects.

Mathy Garcia: We have a sales gallery right on site, 600 North-East 31st Street. We’re open every single day, seven days a week, holidays. I mean George is not Jewish so we work every single holiday except Christmas.

Jim Fried: George is the man. We’re going to talk about that for a second. What he’s doing to bring art and change the tone and tenor of the community is really good. I want to give high five to George Perez for all the things, the PAMM Museum, I’m really looking forward to that. We’re going to have to do something with them someday too on the show. Now, AC, we’re going to be back. We’re going to have more great information you’d use today buying units. We’re going to talk a little bit more about the community at their building there, what’s making the Edgewater area different. We’re going to have eMerge and technology, we’re going to have Michael Cooper. We’re going to talk about positive energy and ways to stay positive and to build your energy field. So stick with us. AC, it’s yours.

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Jim Fried: We are having just a great time here in the break. We’re talking with Mathy Garcia. She’s here with the Related ISG. She’s the Director of Sales for Related Group of Paraiso Bay, One Paraiso, Paraiso Bayviews, Gran Paraiso in the Paraiso District.

Mathy Garcia: That’s right. I’m your Paraiso girl.

Jim Fried: There you are. You are One Paraiso girl. Before we get rolling, I wanted to talk to you, I want people to get to know you a little bit. Tell me a little bit about – and I can’t even say the word – the kids charity that you’re involved with that helps kids in Russia.

Mathy Garcia: My children are adopted from Siberia. So we have a group of families here in Miami that have adopted from the same place. So we all get together every so often. We are very happy.

Jim Fried: Part of this is getting your personality and that’s, I can’t get that smile on the air, I don’t know how I’m going to do it, it’s so beautiful. Now we’re talking about Paraiso and the Paraiso District and we were talking about some of the amenities and how they’re changing Miami for the better. Tell me a little bit about the product you’re bringing to the market and because there’s a void in the market there you’re doing something no one else is doing. Tell us a little bit about different kinds of units and maybe a special story about maybe one of your buyers that’s maybe famous.

Mathy Garcia: Absolutely. It all started with the first tower at Paraiso Bay. We are offering a very unique product and we have of course the top team in the market. We have the best interior designer Pierro Lissoni right now, one of the best in Italy, and Enzo Enea, one of the top five landscaping architects in the world at the moment. We have Arquitectonica, and of course the top developer for luxury condominiums in the country.

Jim Fried: We were talking about some of the amenity packages and I’m actually going to put up a picture on my Twitter account right now so go to @JimFried if you want to see actually a photo of what we’re talking about here. How many units are putting in?

Mathy Garcia: We have a total of four towers at the moment about 1200, 1300 units. We are about to announce a fifth tower within the Paraiso complex and these are going to be very small units. We’re going to call it Paraiso House. I’m giving you just actually a sneak peak-

Jim Fried: I know. I talked to Carlos. He told me he’s switching the whole thing to be focusing on some things that are going to be locally focused. So keep going. I’m thrilled.

Mathy Garcia: In Gran Paraiso every single one of our residences has direct bay view. Every single unit has a private elevator and every single unit, and this is unusual, but every single unit has a perfect bay view, unobstructed. Absolutely gorgeous. Our pool tech in Gran Paraiso is almost two city blocks or 500 linear feet of bay front. We’re going to have the largest pool in the condominium in all of Miami and the amenity list is just amazing. It’s going to be the most luxurious building.

Jim Fried: Tell me the amenities. Don’t tease me. Tell me some of the good stuff. Tell me.

Mathy Garcia: We are going to have two different spas.

Jim Fried: My wife is listening.

Mathy Garcia: Your wife is listening and she should definitely check our website. We’re going to have an amazing wine cellar with a table for 30 guests, absolutely gorgeous looking at the bay. You can have your private dining there, Aggi spa, we’re going to have a bowling alley, three different areas just for you, have your private parties, wine seller I think I mentioned already, a library, a gym, we’re going to have a hammam for men, for women. The list just goes on and on.

