Best of Fried on Business: Personal Branding; Office Market Debate

Episode 691  |  11.23.22 BEST OF FRIED ON BUSINESS! So You’re Supposed to Have a Personal Brand with Bruce Turkel Plus Office Market Debate with Brian Gale and Robert Orban   About Our Guests BRUCE TURKEL Creative Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author on the subject of branding   BRIAN GALE Vice Chairman Cushman & Wakefield of Florida   ROBERT ORBAN […]

Protecting Your Wealth in 2023 and History of Florida

Episode 689  |  11.09.22 FAMILY OFFICE UPDATE: How High Net-Worth Investors can Position Themselves for 2023 and Beyond with Tom Handler PLUS FRIED ON BUSINESS FEATURES MIAMI BOOK FAIR PREVIEWS! THE 39TH MIAMI BOOK FAIR WILL BE HELD NOVEMBER 13 – NOVEMBER 20, 2022 *** Author Jim Clark is here to discuss his book A History Love’s Guide to […]

Miami Office Market Update

Episode 683  |  9.28.22 The Miami Office Market is Booming With numerous tech and financial giants moving to Miami in a big way – including Citadel and Microsoft – how will this change market dynamics? Is there still more to come? What is the impact on local tenants? With the urban core booking, what is […]

Want to Live in South Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know

Episode 681  |  9.14.22 Residential Lending: State of the Market South Florida draws a visitors and residents en masse because of our great cities, our beaches, and our people. *** As the real estate market shifts and lenders tighten their requirements, how does the process work for someone who happens to be a foreign national? […]

Real Estate Trends: Looking Back and Facing Forward

Episode 678  |  8.24.22 It’s the end of a long hot summer. INFLATION RAGED INTEREST RATES ROSE AT A HISTORIC PACE REAL ESTATE DEALS CRASHED Life went on. *** What should we learn from this summer? How can that help us move forward in the fall? What about 2023? The heated summer has Jim in […]

NFTs, Tokens, Crypto & Real Estate

Episode 664  |  5.11.22 FRIED ON BUSINESS IS LIVE FROM PARAMOUNT MIAMI WORLDCENTER! NFT’s, TOKENS, CRYPTO AND REAL ESTATE Jim is joined by JASON STONE, FOUNDER OF MILLIONAIRE MENTOR  AND NFT NEWS GLOBAL How will the digital finance and investment model impact traditional real estate assets? Has this sector reached critical mass? Where are we […]

Post-Covid Living & Future Planning

Episode 650  |  2.2.22 RESIDENCY & CITIZENSHIP with EZZEDEEN SOLEIMAN TAX SEASON with TOM HANDLER   About Our Guests Private Wealth Magazine called him “one of the most respected Tax and Estate Attorneys in the world.” Mr. Handler is an advanced planning attorney that focuses on implementing and integrating legal structures for businesses, executives, professional […]

Converting Crypto to Cash with Allen Kopelman

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Turning crypto into dollars with Allen Kopelman  Allen Kopelman Co-Founded Nationwide Payment Systems Inc. in 2001, with the plan to sell credit card processing services and equipment to merchants in the South Florida area and provide concierge style service for each client. Quickly the company grew to 1000 plus clients and […]

Converting Crypto to Cash

Episode 649  |  1.26.22 Converting crypto to cash with Allen Kopelman PLUS Jim’s fabulous new Fried on Business website with Bekah Carlson    About Our Guests Bekah Carlson spent over a dozen years in corporate real estate marketing for an investment firm. Then she worked on side projects outside of that realm, from gaming to […]