A Facelift for the Fried on Business Website with Bekah Carlson

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Jim’s fabulous new Fried on Business website with Bekah Carlson Bekah spent over a dozen years in corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm. Then she worked on side projects outside of that realm, from gaming to men’s underwear development to restaurant concept work, and discovered a passion for developing […]

Converting Crypto to Cash with Allen Kopelman

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Turning crypto into dollars with Allen Kopelman  Allen Kopelman Co-Founded Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. in 2001, with the plan to sell credit card processing services and equipment to merchants in the South Florida area and provide concierge style service for each client. Quickly the company grew to 1000 plus clients and […]

Food Insecurity Solutions with Missy Hunter

Episode 634  |  9.29.21 Solving Food Insecurity: Hunger Relief, Disaster Relief and the Social Determinants of Health With Missy Hunter About Our Guest Missy Hunter is the VP, Marketing at Umoja Supply Chain Solutions. Missy joined Umoja in 2021 and applies her expertise in logistics, global sales, hunger relief, healthcare, government and manufacturing industries to […]

Urban Renewal with Anthony Burns

Episode 632  |  9.15.21 Urban Development: Miami Real Estate and the Magic City Innovation District with Anthony Burns One of the most unique aspects of the Magic City Innovation District – Little Haiti® is how it has been designed as a master planned community with the future in mind. Instead of simply creating a single […]

Medicare Questions Answered with Matthew Gold

Episode 632  |  9.15.21 Healthcare and Insurance Trends and Medicare Supplement Policies with Matthew Gold “When you are approaching your 65th birthday, one should begin the process of enrolling into Medicare. Many who start that process claim that it feels like learning a foreign language. Picking up the main topics and learning the vocabulary is […]

O, Miami Poetry Festival with P. Scott Cunningham

Episode 612 | 4.14.21   We welcome back  P. Scott Cunningham to share more about O, Miami Poetry Festival. About Our Guests P. Scott Cunningham Founder/Executive Director O, Miami Poetry Festival

Product Innovation with Henry Pino

Episode 612 | 4.14.21 Product Innovation Henry Pino discusses his new sustainable system #Ecopod for dispensing home cleaning products and other items in refillable containers. About Our Guest Henry Pino President ALTA Development

Real Estate Marketing with Joe Cuomo

Episode 612 | 4.14.21 The Evolution of Real Estate Marketing with Joe Cuomo We are joined by Joseph Cuomo of Ten-X. We talk about the evolution of property marketing in commercial real estate. About Our Guest Joseph Cuomo Senior Managing Director Co-Star Group, Ten-X

2021 Economic Forecast and CRE Outlook with KC Conway

Episode 601  |  1.27.21   CCIM Chief Economist KC Conway returns to the show to share his newest research – and what it means for the real estate industry in 2021. About Our Guest KC Conway Director of Research & Engagement, University of Alabama Chief Economist, CCIM Institute

Mindful Kids Miami with Sandy Skelaney

Episode 601  |  1.27.21 Why is 2021 the Year of Yogi? …Yogi Berra, that is. Executive Director Sandy Skelaney joins us to talk about Mindful Kids Miami’s newest research study, their ongoing programming, and the ways they are and the work they are doing to keep educators and families safe and happy. About Our Guest Sandy Skelaney […]