Jim Fried: I just posted the picture of the thing. It’s coming out of the ground, it’s just amazing. I watch this because I live next door. I’m just phenomenal what they’re doing. You see the parties and the parking and all the concrete, it’s just amazing.

Mathy Garcia: Absolutely. And actually, my favorite part of this project I think, the best part for me is the nature, the combination of art, nature, architecture and bringing really the best of urban living. Because you don’t want to be, we have clients that come from Colombia, they come from Bogota, from Mexico City, from Moscow, from Paris, and the last thing our clients want is to go in a concrete jungle, go into another urban center.

Jim Fried: Yes, but instead, what you’re doing is you’re creating an environment-

Mathy Garcia: A neighborhood. And you go into Paraiso and you’re going to have these incredibly beautiful, lushly, landscape gardens and sculptures. We’re going to have millions of dollars in the sculptures throughout our property. And that is something that you might see in the suburbs but is very unusual to see inside and urban center. And one of the best in the world is Miami.

Jim Fried: It sounds really great and you’re changing the whole face of the Biscayne Boulevard area. I know Carlos loves Biscayne Boulevard because it’s got these great palms, he’s always talking about the great palms of Biscayne Boulevard. And there’s great stuff you can walk to, food, shops, entertainment, you’ll have a gate there so that the people go into the Ultra festival, won’t be parking there the way they park on the street now. But it’s great. They park on the street because they can walk to the Downtown from there and that’s something people don’t realize is that from here it’s only about a 20-minute walk to Downtown even.

Mathy Garcia: Yes. One of our slogans throughout our marketing campaign and I love it, I think it’s very appropriate, ”It’s so near, yet so far”. It’s great. And you know it, you live in the neighborhood.

Jim Fried: Let me tell you now, it’s that I come and, we all live in Miami, we all go on 995, then we go on Biscayne Boulevard, whatever, and we all know, I don’t have to tell you, that’s right, the person that cut you off, just relax, he’s in bigger hurry as more aggravation. I go upstairs, look at #SkyPalace. If anybody wants to see what it looks like, go to #SkyPalace on Twitter or Facebook. And I go up there and I see the dolphins and I see the manatees. I saw a family of a mommy and a daddy and a baby manatee. I’m getting the goosebumps right now. And porpoises, multiple families of porpoises, I told you it’s shallow when they go in. Anyway, and I get in there and it is our palace. We love it. It brings all of South Florida in. And one of the artwork – I’m going to toss this to you right now you can have this – the biggest piece of art that’s going to be in those units is watching the sky and the clouds and the weather and the whole thing happen.

Mathy Garcia: The nature.

Jim Fried: There you go. You’re right in the middle of the nature, every day is different, you wake up to a different painting every day. It’s amazing. How do people get info? AC, how much more time do I have here? I need to get that info out. We’ve only got two more minutes. I got to get a photo with that smile.

Mathy Garcia: Thank you.

Jim Fried: So tell them again, where they go? Spell it, because some people like me don’t know how to spell the stuff.

Mathy Garcia: You definitely need some Spanish classes but Gran Paraiso and you can find us our website and you can call me at 786 473 7998. Hopefully we can see you in our sales gallery soon.

Jim Fried: Make a deal with Mathy Garcia. She’s the director of sales for the Related Group at Related ISG, Paraiso Bay, I’m just going to call it the neighborhood.

Mathy Garcia: The Paraiso District.

Jim Fried: There you go. The Paraiso District. There’s George Perez and his team continue to subdivide Miami and make new and interesting things happen in each one of those districts. I want to thank you and Related for coming on our show and talking about the changing neighborhoods in South Florida. Stick with us. Our next guest, we’re going to talk about technology, ecology in Miami and then after that we’re going to talk about how to have positive energy and build yourself up so that you can take on the world like I do every day. AC, it’s yours.

