Fried on Business: Holiday Spectacular!

Episode 695  |  12.21.22 FRIED ON BUSINESS: HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR! Cooking expert, Kim Caviness, from Familia Kitchen, joins us to share great recipes with Latin flavor for the holidays PLUS Dietitian and Nutritionist, Ronni Litz Julien, from Ronni Julien Nutrition, is here to provide her advice on how to look and feel your best so you can get […]

A Facelift for the Fried on Business Website with Bekah Carlson

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Jim’s fabulous new Fried on Business website with Bekah Carlson Bekah spent over a dozen years in corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm. Then she worked on side projects outside of that realm, from gaming to men’s underwear development to restaurant concept work, and discovered a passion for developing […]

Converting Crypto to Cash with Allen Kopelman

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Turning crypto into dollars with Allen Kopelman  Allen Kopelman Co-Founded Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. in 2001, with the plan to sell credit card processing services and equipment to merchants in the South Florida area and provide concierge style service for each client. Quickly the company grew to 1000 plus clients and […]

Jim the Teacher Champion – 2022 Education Fund Teach-a-Thon

Teacher Champion

Episode 648  |  1.12.22 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM JIM: I am committed to raising funds for The Education Fund’s Teach-A-Thon and want you to join me! I will be teaching a class of senior high level special needs students. My class will be about “How to Interview for A Job.” My real goal is to raise funds […]

Urban Renewal with Anthony Burns

Episode 632  |  9.15.21 Urban Development: Miami Real Estate and the Magic City Innovation District with Anthony Burns One of the most unique aspects of the Magic City Innovation District – Little Haiti® is how it has been designed as a master planned community with the future in mind. Instead of simply creating a single […]

Medicare Questions Answered with Matthew Gold

Episode 632  |  9.15.21 Healthcare and Insurance Trends and Medicare Supplement Policies with Matthew Gold “When you are approaching your 65th birthday, one should begin the process of enrolling into Medicare. Many who start that process claim that it feels like learning a foreign language. Picking up the main topics and learning the vocabulary is […]

Fried on Business: PPE Pitfalls and Availability


Episode 571: 7.1.20    PPE Pitfalls and Availability Jim and the others chat with Manny Johnson. Manny has provided us with a wealth of information on the cannabis industry over the last year, and now, he has tapped into his extensive network to source and distribute PPE through his company, Viz Wellness- providing solutions […]

Fried on Business – Advocacy, THCA & 1000 Museum

Episode 551: 02-12-20 PART 1: Advocating for Children In our first segment, Jim catches up with Jaye Abbate of Florida’s Children First. They discuss the staggering statistics facing children in and aging out of foster care. They also discuss FCF’s upcoming Advocates for Children Awards on Thursday, February 20th at which Nikki Fried, among others, […]

Fried on Business – Fried on Tech: Affordable Housing Solutions

Episode 550: 02-5-20 “Every young person that wants to become an investor in real estate- she just told you how to do it!” With Andreas Senie out sick for the monthly Fried on Tech segment, Jim and Olivia Ramos co-host this week’s show. Jim opens the show by chatting with longtime mentee, Danny Urbisci, about […]

Fried on Business – 1.8.20 Fried on Tech: Looking Back, Launching Forward

Episode 546: 1-8-20  Looking Back & Launching Forward into 2020  Catch up with Jim Fried  & Fried on Tech co-hosts Andreas Senie and Olivia Ramos. They’ll welcome guests Rebekah Carlson and David Perlmutter to talk about their resolutions as companies, lessons they learned in 2019, and how the industry is shifting or how their […]