Evolution of the Reverse Mortgage Loan

Evolution of the Reverse Mortgage Loan Episode 736 | 10.04.23 Is A Reverse Mortgage Loan Right For Me And My Family ? Jim and Ed have been helping lots of families pull cash out of their home with this mortgage loan structure. New changes have made this type of loan more attractive. Tune in to […]

Miami’s Position In The World Marketplace

Episode 735 | 09.27.23 Miami Is A Global City Now What? Alejandro Portes and Ariel Armony join Jim again to discuss Miami’s place in the world economy And what to expect as Miami challenges other world class cities for its place on the world economic stage. ************************************* About Our Guests: Alejandro Portes Alejandro Portes is […]

AI Block Chain and Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Development 

AI Block Chain and Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Development Episode 732 | 09.06.23 AI #BlockChain and #RealEstateInvesting and #realestatedevelopment The hot business topic is how technology will impact real estate investing and development. Today’s best of Fried On Business  will bring together Olivia Ramos  and James McCarthy  to discuss the influence technology will […]

What Makes A “Global City” and Is Miami There Yet…?

Episode 722 | 06.28.23 What is a global city? Is Miami Stable Enough to Be an Emerging Global City? Alejandro Portes, author of “Emerging Global Cities”, joins us to discuss how Miami has become an emerging global city, a nerve center of the world economy, and how we’ve successfully combined physical and intangible assets to […]

Pulling Money Out Of Your Home In Today’s Environment

Episode 720 | 06.14.23 Helping Folks Is What We Do My #residentialmortgage team is helping people pull equity out of their homes. A number of my high net worth clients are cash poor right now but have a lot of equity in their home. They have deposits out or are waiting for a closing that has been […]

Innovation and Web3

Episode 719 | 06.07.23 A quick hitter for your summer podcast list… Bruce Turkel on what it takes to be an innovator, and Tom Handler poses questions about Jim’s new Block Chain Secured Real Estate Capital and Services Hub Bruce Turkel Bruce is one of the most sought-after international speakers on branding, creativity, and innovation. […]

Family Office Update & Syndication In The Web3 Universe 

Episode 717 | 05.24.23 This Week On The Show: Thomas Handler and James McCarthy join Jim to Discuss… New Trends In Capital Deployment Since Capital Markets Are Frozen, What Are Families Doing Debt Funds Dry Powder For Distressed Deals and Real Estate Syndication Using Jim’s New “Hub”. Thomas Handler Partner at Handler Thayer LLP, Thomas Handler […]

How To Network Like A Rock Star 

Episode 716 | 05.17.23 Neil Greene, of Jaboy Productions, joins Jim today. They discuss Neal’s upcoming family office excursion to Cuba. And Neal also shares other upcoming networking opportunities as well as fun family office event anecdotes. Neil Greene Jaboy Productions Neil A. Greene has earned a reputation as a creative and innovative executive in […]

It’s Time for Home Loans with Ed Cairo

Episode 714 | 05.03.23 Mortgages are getting done. Market has stabilized Time to Move is now. Today I’m interviewing Ed Cairo, Founder of American Home Finance Group. Ed holds my NMLS license, and we do residential mortgage lending together. Ed and our team have decades of experience. We have seen it all. With residential mortgage […]