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Jim Fried: When he says he feels nice like sugar and spice, AC stops rocking just long enough to put me back on the air. And before we go to our next segment, I want to say a special shout out to our friends in Austin, Texas who keep texting me and keep staying positive. I want to tell them ”You guys stay positive too, we love you, keep on listening, we’re with you 100%”. Now we’ve got Xavier – he doesn’t even know what to call himself – Gonzalez. He’s a Chief Executive Officer – eMerge Americas. I know you call it eMerge because that’s what it says right here. Xavier, my friend has been bringing technology and good vibes here to Miami for a long time. We’re going to talk to him about something you need to know about and by the end of this you’re going to want to go to eMerge. So stick with us, learn what he’s doing. Xavi, welcome back to the show.

Xavier Gonzalez: Thanks for having me, Jim. It’s great to be back.

Jim Fried: I’ve given you a big run up. You’re a technology entrepreneur with Manny before you got into this. Now you’re changing the world. Basically, it’s Art Basel for technology. The way Art Basel did it for art, I’m now pointing at the Related Group. She’s smiling and going two thumbs up. Now we’re doing it for technology which you’ll also have in your buildings. So tell me, what’s happening? What’s new and exciting?

Xavier Gonzalez: eMerge started, now we’re going into our third year. We’ve seen explosive growth and really surpassed all of our most optimistic expectations. And our event is now coming up April 18th and 19th so it’ll be here before you know it. So we know we’re going to have thousands of attendees that cover every single corner of the technology world whether it’s entrepreneur with a great new idea, the technology leaders in the big businesses, the businesses like the Related Group and universities within the government sector, big investors, we’re going to have so many great folks there. It’s going to be a really exciting event so we’re really looking forward to this year, building up for the momentum that we’ve already had over the first couple of years and really what we’ve been focused on is showcasing the amazing technology that’s already been coming out here in South Florida as well as Latin America, Europe, North America, it’s all been coming together here in Miami. And we’ve been able to provide a platform that’s really propelled it all forward.

Jim Fried: It’s a place where things come together. There’s all kinds of different things. I’m even going to use sort of the technology. It’s connections. There’s connections, there’s collisions, I’m going, you’re letting me go, right?

Xavier Gonzalez: Of course.

Jim Fried: I can’t wait to go stir it up. I’m going to go talk to all the.. you got your thing with NBC again, right?

Xavier Gonzalez: Of course. It sounds like you’re the great spokesperson here. Maybe I could just take a step back.

Jim Fried: No, you’re here, it’s your voice. This is a theater of the voice and the mind. I need you.

Xavier Gonzalez: I know. NBC is one of our big partners. NBC Universal is back for a second year. We’re really excited about the things that they had planned and the kinds of coverage and the exposure that it provides not only for eMerge Americas but for everything that’s happening in Miami from a tech and entrepreneurship perspectives. It’s been really exciting because I think it shines a light in Miami in a way that’s never been shown before and can really take this to a whole another level as a community.

Jim Fried: To me it’s like the Superbowl of technology.

Xavier Gonzalez: Yes, except that we don’t move around. We’re only in Miami. That’s the key difference with us.

Jim Fried: That’s because you build great infrastructure and a great ecology and an ecosystem. Talk to me. By the way, high five to Matt Haggman. Sure to have him on here too.
Xavier Gonzalez: You missed Matt. We had a lot of fun last time when Matt was on.

Jim Fried: Afterwards, we’ll do one next month about what happened. Matt, you’re coming on #knightfoundation.

Xavier Gonzalez: Call me at night. Absolutely. You’re talking about Matt Haggman and everything that Knight Foundation has done, have been a key supporter of eMerge from the very beginning. We could not have had the success and really grown as much as we could as an organization. But not only that, what’s happening, you mentioned the ecosystem, really a vast majority of the development there has been due to the work of Knight Foundation and what Matt Haggman has been driving. So really excited about having them back, continuing to work with Matt and his team. But the Knight Foundation is really tip of the spear and really leading the charge but there’re so many different organizations that are doing great work.

