Why Get an MSRE from UF?

Why Get an MSRE from UF? Episode 734 | 09.20.23 Jim interviews three students that recently started the University of Florida Nathan S. Collier masters in RealEstate program. We’ll see why they chose the program What they expect to study What careers they expect to pursue and Why … It’ll be a great chance to […]

Helping Women Find Success

Helping Women Find Success Episode 733 | 09.13.23 It’s not easy for women to find their voice or to find their place in the business community. Today’s guests discuss how they have broken through. Lauren Marsicano is an attorney, who overcame depression and thoughts of suicide from bullying because of her “size”. She’s created an […]

AI Block Chain and Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Development 

AI Block Chain and Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Development Episode 732 | 09.06.23 AI #BlockChain and #RealEstateInvesting and #realestatedevelopment The hot business topic is how technology will impact real estate investing and development. Today’s best of Fried On Business  will bring together Olivia Ramos  and James McCarthy  to discuss the influence technology will […]

Miami Transplant Institute Changing Lives

Fried On Business: Miami Transplant Institute Changing Lives Episode 724 | 07.12.23 How You can Help? Dr. Giselle Guerra and the MTI Saved Vivian Fried Hear How You Can Help Someone Get A Second Chance… ************************************* About Our Guests: Dr. Giselle Guerra, has been the medical director of the Miami Transplant Institute (MTI) for over […]

The Best Of Fried On Business: Miami’s Future

The Best Of Fried On Business: Miami’s Future Episode 723 | 07.05.23 From our Most Precious Resource – Our Kids – To Our Location at the Center of the Global Business Expansion Miami is Set To Be a City of the Future ************************************* About Our Guests: Alejandro Portes is a Howard Harrison and Gabrielle Snyder […]

Positive Energy with the Silver Knights

Episode 721 | 06.21.23 It is our annual show with the Silver Night award winners. We are joined by Raymond Dueñas Of the Miami Herald – he helps run the program and one of the award winning students Jordan Perez 🏆🏆🏆 It promises to be a great positive energy event that will #inspire you ******************** Call me for help […]

Pulling Money Out Of Your Home In Today’s Environment

Episode 720 | 06.14.23 Helping Folks Is What We Do My #residentialmortgage team is helping people pull equity out of their homes. A number of my high net worth clients are cash poor right now but have a lot of equity in their home. They have deposits out or are waiting for a closing that has been […]

Innovation and Web3

Episode 719 | 06.07.23 A quick hitter for your summer podcast list… Bruce Turkel on what it takes to be an innovator, and Tom Handler poses questions about Jim’s new Block Chain Secured Real Estate Capital and Services Hub Bruce Turkel Bruce is one of the most sought-after international speakers on branding, creativity, and innovation. […]

Fried on Business: Holiday Spectacular!

Episode 695  |  12.21.22 FRIED ON BUSINESS: HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR! Cooking expert, Kim Caviness, from Familia Kitchen, joins us to share great recipes with Latin flavor for the holidays PLUS Dietitian and Nutritionist, Ronni Litz Julien, from Ronni Julien Nutrition, is here to provide her advice on how to look and feel your best so you can get […]

A Facelift for the Fried on Business Website with Bekah Carlson

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Jim’s fabulous new Fried on Business website with Bekah Carlson Bekah spent over a dozen years in corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm. Then she worked on side projects outside of that realm, from gaming to men’s underwear development to restaurant concept work, and discovered a passion for developing […]