Make More Deals Using AI

Episode 729 | 08.16.23 Make More Deals Using AI AI is the hot new thing … the bright shiny object for everything. For years, we’ve had Olivia Ramos, founder of Deep Blocks (one of the original AI real estate companies) on our show. Deep blocks is an AI prop tech firm that helps real estate […]

AI and Real Estate with Olivia Ramos

Episode 725 | 07.19.23 Jim and Olivia, discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on commercial real estate. Olivia Ramos Founder & CEO, Deepblocks Olivia Ramos is the founder and CEO of Deepblocks, which uses artificial intelligence to unlock real estate development potential across US cities. Olivia holds a master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University […]

Positive Energy with the Silver Knights

Episode 721 | 06.21.23 It is our annual show with the Silver Night award winners. We are joined by Raymond Dueñas Of the Miami Herald – he helps run the program and one of the award winning students Jordan Perez 🏆🏆🏆 It promises to be a great positive energy event that will #inspire you ******************** Call me for help […]

Pulling Money Out Of Your Home In Today’s Environment

Episode 720 | 06.14.23 Helping Folks Is What We Do My #residentialmortgage team is helping people pull equity out of their homes. A number of my high net worth clients are cash poor right now but have a lot of equity in their home. They have deposits out or are waiting for a closing that has been […]

Innovation and Web3

Episode 719 | 06.07.23 A quick hitter for your summer podcast list… Bruce Turkel on what it takes to be an innovator, and Tom Handler poses questions about Jim’s new Block Chain Secured Real Estate Capital and Services Hub Bruce Turkel Bruce is one of the most sought-after international speakers on branding, creativity, and innovation. […]

Personal Branding Hacks with Bekah Carlson

Episode 718 | 05.31.23 Some #secretsauce to help you build your #personalbrand Today at noon my guest is Rebekah Carlson of Carlson Integrated, LLC one of my key team members! Rebecca and her merry team of marketers has helped me build my website and design my E blast. They also provide me with new ideas and timely feedback 😀 Make sure to […]

How To Network Like A Rock Star 

Episode 716 | 05.17.23 Neil Greene, of Jaboy Productions, joins Jim today. They discuss Neal’s upcoming family office excursion to Cuba. And Neal also shares other upcoming networking opportunities as well as fun family office event anecdotes. Neil Greene Jaboy Productions Neil A. Greene has earned a reputation as a creative and innovative executive in […]

Building Your Personal Brand… And More With Bruce Turkel

Episode 715 | 05.10.23 Bruce Turkel Bruce is one of the most sought-after international speakers on branding, creativity, and innovation. The Miami Herald says, “Bruce’s deep knowledge of the drivers of economic development and how best to use them to market yourself make him unique.” Discovery Channel says, “Bruce gets his message across through captivating […]

Using AI for Real Estate and Building Your Brand

Episode 704  |  02.22.23 How will artificial intelligence shape the future of real estate? Also, how can you build your personal brand? *** We welcome Olivia Ramos CEO of Deep Blocks and Bruce Turkel founder of Turkel Brands   About Our Guests Olivia Ramos CEO Deepblocks   BRUCE TURKEL Creative Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author on […]

What’s in a Personal Brand?

Episode 697  |  01.04.23 WHAT’S IN A PERSONAL BRAND? *** It’s more than just a nice headshot or colors and fonts! The evolution of the personal brand is the topic for this week’s Fried on Business show. Go behind the scenes with host Jim Fried as he explores his authentic personal brand and the immediate impact on his […]