Jim Fried: Let me tell you what we’ve got here and I didn’t even do it on purpose. It just happened. We got George Perez, Art Basel and have Manny Medina. Technology, I mean oh my gosh. Can you believe this isn’t on TV?

Xavier Gonzalez: Yes. One of the great things about eMerge and technology is that it impacts every industry and a lot of people might not think real estate but real estate is definitely something that’s happening not only from how it’s changing the industry itself, it’s really technology is really being able to disrupt when you look at things like virtual reality and a buyer being able to really fully experience a home, an apartment, a property without even stepping foot in it is amazing. And then you also take that to the opportunity that’s happening in our economy with people coming here through technology to do more business here.

Jim Fried: Has Related Group used virtual reality yet?

Mathy Garcia: We were actually trying some of those virtual reality goggles about two weeks ago. Amazing.

Jim Fried: I’m combining, I’m making a collision, I’m blending the two billionaires. It’s by the way another billionaire I can get on the phone. Now we were joking before [crosstalk] We are the billionaires because we have the access. The billionaires put us in control of what they’re doing because – and I want to say this about Manny – Manny made a boat load of money, could’ve rolled up the sidewalk and gone home. Instead, he’s doubling down, he did that nap at the Americas, the connection point to the whole year, he built that – I got three minutes left, you’re telling me, I just am babbling about all the guys I know – but he reinvested, doubled down and he’s doing this, who else is coming besides real estate, talk a little bit? We don’t have to just do real estate.

Xavier Gonzalez: Actually, just yesterday we announced what our good friend Armando Christian Perez is going to be doing at eMerge Americas, also known as Pitbull where he’ll be on stage doing something a little bit different at our event. This has been his third straight year of participating where he will be on stage with heads of CNBC and Telemundo Enterprises.

Jim Fried: So when they’re playing his intro music, are they going to let me stay on the stage and dance on the side like I do when I play Pitbull here?

Xavier Gonzalez: Absolutely not. We want people to stay at the event. [crosstalk] With Armando, that’s going to be something really powerful. I think we have a lot of great keynote speakers with Ray Kurzweil, who’s a futurist who’s world renowned, obviously general Collin Powell is going to be talking a lot about leadership and leadership in a new world which we’re very much excited about, Steve Case, who’s the founder of AOL, Rob de la Vega, the head of AT&T.

Jim Fried: Just stop for a minute. How does somebody get to go to this thing? Is it open? Can anybody go?

Xavier Gonzalez: Anybody can go. You just got to buy your ticket. So if you go to you’ll find more information about all the great speakers and really I have just given you the tip of the iceberg of the speakers that we have. But not only that, you’ll be able to see all of the great companies that are participating and everything that we’re doing from.. We’re doing a hackathon the weekend before partnership with Ironhack. We’re doing a hiring fair where people who are looking for jobs in the technology space will find great opportunities with really great companies that are looking for great talent. You’re going to have Miami Dade County that’s going to have, I really encourage people to come, if not for anything else to be exposed to the amazing work that’s being done in technology by the county and really implementing and changing the way they do business and you’re going to see some amazing things.

Jim Fried: Can I synchronize the street lights?

Xavier Gonzalez: They’re going to be doing much more impressive things than that but I’m sure that’s on their list of things they’ll do.

Jim Fried: I’m sorry. X, one more time, where can people find out more about eMerge, get their tickets, meet us, the Related folks are taking names, they can’t wait to go?

Xavier Gonzalez: Visit us at and definitely dive in and buy your tickets. I really encourage everyone to take part and become a part of the eMerge Americas experience.

