Just Get Out And Do It

It’s Time To Get Out Episode 773 | 06.19.24 Loneliness in the work place You talk to people all day, many of them are not in an office How did we get here? Covid, Working from home, etc Why is it important to get out? Everyone is stressed out!!, marketplace, job loss, inflation, ISOLATION Here’s […]

How To Survive Until 2025

How To Survive Until 2025 Episode 772 | 06.12.24 I get at least one call each day from someone telling me that they need to find a new job or opportunity. This week I share some of the secrets that I tell them – with you.

Flacks Group Helping the World Go Green

Flacks Group Helping the World Go Green Episode 768 | 05.15.24 This week we profile the Flacks Group and its unique value proposition. Flacks Group helps communities across the globe address the legacy liability situations that multinational firms have created.  Flacks Group specializes in investing in real estate assets that are dark or need repurposing, […]

Data Centers

Data Centers Episode 766 | 05.01.24 The Not So Hidden Opportunity of DATA CENTERS Google, Amazon, AI, UBER Eats, X all use Data Centers Are there enough good locations left Enough Power Other infrastructure concerns are in play and of course NIMBY issues

Capital Markets Update

Capital Markets Update Episode 763 | 04.10.24 Capital Markets Update Jamie Dimon says USA interest rates will go to 8% soon Lenders say they are in the market – but most aren’t Predatory buyers and lenders have lots of cash – but no deals So what is next? Jim has 40 years of experience He […]

The Mackle Family Evolution

The Mackle Family Evolution Episode 754 | 02.07.24 From Generation to Generation: The Evolution of the Mackle Family Business In South Florida the Mackle family is know for building the famous “Mackle Houses” on Key Biscayne. Today they run their firm Worksite – a Professional Employer Organization. We discuss the family’s history in South Florida, […]

Personal Branding Hacks with Bekah Carlson

Episode 718 | 05.31.23 Some #secretsauce to help you build your #personalbrand Today at noon my guest is Rebekah Carlson of Carlson Integrated, LLC one of my key team members! Rebecca and her merry team of marketers has helped me build my website and design my E blast. They also provide me with new ideas and timely feedback 😀 Make sure to […]

CBRE’s Karson traces Anna Squires Levine’s Industrious career

This hardly ever happens, but we’re hoping it happens a lot more often. The most recent Fried On Business show featured two exceptional businesswomen, one interviewing the other. Arden Karson, Senior Managing Director for South Florida at CBRE, appeared for the company’s The Edge segment to have a conversation with Anna Squires Levine, General Manager […]

Vivian on Valentine’s: Celebrating life after kidney transplant

This Valentine’s Day, I celebrated love and life with the woman of my dreams – my wife, Vivian Fried. I asked her to come on the air at Fried On Business to give us an update after her successful kidney transplant some 14 months ago. It was a wonderful day. Simple, genuine, beautiful. What a […]

Tune out mental heckling to dial down anxiety, says psychologist Symington

The Hebrew word “shalom” is translated “peace” in English. It connotes not only peace between individuals but peace within an individual. In other words, harmony, wholeness, completeness, a sense of well-being. Too often, however, our thoughts rob us of this shalom, and we descend into an abyss of anxiety. But Dr. Scott Symington, a clinical […]