Diversity in Real Estate & Bulk Condo Sales

Episode 600  |  1.20.21 OUR 600th EPISODE! Thanks to all our listeners for keeping us South Florida’s longest running business talk show! We’re thrilled to celebrate our 600th episode with you all. OUR FIRST GUEST EVER Jim is joined by his first guest ever, Richard Swerdlow, to talk about his new push into bulk condo sales. DIVERSITY […]

Cheers to Jim’s 60 Years!

Episode 596  |  12.23.20 HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY, JIM! 🥂 Friends and family from all across the country join us on this very special episode to Toast the Host. Jim Fried loves to put positive energy and good vibes into the world, and for his 60th birthday, we’ve invited guests to share their favorite memories of Jim […]

Fried on Business- Residential Mortgages & Refinancing Options

Episode 566: 5-27-20  Residential Mortgages & Refinancing Options Jim Fried talks all about Residential mortgage lending and refinancing options to get more cash in his clients pockets.  He also discusses why timing is important given the current low rates.       Episode 566: 5-27-20 (To download, right-click and select “Save Link As”.)

Fried on Business 11.06.19 – Election Results, Stories, & Learnings

Fried on the campaign trail

Episode 540: 11-06-19  Election Results, Stories, & Learnings    Jim Fried discusses the results of the Miami City Commissioner’s Election.  He shares stories from the campaign trail and the learnings he acquired along the journey.  He talks about his desire to see change take place and his commitment to continue to fight for the people […]

Fried on Business 10.17.19 – Elvis Cruz & Preserving Green Space

elect jim fried

Episode 539: 10-17-19  Elvis Cruz discusses Preserving Our Green Space    Jim Fried talks with Miami icon Elvis Cruz about why he continues to “fight city hall.”  The discuss preserving the green spaces of Miami’s parks, climate change, upzoning and much more.   Jim also chats with thought leaders from the Annual Real Deal Miami event […]

Fried on Business 10.10.19 – Frank Schnidman & Issues facing Miami

elect jim fried

Episode 538: 10-10-19  CRA Expansion & Issues Facing Miami   Jim Fried chats with Frank Schnidman about the proposed CRA expansion and its implications in the West Grove. Then Jim discusses the important issues facing Miami-Dade county and how he will face them head-on as commissioner. Why Jim? Jim’s expertise and real estate background will serve District […]

Fried on Business 09.19.19 – City Commissioner

elect jim fried

Episode 536: 09-19-19  City Commissioner District 2   Jim Fried shares why he is running for District 2 City Commissioner in Miami.  As a lifelong Miami resident and real estate broker, Jim wants better for his city.  He decided to officially enter the race earlier this month, against incumbent city commissioner Ken Russell for District 2. […]

05.30.19 – Jim and Wanda Talk Being Carded, Cannabis, and Cars

Episode 520: 05-30-19  Jim and Wanda Jim and Wanda talk about their stories of being carded, medical cannabis, hemp for agriculture, Nikki Fried’s trip to Israel (those hard working Frieds!), and the great team at Warren Henry – because Jim’s got  a new car! Catch Jim and Wanda every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern on 880AM […]

05.23.19 – Jim and Wanda Talk Tech and Memorial Day

Episode 519: 05-23-19  Jim and Wanda Jim and Wanda talk Memorial Day Weekend plans, Andreas Senie from CRE Collaborative calls in, they go through the top 10 things that annoy us about technology, the top 10 best things about working at McDonalds, and Wanda quizzes Jim with some of music’s best first lines. Catch Jim and […]

05.09.19 – Jim and Wanda Talk Top 10 Social Media Influencer

Episode 517: 05-09-19  Jim and Wanda In this half of the show, hosts Jim Fried and Wanda Myles talk about his designation as a Top 10 Social Media Influencer.  Jim was on a national webinar on Wednesday and was asked a variety of questions – listen to the show to hear how he responded! […]