Jim Fried: I am so proud to be a part of that event and be part of the fabric of the future of Miami and the world. I will say it that way, I mean it. Xavier, you’re coming back, we’re bringing Matt, we’re bringing some of your guests or something. We’re going to have a whole technology ecology thing like we did last year. It’s going to be great.

Xavier Gonzalez: Count me in.

Jim Fried: All right. We’re back after this. We’re going to do positive energy with Michael Cooper. He’s talking to me about how to stay positive. Stick with us. If you think I need to be more positive stick around. I’m going to get it. Back after this.

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Jim Fried: We are back and we are back with my friend Michael Cooper. He’s a certified life success consultant but maybe more importantly to you, he’s spent more than 20 years studying the teachings of Napoleon Hill, long considered the founder of the new thought movement and the power of personal beliefs and obtaining success. He’s going to tell us what all that’s about. He trains professional athletes, trains amateur athletes, he trains people like you and me to stay positive. Michael, fist bump, welcome to the show. All right, speak into the mic. AC can’t make it sound louder than you really are. Now, Michael, let’s just tell somebody real quick, they’re driving in the car, what can they do to change their frame of mind?

Michael Cooper: Most important positive thing they need to do is be very focused and clear on what their purpose is. So many people are drifters in the game of life, they don’t have a definiteness of purpose, they’re wandering like a ship out at sea without a rudder. A lot of the times, you can hear me in the mic?

Jim Fried: Yes, you got to talk right into the mic or AC, he’s a big guy, he’s going to come in, he’s going to hit me.

Michael Cooper: I’m working with professional athletes, leaders, influences of the world, the biggest challenge that we’re facing is that they are not clear on what their purpose is in every area of their lives. So you can have the fortune, you can have the fame, making all the money, but these same people are the most disappointed unhappy people on the planet.

Jim Fried: Yes, to me it sounds like people need to focus on what’s important. And the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is self-actualization. How does somebody get there?

Michael Cooper: The biggest thing is we have to start looking with, and everybody is focusing on the outside. They’re wanting to know what’s going on, getting the acceptance and approval of everybody else. And you don’t need acceptance and approval from everybody else. You need acceptance and approval of yourself. You certainly want support and encouragement from others but you have to look within. All of have like an internal search engine, like Google. So my name is Michael so it’s Moogle. So I need to look inside within Moogle and ask myself ”Michael, what do you really want to do with your life?”. If you’re listening to everybody else trying to tell you what you could do or what you should do or what you shouldn’t, what’s right or what’s wrong, this is why we drift, this is what drives us crazy but I need to look within myself and follow this inner nowhere.

Jim Fried: It sounds to me like somebody needs to get a little peace and quiet around themselves and focus rather than having a bunch of noise.

Michael Cooper: Absolutely, 100%. So there’s lots of noise outside and it takes very strict discipline to be able to sit down. Most people, they won’t take the time to sit down and start to write out and make a specific plan on paper, working on a document and it has to be specific, very detailed with what they want. Once they start to do that, then we can build the vision, we need to visually see what this looks like to actually live this purpose driven life so we’re goal achieving. So 98 of every 100 people are drifters.

Jim Fried: All I can tell you is that I have a little sticky, it’s pink this year. I put it on my desk. It’s got five things that I want accomplished by the end of the year. And I look at that every morning, I may not do everything every day on something on all five but I look at it in the morning, I look at it at night and I make sure that I made progress at the end of the week I have and I’m going somewhere.

Michael Cooper: There’s things you need to do with that list. So basically, what you’ve done is you’ve decided what you want. Once you decide what you want, you have to decide what you’re able to give up to get it. There’s a lot of sacrifice. You won’t be able to give up something of a low value to gain something at higher value. You have to take personal responsibility for making it happen, you have to decide how does this serve other people, what value does this bring to people. Most people don’t do what you did.

Jim Fried: Will you come back? We’re not done but I want to make sure you come back.

AC: Yes, please.

Jim Fried: Keep going now.

