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Fried on Business- Securing CRE Market Share During COVID-19

Episode 557: 3-25-20  Credibility, Stability & Staying Connected During Uncertain Times Two frequent contributors to the show, Andreas Senie and Bekah Carlson, discuss COVID-19 from a commercial real estate & marketing perspective. The bottom line is this: the more you prioritize becoming tech-enabled & staying connected NOW, the better you’ll be set up in the months to come when …

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Fried on Business- Urban Oasis Project- Miami

Episode 557: 3-25-20  Fresh Food is a Right For Everybody Our first guest, Art Friedrich, founder of Urban Oasis Project, is passionate about connecting the community with local farmers and ensuring that everyone has access to fresh, healthy produce grown locally and sustainably. Art discusses the importance of maintaining a supply of healthy produce at home, how SNAP benefits …

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Fried on Business- COVID-19’s Economic Implications

Episode 556: 3-18-20  With life changing faster than we can keep up with and now living in unprecedented new realities, we have to ask ourselves: What will be the lessons learned from the 2020 Coronavirus crisis? Just like the S&L crisis brought us the Interest Reserve feature in a construction loan, and 9/11 resulted in taking off shoes at airports, …

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Fried on Business – eSports Gaming Industry; Cautionary Tales & Marijuana Safety

Episode 553: 02-26-20 Jim chats with John Kracum, the Vice President of Misfits Gaming all about the business of eSports and how their teams compete for global notoriety in video games like Fortnite, Counterstrike, Call of Duty and many others. John shares how Misfits Gaming got their start and their primary demographics of both players and viewers. They talk about about Misfits’ strategy …

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Fried on Business – Cautionary Tales & Marijuana Safety

Episode 553: 02-26-20  Jim welcomes back resident CBD & cannabis expert Manny Johnson of Organicann to learn more about marijuana safety. With a surge in popularity but no double blind studies to prove safety and effectiveness of most products, the marijuana industry is dangerously unregulated. Manny continues to give insight into the industry to help product users be informed and …

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Fried on Business – Woof Gang Bakery & Continental Development Holding

Episode 552: 02-19-20 In our first segment, Jim sits down with Daniel Brener, Area Developer for Miami Dade County for Woof Gang Bakery. Daniel gives Jim insight into the business and what sets it apart from other specialty pet stores. He talks about what’s on the horizon for Woof Gang Bakery in the Miami area as well as nationwide. Daniel then …

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Fried on Business – Advocacy, THCA & 1000 Museum

Episode 551: 02-12-20 PART 1: Advocating for Children In our first segment, Jim catches up with Jaye Abbate of Florida’s Children First. They discuss the staggering statistics facing children in and aging out of foster care. They also discuss FCF’s upcoming Advocates for Children Awards on Thursday, February 20th at which Nikki Fried, among others, will be honored as an …

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Fried on Business – 11.27.19 – KC Conway’s Take on the Economy; Jim Gives Thanks

KC Conway - Fried

Episode 544: 11-27-19  Economic Update with KC Conway  Jim Fried talks to KC Conway, MAI, CRE, Director of Research and Corporate Engagement at University of Alabama, Culverhouse College of Commerce. Jim and KC discuss the state of Florida’s economy, his take on different property segments, adaptive reuse and economic trends. KC also shares an interesting strategy used by community colleges …

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Fried on Weed – 11.20.19 – Derek Thomas of Veritas Farms; South Dade Affordable Housing Update

hemp seeds

Episode 543: 11-20-19  Continuing the Conversation with Veritas Farms Jim Fried welcomes back Derek Thomas of Veritas Farms, to give an update on the CBD market in South Florida. He’ll discuss the importance of being educated on finding the purest products in a widely unregulated industry. Affordable Housing Update Jim gives an update on the affordable housing market in South Dade. Episode …

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