Michael Cooper: So there are so many out there that have all these thoughts, all these ideas in their minds, in their heads. We have thousands and thousands of thoughts all day long.

Jim Fried: I can’t stop to think. Unless I’m breathing something, it’s just like a freaking supernova up there.

Michael Cooper: Yes, you’re all over the place. So now that you have all those little sticky notes of these things that you want to have, it’s very important that, yes you are looking at them every night, you’re going into a visualization, you’re imagining what does this look like so for instance, what’s one of them?

Jim Fried: What’s one of them? Is that I want to have the radio show on three other stations besides 880 by the end of the year.

Michael Cooper: Okay, so do you have to be able to visually see that happening as if it’s already done?

Jim Fried: I work on it every single day. I think about it. I think it’s going to be LA, New York, Orlando, Atlanta.

Michael Cooper: You write this out. You make a plan on paper, specifically detailed, what it’s going to look like.

Jim Fried: I have the whole thing laid out on how it’s going to sound and how it’s going to work.

Michael Cooper: Most people don’t do that. And this is why they’re drifting in life and experiencing chaos and suffering in pain. There’s a big lack of peace of mind, there’s a big lack of happiness and fulfillment with their lives where they’re experiencing the chaos and suffering in the pain. So one of the things that we need to do is make sure that we have the right team of people around us, like this mastermind alliance of people who are around us, who can help inspire and power us.

Jim Fried: It’s so important, even at the office. If everybody’s a downer, you’re not going to do anything. I walk into the office, I want the place snapping with positive energy and if it’s not, I walk around and make it happen. We’re only got about 30 seconds left in this segment, what’s a takeaway that somebody can use between now and when they get home to help them stay positive and do the right thing?

Michael Cooper: The most important thing is write on the top of the piece of paper ”What do I want?”. Sit in a quiet space like you said, no phones, no nothing, no interruptions and go into the inner nowhere and just spend some time writing down what they want so what I want is to be traveling around the world speaking to people all over the world, talking about the missing playbook philosophy. Why? Because. Why? Because. Why, why? And continue to keep writing all these ‘whys’ until you run out of whys and then you continue to read that and look at that and then build the vision around that and set goals to that but answering that question ”What do I want?”, that’s the most important question that we need to answer first.

Jim Fried: Where do people find out about more of your teachings and get together? I mean you’re coming back.

Michael Cooper: is the website. And we love to share, we love to give-

Jim Fried: I love you man.

Michael Cooper: I love you back.

Jim Fried: I’m going to get a hug after this. I want to thank our sponsors, the Related Group, Spectrum Mortgage, UHealth, Warren Henry, Magnum Energy Solutions, Engineered Tax Services, that’s who introduced me to Mike by the way, it was Julio. High five to Julio; KIND Snacks, the NFL Alumni Association, Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies, the Miami Marlins will be back at opening day next week. I cannot wait. The CCIM, South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine, Xpresso Marketing, Social Media 305, of course Lauren’s Kids but more importantly, thank you to you my listeners because without you I wouldn’t have a show. Go to our Facebook page, like our show, tell your friends, join our community, give us feedback and comments. Tell us who you want to hear. I already know you want to hear more Michael Cooper. I’m on Tweet us @JimFried, the show’s @FriedonBusiness, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube. The website, the hits keep coming. If you missed today’s show, it’s going to be up on our website Probably by Saturday or Sunday, depends on when Robert Pitts gets it up there. This is Jim Fried for Fried on Business. Look for us on 880 next Thursday at 6:00. Why? Because I love doing this. We’re going to have Julio on, we’ll have Don on, we’ll have the CCIMs on. And remember, this is not a rehearsal, this is your life. The person who wants to do something finds a way, the other finds an excuse. Now Michael agrees with this, now go out there and make it happen. Thank you everybody. Michael Cooper, high five another fist bump, well done to eMerge, Related Group, I’m out of here.



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